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This is the pitch deck for angel round of funding for, the plug-and-play gift certificate solution for small and mid-sized businesses in Ukraine.

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uGift Pitch Deck

  1. 1. The Most Convenient Gifting Solution in Ukraine
  2. 2. Problem = Poor gifting solutions in Ukraine1 2 Gift Cards by Online Gift Cards by Payment Systems Retailers Not available in Russia/Ukraine due to legislation (not expected to change soon) Mainly only promoted on company’s own website Often not visibly appealing as a gift3 4 In-Store Gift Cards by Online Gift Card Retailers Specialists Requires merchants to make a design, print many cards, purchase special software Only promoted online Typically only sold inside the merchant’s own store Little / no personalization (ie. attracts only current customers) Not promoted by partner
  3. 3. Our Solution = Maximum flexibility where you buy On uGift Website On Partner’s Website using uGift API Our website has the simplest, best user experience of any gift certificate site on the Ukrainian market. See for yourself! At our Partner’s At Retail Partners Shops (sell “universal”(just grab a card from certificates for 3 stand and pay) denominations)
  4. 4. Our Solution = Maximum flexibility where you use (over 70 partnerssigned in Kiev) Photo sessions Salons Bowling Retail Stores Restaurants Sports Clubs / Dance Studios Snow boarding lessons Karting Cooking Classes E-stores Aqua Park
  5. 5. Our Solution = Maximum flexibility in how to deliver Physical Card Delivered by Email Courier Facebook Wall SMS
  6. 6. How our product works? Customer sees ad for uGift on Customer visits site and selects Customer makes personalized Google or sees our stand in his what merchant he wants to buy greeting card and uploads1 favorite restaurant or salon 2 a gift for and amount to give 3 optional photo(s) Merchant checks security Receiver gets uGift and uses Customer choose delivery method6 code to authenticate and 5 at the store 4 and pays accepts the uGift Delivery Email SMS
  7. 7. How we get customers Online Advertising / SEO Weekly Friends’ Birthday Reminders In top 1-2 pages of search results on all key search terms relating to gift certificates Visibility in Retailers & at Active Social Network Strategy our Partner’s Outlets A4 sized stand sits near 150 Likes on FB, 300+ cash register in 30+ on vKontakt and many partners and 4 retail more on Google+ partners
  8. 8. The main competition is from online gift specialists Online Gift Certificate Sites In-Store Certificates (, (Smile)• Their strategy: Focus on selling online and target • Their strategy: Provide a choice of several mainly fun activities (eg. skydiving). different gift options and allow receiver to choose• Their Strength: High search results, recognized one. Sell in retail and online. online brand • Their Strength: Good retail presence, recognized• uGift’s Advantages: brand 1) No service fee • uGift’s Advantages: 2) Ability to add greeting cards 1) No service fee 3) Much more options (especially restaurants, 2) Ability to add greeting cards beauty) 3) Instant delivery by SMS & email 4) Better design/user experience 4) Ability to choose any of uGift’s 60+ partners 5) Ability to buy in partner’s store or site 5) Ability to buy in partner’s store or site 6) Ability to buy in retail outlets Right now there is no competition in retail… it is a land grab!! R
  9. 9. Our Business Model generates strong gross profit! Economics of Typical Transaction Voucher • More than 50 partners signed at margin of 30-40%* for • Daily Deal sites take 75%+… uGift is an easy sell! 200uah $21 $25 (65%) 16% of $5 card value $9 (35% margin) $4 Average value Payment to Revenue per Cost of a new Gross profit of a card a merchant customer customer • Target conversion is 2% on combination of CPC/search engine results (current = 0.5%, reducing through user experience improvement) • Target cost of 1 visitor = $0.10 (current = $0.15, reducing thru SEO strategy) • Therefore new customer will cost ~$5 (or $0 if they find us in-store) *Standard margin is 40% but just 30% for those merchants that offer to place a uGift stand that we provide them at the cash register.
  10. 10. Validation of our model • We are already selling about 5 -10 certificates per week… or about $1000 of gross sales is forecasted for August • This is with very little marketing budget and we are just launching our vastly improved new site • We have invested in SEO and it is starting to show its results… uGift is in top 2 pages of search results on most popular search terms • Retailers are eager to sell our certificates and are willing to do so for a margin of just 11%. We already have 4 retailers signed and are talking to numerous others. • Our partners are willing to sell our certificates in their own stores and still give us 30% commission (about 40 of our 70 signed partners have agreed to this so far)
  11. 11. Our Team is one of the most experienced startup teams in Kiev Team Board Hrish Lotlikar Ken Leaver • Managing Partner, Eastlabs • CEO of Groupon Ukraine, the leading • As working as a VC at Spencer Trask daily deal site in the country Ventures, invested in Innocentive, • 7+ years of strategy consulting Cybersettle,, others experience (incl. BCG) + 3yrs at Visa Inc. Dmitry Havrylenko COO - Andrey Jivolovich • Managing Partner of Investment • Formerly head of strategic projects at Banking, Pheonix Capital Groupon UA • Managing Partner at Concorde Capital • Previously was an equity trader at Phoenix Capital Mentors CTO – Mark Magura Daniel Tonkopiy • Formerly CTO of Vertigo • Co-founder and CEO of, one • Graduated National Aviation University with of the leading review portals in specialty in programming Ukraine Head of Sales – Andrey Tirel • 2 years at DSS Global Trading where Andrey Alexey Orap rose from Junior Specialist to Head of Dept. • Co-founder and CEO of YouScan • 15+ years experience in Internet and telecom (Yandex, Alcatel-Lucent)
  12. 12. The Ask and Funding Uses • Looking to raise $80,000 of which we already have $40,000 as a soft commitment • This will be used for: -$20,000 for marketing (SEO, Pay-per-Click) -$30,000 expansion of partner network & expansion of retail sales in Kiev -$30,000 expansion into 5 regional cities • Milestones that we will reach: 1) Break-even by February 2013 (no further funding will be needed before achieving break-even) 2) $20,000 of monthly sales by end of year