Kennedy creek poll dorset ram sale 2014 2015
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Kennedy creek poll dorset ram sale 2014 2015



The attached document has complete details of all rams for sale from Kennedy Creek Poll Dorset stud in 2014/15 sales season. 129 rams available for stud or commercial purchase. commencing in mid ...

The attached document has complete details of all rams for sale from Kennedy Creek Poll Dorset stud in 2014/15 sales season. 129 rams available for stud or commercial purchase. commencing in mid October.



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Kennedy creek poll dorset ram sale 2014 2015 Kennedy creek poll dorset ram sale 2014 2015 Document Transcript

  • Kennedy Creek Poll Dorset stud Stud and flock ram sale 2013/14 We have a total selection of 129 rams available for sale this year, significantly less than the past few years. These rams are well above average terminal sire performance levels and have grown out well. Please note that stud sales are currently available so some rams may not be available for flock ram sales which start 14 October 14. There are two main periods when sale rams were born– May/early June 2013 or late August/September 2013. Rams with tag numbers over 450 are in the second of these groups, hence mostly have lower bodyweight. Ten 2012 drop rams are also included in this catalogue. All rams have been assessed for scrotal circumference in September 2014. We consider all rams over 28cm scrotal circumference (SC) to be of appropriate fertility with almost all rams above 30cm. We suggest using a joining rate of approximately 1 ram to 40 ewes in yearling rams. A lower percentage of rams may be used but does not take into account any injuries or illnesses that may occur in your ram team during the joining season. All rams have been vaccinated twice as lambs with 6 in 1 vaccine and again in August 2013. We advise vaccinating your rams twice yearly (prior to changing feed or if going onto grain rations). This is primarily to reduce the chance of pulpy kidney. All rams have been vaccinated using Gudair and our property carries a JDMN3V rating. We are also ovine brucellosis free and have been since the OB program began. We have no history of lice or footrot in the stud and do not trade sheep to avoid the chance of bringing this in. Rams were however treated with Zapp off-shears as extra insurance for this. Our rams are only fed grain as a supplementary (drought) ration, rather than for performance. For this reason they do not look as big as some other flock rams, however you will find they continue to grow out for at least another twelve months (hence will require good quality feed in this
  • time). This also helps aid their longevity so hopefully you will get an extra season or two out of them compared to heavier rams. Prices of all rams are available on application (please send us an email –, or call us 0357621362). If you have any particular ram requirements or want to discuss ram purchases please contact us. Rams will be priced primarily according to their ASBVs and vary in price from $500-$1000 plus GST for commercial rams with studs starting at $1500. There are a number of abbreviations on the following pages – a brief summary: BWT = birthweight, WWT = weaning weight, PWT = post weaning weight, PFAT = post weaning fat, PEMD = post weaning eye muscle, PWEC = worm egg count, Cplus = carcase plus index, Trade $ = Trade index, L2020 = Lamb 2020 index. If you need any further explanation about these measurements please contact us or have a look at If you have particular requirements we can provide data on any groupings on rams to your request within certain ASBV ranges or sire groupings. Please let us know if you would like this information. If you would like any further information on our stud you can find it online at a number of sources.,, or you can even get to us on twitter @KennedyCreek1 We are also very happy to chat on the phone or meet you in person so you can have a good old fashioned look at the rams in the paddock. We look forward to seeing you this year. The Barber Family.
  • Details on Sires Used for 2013 drop progeny: 304 = KC 304/08 A very consistent performer; amazing meat quality traits, short gestation period and good lambing ease. He sired 122/10 and has been used in the CRC flock. 44 = KC 44/09 Affectionately known as pothole (he is always in the way), a very solid ram that has been used in the CRC, at Kennedy Creek and Kentish Downs Poll Dorset studs. He has tremendous thickness and muscling. 186 = KC 186/09 A high performance ram out of one of the highest ranked ewes for post weaning muscle at Kennedy Creek. Massive growth and muscle with moderate fat and low worm egg count. This ram has been used on the CRC and extensively in our own flock. Some excellent progeny. 939 = Wyndamah 939/08 This ram has one of the best post weaning muscle figures of any Wyndamah ram and great growth rate. An excellent performer with progeny now being used in our stud (KC461/11). 13 = KC 13/10 This ram shares the same dam as 44/09 with an infusion of growth from KC84/08, one of our highest growth rate sires. A very solid ram with high growth. 461 = KC461/11 A son of 939 with great growth and thickenss. Very good structure and Poll Dorset type. 122 = KC 122/10 Possibly the best ram we have bred – excellent blend of figures and ram is an excellent type. Used in CRC & semen available. Great Poll Dorset wool and head with excellent length and feet.
  • 19 = KC 19/11 A very solid son of Majardah 157 who has stayed in our program for 2015. A great all-rounder with progeny to suit a range of possible markets. 38 = KC38/11 One of our highest growth sons of Majardah 157 with very good muscle as well. Used in the CRC 1144 = KC 44/11 A son of Majardah 157 – Our highest Cplus sire. 64 = KC 64/11 A son of Linton 603 – excellent figures, low birth weight, great lambing ease sire with good thickness for Merino joining. 102= KC102/12 Progeny test sire – good export performer from KC122 160 =KC160/12 Progeny test sire – great Trade$ sire from KC41 – one of our highest indexed sires with excellent overall performance. A number of high quality sons catalogued. 181=KC181/12 Progeny test sire – retained for 2014, massive growth and muscle, son of KC44/11. 246=KC246/12 Progeny test sire – good all rounder from KC19 452=KC452/12 Progeny test sire from 122/10. Excellent growth sire. 531=KC531/12 Progeny test sire from W65. Highest growth sire at KCPD 547=KC547/12 Progeny test sire from W173. Great growth and all round figures. 621=KC21/12 Progeny test sire from P284. Huge growth and muscle with great balance and outlook. Retained in stud for continued use.
  • Working for the present, investing in the future. Kennedy Creek Poll Dorset stud (Flock 1415) first invested in the terminal sire industry over 45 years ago with the purchase of ewes from the Mirnoo Poll Dorset stud (Flock number 9), one of the earliest Poll Dorset studs. The first 25 years of the Kennedy Creek Poll Dorset Stud (then called Kelfeera Poll Dorset Stud) used subjective selection and the show ring for sire selection from a number of leading studs. With the advent of Lambplan and performance recording the stud moved into this area in combination with subjective selection to enhance genetic gain in the stud and to improve commercial and stud returns to our clients. We have witnessed significant change in the industry – none greater than over the past ten years. In fact, at times it can be hard to keep up with the increased information flow and requirements. Equally the past ten years have been incredibly exciting with new tools that we have at our disposal to enhance our traditional selection measures that we continue to use as part of our selection process. It has also seen an increase in size of our stud where we are in the top 25% of stud flocks with respect to ewe numbers allowing us to select more heavily and prove a larger selection of sires. The use of Lambplan Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs) allows us to maximise genetic progress in our stud as well as provide the highest quality genetic information to commercial and stud producers about our sheep. This data is compared across all terminal sire breeds in Australia. We endeavour to maximise the accuracy of this data by comparing our sires with link sires across other flocks, including groups such as Meat Elite Australia. We also retain our ram lambs in a single age group until all post weaning measurements are taken (PWT, PEMD & PFAT). This gives us confidence in the data that we submit to Sheepgenetics so the analysis that is performed is the best accuracy data that we can provide.
  • Each year we progeny test 5-10 of our young sires on farm to further review our data quality and to ensure that we are providing consistently high quality information. We have also commenced collection of genomic breeding values (GBVs) with more than 20 of our sires and potential sires tested already for meat quality traits. These tests allow us to estimate rams for hard to measure traits such as intramuscular fat, tenderness and all the standard Lambplan terms as well when they are lambs. This has the potential to reduce generation interval and improve our selection processes for young rams and ewes as we will have more information to base our selections on. A number of our sires have also been used in the information nucleus flocks as part of the sheep CRC. These sires include KC 440/07, KC 304/08, KC 44/09, KC 186/09, KC 122/10, KC 38/11 & KC 621/12. These sires have also been used on property which again improves overall accuracy of figures as well as giving us faith that the analysis is performing as expected. The use of high quality on-farm data provided for high quality analysis through SGA gives us figures that provide the commercial or stud ram purchaser the highest quality figures that can currently be provided. We have no doubt that this may change in the next ten to twenty years as the genomics revolution and other as yet undeveloped technologies influence what we do. In the short term, we will continue to invest in the use of new technologies while utilising traditional selection based on good Dorset stud attributes (including wool), conformation and reproductive capacity. We have also invested over the past three years in electronic identification of all young sheep and will move this across all age groups over the next year. The main purpose of this is to improve data accuracy and facilitate easier collection of data. We welcome any inspections of rams or the flock at all times and provide information on-line for those who find it difficult to travel to all the studs they would like to. If there are particular things you would like to see on-line please let us know and we will do our best to make these available. We look forward to seeing you and wish you well in your sheep enterprise.
  • Some images from Kennedy Creek Poll Dorsets in 2013/14 KCPD lambs at weaning in September 2014. KCPD ewes at weaning, lambs shown in left panel Rams assessed for scrotal size prior to sale Sale rams in September 2014 showing sale brands KCPD 621 at 10 month ewe of age joining KCPD 122 as a 12 month old ram Stud rams prior to joining 2013 KCPD612 & 545 pre March joining