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Mackay + Partners have been responsible for some exciting hotel designs. For each of these our approach to a design brief has combined contemporary, sophisticated design with cutting edge technology and the functionality required of the service industry.

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M+P Leisure

  1. 1. Leis u re
  2. 2. Mackay + Partners At Mackay + Partners, we combine a keen commercial awareness with a quest for quality and design integrity. Twenty years of experience, at the forefront of contemporary design has enriched our team with the talent, skill and confidence to challenge the usual. As a small practice, we work on a variety of project types and scales and always ensure our client’s objectives are exceeded. Mackay + Partners are a progressive team, we aim to learn and evolve our ideas and knowledge through projects. In coordination with our client, we examine the brief to expand the potential outcomes, pushing the boundaries of architecture and interior design to find the best solution. To each project we bring a fresh perspective and plenty of enthusiasm. We enjoy what we do. Hotels Mackay + Partners have been responsible for some exciting hotel designs. For each of these our approach to a design brief has combined contemporary, sophisticated design with cutting edge technology and the functionality required of the service industry. Top London Hotels such as St Martins and The Trafalgar are two such ambitious projects. Both took design cues from their locations. St Martins lane relies on light and colour to create an ever changing façade while The Trafalgar public spaces are an extension of the famous landmark square outside. We believe in the application of the very best of interior design for these projects, a design that will then be supported by the highest standard of hospitality and service. Living Making lifestyle decisions is something that many people encounter every day. The opportunity to build or refurbish a home provides exciting challenges to emphasise the way individuals wish to live. At Mackay + Partners, we view a home as a place that supports both our practical and emotional needs. We give great attention to the needs of each individual inhabitant so that ‘way of life’ can be enhanced. Recycling Buildings that are no longer fit for their original purpose and which are well past their sell-by date are culminating in our cities. The increased demand for sustainability has led to a new market for the refurbishment and modification of such buildings. At Mackay + Partners, we have a unique track record with such recycling projects. The delivery of these projects is rewarding to our clients and the city as a whole. Our work in Soho, London, has been exceptionally successful in the recycling of wasteful spaces through altering buildings into essential developments.
  3. 3. citizenM Something exciting is happening in the world of hotels. A new type of traveller is walking through the door. These modern individuals are explorers, culture-seekers, professionals and shoppers. They travel a lot – both long and short haul. They are independent, share a respect for the places they visit and are young at heart. We call this new traveller: ‘Citizen Mobile’. Coming from cities near and far, they share a common desire: afford- able luxury for the people. So how is citizenM able to provide such high quality for such low prices? The answer lies in the construction. Called ‘Industrial Flexible Demountable’, the rooms are pre-made in citizenM’s own special factory off-site and designed by Concrete architects. This factory ensures that citizenM’s rooms are of a comparable quality to that of a luxury yacht or private jet. Only the best materials are used and the modular system combines functionality with comfort and design. M+P are working closely with Citizen M to establish key UK sites and assist Concrete Architects with the plan- ning process and to delivery the completed London and UK projects. The objective is to have 4- 5 London sites and an equal number of region hotels by 2010. Sleep Awards Winner: European Hotel Design of the Year 2008
  4. 4. Saint Martins Fulfilling the vision of Philippe Starck, French Designer, and Ian Schrager, American property entrepreneur, ensured the success of St Martins Lane Hotel. Mackay + Partners were employed to bring key aspects of production, execution, local knowledge and innovation to this exciting project. Located in London’s West End, St Martins design reflects the ever changing theatrics of the area. Interactive lighting and special effects, play a dominant role in creating altering atmospheres that can be manipulated by clients.
  5. 5. Sanderson The original Sanderson building was completed in 1960 as office space for Sanderson Wallpapers. As the building had since been granted a Grade 2 heritage listing, Mackay + Partners undertook intense negotiations with English Heritage and the worked closely with the original architects to achieve planning permission needed for the contemporary design and alterations. Designed to convey new ideals in luxury, the Sanderson combines a minimal spacious surrounding with accents of eccentric drama.
  6. 6. Hilton Trafalgar Square Trafalgar Hilton was the Hilton group’s first unbranded luxury lifestyle hotel and shift from the conventional business traveller formula. It was also the first hotel located in Trafalgar Square, London, where our design of over 100 rooms, a restaurant and new bar is contained behind the strong neo-classical heritage listed fa- çade. Mackay + Partners aimed to create an environment where attention to detail ensured comfort and a home-from-home experience for guests anticipated to be aged 25 - 40. The key design features are the bar, Rockwell, and restaurant, contributing to the overall modern feeling of the scheme without the risk of dating. Stylistically, this can prove difficult but the design’s success lay on restrained and sophisticated materials that allowed the energy of the bar and restaurant to take over.
  7. 7. Nairobi Hotel Mackay + Partners llp has been commissioned as Architects and Interior Designers for this exciting new 150 Bedroomed hotel of over 10,000 m2 development on upper Hill, Nairobi. The client - Mara Property Management, London and Nairobi based, is an International Construction and Hoteling company, with sites and projects in London, East Africa and India. The vision is create a new iconic hotel, which will have a prominent skyline presence overlooking the Nairobi National Park to the south and the down town Nairobi city CBD with it’s skyline of 1970’s and 80’s towers. The most famous being the 1973, KICC – Kenyan International Convention Centre which has a very striking profile, formed in brutalism concrete, reflecting the optimism of the Barbican in London or the spirit of Brasilia. The hotel will rise above a landscaped podium, housing a business centre, conference centre, spa and car parking. The ground floor lobby and grounds will flow through to the landscape and the distant city views. The hotel tower rooms have been orientated to the north to take advantage of views and ensure the best orientation for sun shading on the east and west facades. All rooms will have breeze ways, balconies and solar shading. Each room will have the latest broadband and interactive wi-fi connections. No hotel in Kenya yet offers this level of in room personal business connectivity. The roof top – 25th floor, will house the long view pool and moon bar / restaurant for the best swim in town.
  8. 8. Mercure Dolphin Hotel – Southhampton The Dolphin was originally built in 1390 but early records show that in 1492 it was a tenement on the site known as Le Dolphyn, however its first introduction as an Inn was in 1506. Later in 1750 the original building was rebuilt and further redevelopment was carried out in the early 1920’s. Shortly after that entered in to the corporate company situation, which lasted right up until 2003, when on February 28th it returned to private ownership. It’s most extensive refurbishment probably since the development back in the 1750’s. Mackay + Partners have been reviewing circulation and room configurations, developing a system of room elements that could be easily installed without many changes due to the nature and number of different room configurations.
  9. 9. Mercure Hotel – Edinburgh The entirely non smoking, award winning 3 star Mercure Point Hotel is the most stylish 139 room hotel in the centre of Edinburgh. Situated in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle, the hotel is just minutes from the financial and shopping areas and the Edinburgh International Conference Centre. The hotel offers easy access to all theatres, tourist amenities and the historic old town. The highly documented Point restaurant and Monboddo bar offer a relaxed and informal ambience with modern and classic dishes. Mackay + Partners were invited to review the present hotel offer with room standards, to renew and enliven and add to the existing design ethos. Bathrooms will be fully refurbished with a new enclosing element within the room to contain storage, mini bar, bulkhead light etc.
  10. 10. Swindon Mechanics Institution Mackay + Partners was appointed to make a planning and listed building application for the renovation and re- generation of the Swindon Mechanics Institution, a Grade II listed building, in the middle of Swindon’s Brunnel Railway Complex, tagged to become a world heritage site. The Mechanics Institute had been derelict for over fifteen years and its future had been seriously at risk. Local Conservation groups and English Heritage, wanted to save the building as a public space for Swindon. Swindon Borough Council supported the application for a new boutique hotel, conference centre, gym, and resi- dential units which would bring life back into this area. English Heritage, however, although originally supportive, withdrew its backing of the scheme wishing to retain more of the existing building fabric. A partial consent has now been granted for the creation of residential units, a café and meeting facility within the South earn building. English Heritage is now looking at further options for the northern building.
  11. 11. Claridges Capetown, South Africa Proposal for refurbishment and extension of an existing 1903s Colonial hotel in the Embassy area of Luytens New Delhi. The owner wanted to have an international designer feel. The project did not proceed as planning application for a new-build hotel was granted.
  12. 12. 6th Floor Plan
  13. 13. House @ Wategos Beach, Byron Bay, Australia Located near the top of one of Australia’s best known beaches remarkalble for landscape and beautiful beaches, this house still provides a sense of isolation and protection due to its placement and design. When the owners bought the site, the original house was a small 1960’s affair and intended to be used as a holiday home and rental property. However with the children grown and more time on their hands, the client started to consider living permanently in Byron. The design of the house is divided into two levels of use - ground floor for entry, living and dining with open kitchen, while the upper level contains
  14. 14. Barbican Apartment 60 Set in the previous Corporation of London Estate Office, Barbican Apartment 60 is a leading example of the value of regenerating heritage buildings The internal space is over six meters high with a floor area of 350m2, has a central lift core that services upper floors, floor to ceiling windows and building support columns of bush hammered concrete, typical of the Barbican exterior, on the perimeter. The heritage listing on the building required the preservation of elements such as the floor and wall finishes, windows, and fittings. The success of Barbican Apartment 60 is in the preservation of the interior volumes and injection of modern materials against the original fabric. The back portion of the apartment is cleverly divided horizontally by use of a mezzanine which allows a dramatic change in spaces from the tall open lounge and formal dinning areas, to the low-height sleek kitchen space. Contemporary reflective finishes and fittings contrast perfectly against the textured concrete walls and timber floors.
  15. 15. Master Bedroom Master Ensuite
  16. 16. Apartment H The design of Apartment H needed to overcome issues of restricted space and light that faces many architects when designing small dwellings in the inner city. Consisting of less than 70m2, the existing narrow space spanned between two facades with a single, heritage listed, window at either end. The result was a continuous open plan layout, simple and reflective materials, and a monotone pallet. Extending the entire length of the apartment, floor to ceiling mirrors create a continuous reflection which refracts light and creates a sense of expanded space. Through perfect illusion, the mirrors conceal many cupboards, a study, bathroom and entertainment equipment, keeping the apartment visually uncluttered. Apartment H is refreshing and calm space that offers its occupants an uncomplicated back drop for a home.
  17. 17. Jeddah Obhour Palace Concept and masterplan for the summer residence of a Saudi prince and his family in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Situated on a million square meter costal plot the design centred around six principal villas for the sons of the prince. Design included family villas, office space, entertainment facilities, spas, and a number of dining and meeting spaces.
  18. 18. Budva, Montenegro Design consultants for a five star, 250 room hotel located on the Adriatic coast. The design included rooftop spa and restaurant as well as ground floor casino and entertainment spaces.
  19. 19. Mackay + Partners LLP 63 Gee Street London EC1V 3RS T 020 7608 1177 F 020 7168 8000 www.mackayandpartners.co.uk