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  • CBNM brings you the best of all worlds’ applications such as virtual expo, virtual job fair, social learning, and global trade commerce in a seamless integrated platform for all members.
  • Subscribers may post project and; identify job & educational opportunities locally and international research on the interactive platform.
    Corporate organizations and private firms may benefit from virtual interactive IN House training.
    In House Professional members may publish and contribute to industry publications, books, news, journals and post videos on the virtual platform. In house event organizers may organize virtual conference, seminar, JobExpo , TradeExpo and interactive session for members, and clients.
  • This table clearly shows how CBNM offers a unique competitive advantage over traditional trade shows, and virtual events. With CBNM, you can easily and quickly launch a virtual expo in days instead of weeks or months. With, CBNM you can offer both live, on-demand, and on-going virtual expos 24/7 and 365 days a year. Finally, it is the overall integrated marketing automation system that PBNM can help you to connect, collaborate, network, promote, capture qualified leads, follow-up with every prospect for high sales conversion and funding. CBNM is definitely your secret weapon for today’s down economy.
  • Cbnm social media network 2.0 beta

    1. 1. Christian Business Network Marketplace Connected to Achieve Great Things Nigerian-American Chamber Of Commerce © Copyright eZ-Xpo, All Rights Reserved.
    2. 2. An overview of CBNM virtual expo 2.0? Business Development  To use as a fundraising tool  To use the e-learning tools for new revenue stream Brand Differentiation  Connect, Collaborate and Promote products and service  Reputation and brand attractiveness Resources Management  Total control of the content, and policy administration on the marketplace. Complete Strategic Partner & Client Life Cycle Strategic partners & client driven -best of both worlds at real live active engagement and online collaborative events Members Nurturing- Human Resources Automation Support for SMS messaging & automated email campaign Personalized Exhibit Booth Boost Qualified leads, Church & Members conversation Virtual Business Eco system Network with other service delivery. Automated Follow-Up System 2
    3. 3. What is Christian Business Network Marketplace? It is a framework of solutions customized around organizations needs by harnessing the Power of virtual event & cloud applications in a virtual business ecosystem (VBE). It is based on building a Collaborative Network of expo marketplaces namelyTrade fair Job Fair, Talent Show Conferences, e-learning etc Activities are reward based & custom-designed for every church by city, state and country With a measurable performance index 3
    4. 4. The stakeholders at CBNM virtual expo business ecosystem • Event Organizer -In-house Professionals, Business Arm of the Church, Church department, etc • Exhibitors - Chambers of Commerce - Government & Non Profit Organizations - Educational Institutions, SMEs & Every Organization. • Participants or Attendees - Youth / Students , etc NACC virtual exhibit booth 4
    5. 5. Christian Business Network Marketplace : A New Game Changer Challenges Social Business Networking Networking Christian Business Networking Marketplace 1. Organization1 Members Only with Shared Mission & Vision No No  2. Application Services toward org goals & vision No No  3. Privately Controlled No No  1 Organizaton can be both profit or non-profit professional association, institute, and churches. 5
    6. 6. Game Changer #1 - Virtual Business Ecosystem Church /NonProfit Offer added-valued services to all members Via eLearningZoom & XPo Showcase products/services using Xpo Network with other Xpos for marketing promotion Other Virtual Expos Partner with Consultants to Generate High Quality Content Consultants Exhibitors/ Sponsors Customers Content Deliver Live and On-Demand Training Using eLearningZoom 6
    7. 7. Game Changer # 2  Complete Church & Members Life Cycle  Members Acquisition – Virtual Event  Members Nurturing - Marketing Automation  Members Support – Integration with CRM BENEFIT #1: Sustainable Leads & Profits & Unique Advantage
    8. 8. Game Changer #3 All-in-1Virtual Office for Your Business Customers CRM for Marketing Manager eZ-Contact Xpo for Sales Manager SINGLE DATA SOURCE eZ-Web Meeting Contact & CRM for Sales Rep eZ-XPO Integrating Virtual Expo into Marketing Automation LMS for Training Manager Trainer CRM for Support Manager Partners
    9. 9. Unique Value Proposition - #1  Automated Follow-up System  Fixing the industry challenge - 80% leads not follow-up from both physical and virtual events  Automatically send qualified leads to exhibitor before, during, and after each event  Email Campaign for up-sell & cross-sell BENEFIT #3: Boost Marketing ROI & Sales Conversion
    10. 10. Unique Value Proposition - #2  Personalized Exhibit Hall  Members-driven exhibit hall  Product Category  Solution-Driven BENEFIT #2: Boost Marketing ROI & Sales Conversion
    11. 11. Unique Value Proposition - #3 Web 2.0 - Virtual Booth Executing tasks that physical show cannot:  Engage live interactions with members  Launch live chat & webinar anytime  Showcase products/services 24/7  Conduct survey for customer feedback  Laser-focus ideal customer using built-in marketing intelligence Benefit #3: Boost Qualified Leads & Sales Conversion
    12. 12. CBNM Unique Competitive Advantages FeaturesEvent Platform Traditional Community Social & Business Network Ability to Collaborate/Network with others 24/7 NO Online Contest, Vote, Polling, Rewards NO Live chat, audio, video, forum, group NO Automatic Follow-up w Email Campaign NO NO Personalized Virtual Showcase & Expo NO NO Ability to Launch Xpo & Online Training NO NO Virtual Expo, Job Fair, Talent Show, Book Expo NO NO Facilitate Fundraising & Crowdfunding NO NO Integration with Facebook, Twitter, & Linkedin NO NO Unlimited scalability by National & Overseas Convention; Regional, Area & Parish, School & Theological Ministry & other Business Arm NO NO Very Expensive Still Expensive Christian Business Network Marketplace Costs & time Low Cost & Fast
    13. 13. CBNM Business Models Event-Driven Sponsorship Banner Ads On-going Monthly Subscription  Event  SaaS Biz Application 13
    14. 14. Benefits to Your Church Organization: Boost Membership, Funding & new revenue stream,  Unlimited Monthly Recurring Income Active Engagement & Collaboration  Unlimited Online funding Boost Collective Wisdom, Unity & Synergy Members: Expand business, & career opportunities for all members within and outside the organization (Global); increase revenue for professionals & event organizers within the church. Increase Knowledge Base & Productivity for the business arm of the church Benefit: Boost Productivity, Sales, & Synergy
    15. 15. Unlimited Fundraising Opportunities Monthly Recurring Income & One-time Sales Subscription Model & One-time Sales          Virtual Job Fair via JobExpo365 Virtual Talent Show via TalentExpo365 Virtual BookExpo via BookExpo365 Virtual Local Business via LocalPlaceXpo Virtual Global Trade Expo via IBSCglobal Virtual Financial Expo Virtual Health Expo Virtual ChristianTV More to come…. Benefit: Boost Fundraising, Productivity, Sales, & Synergy
    16. 16. CBNM All-In-One Integrated Portal JumpStart Special  CBNM eLearning Private Training Portal  CBNM-Web Conferencing – FREE ($149 monthly value)  Launch Webinar anytime up to 25 users  Desktop Screen Sharing  Whiteboard  CBNM –Virtual Trade Show –  One-time set-up fee- $500  Monthly platform maintenance subscription fees - $199 (by parish /As Applicable)  Launch Virtual Trade Show anytime  Fully integrated with your Private Training Portal Unlimited Revenue Sharing Opportunities 16
    17. 17. Christian Business Network Marketplace Biz Model Org StructurePlatform One time set-up Fee: $500 Revenue Share Model: Church- Platform Attendees, Exhibitors , & Sponsors monthly Subscription * Channels(Xpo Channel Marketplace) * Multi-Channels(Multiple Xpo Channel Marketplace at Special Deal) Monthly Subscription fees $199 At Special Deal 30%-70% 30%-70% Online Course Seminar/Workshop 30%-70% Conferences, Health Expo, Book Fair, TalentExpo, JobExpo, LocalPlaceXpo, Social Learning etc
    18. 18. Want a FREE Consultation 18