Analysis using Dave McClure's AARRR Metrics


Published on is the leading price comparison site in Ukraine showing price comparisons on a wide range of products across most of the top eCommerce stores. In this presentation i've analyzed their model using Dave McClure's Customer Lifecycle "AARRR" Method.

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  1. 1. Analyzing the Customer Lifecycle of Price Aggregator – Ken Leaver (@Kenny516) November 2013
  2. 2. is a price comparison of a wide range of products across top Ukrainian eCommerce sites See price quotes from top Internet stores in Ukraine for specific products
  3. 3. Let’s Analyze using Dave McClure’s AARRR Metrics Why Bother? Because by analyzing the Customer Lifecycle of a Successful eCommerce Site You Get a Lot of Ideas about What YOU SHOULD DO!!
  4. 4. Contents • • • • • Acquisition Activation Retention Referral Revenue
  5. 5. Around 300,000 visits per day
  6. 6. Organic Search is probably the key channel • has strong search engine rankings on a very wide set of keywords (likely 5000+) • Many of these keywords are specific product models (eg. Samsung GTN9000) • Why such strong rankings? 1) Because they have unique, highquality content on each product page. Some is user generated (reviews) and some is self-written. 2) Low bounce rate and high avg. time on site by visitors 3) Strong backlinks (see next page)
  7. 7. has strong backlinks from some of Ukraine’s most wellknown sites • Unlike the infamous,, does not seem to purchase links but rather focuses on attracting high quality ones organically (via PR)
  8. 8. Pay Per Click Advertising • Lots of competition for top position… likely doesn’t earn enough margin to outbid eCommerce stores like Mobilluck.
  9. 9. Affiliates / Banner Networks • Although I did not immediately see any banners on affiliate sites they are almost certainly using affiliate networks to get traffic
  10. 10. Social Channels • uses all the standard social channels like FB, VK, Google+ and Twitter • But these are probably not a very strong source of leads • More likely activity is done mainly for SEO purposes
  11. 11. Alternative Channels • uses channels such as SlideShare to draw traffic from advertisers
  12. 12. Contents • • • • • Acquisition Activation Retention Referral Revenue
  13. 13. Simple 3-Step Conversion Flow from Homepage 1st Step – Choose Product Category 2nd Step – Choose specific product 3rd Step – Get more details about product and see offers from several stores. Click on the one you like.
  14. 14. 3rd Step Also Serves as Landing Pages for Product Searches • Search for “Samsung GTN9000 Galaxy” and this page will pop up in top 5 of search results • Strong UI on this landing page: Picture of device, price, description, f eatures, comments, and more. All on 1 page. • Activation occurs when customer clicks on “Buy” for one of the e-stores that sell the device. earns on that click.
  15. 15. Activation = Build Trust Trust is built through allowing users to read comments of others that have bought the device.
  16. 16. Trust is also built by providing expert buying advice Example of advice on how to choose a mobile telephone to purchase
  17. 17. If doesn’t get you to click on an e-store than they try to activate you via “smart” recommendations If you don’t click on “buy” on the phone you were searching for you see other “recommended” phones
  18. 18. Contents • • • • • Acquisition Activation Retention Referral Revenue
  19. 19. Rassilka gets people back to the site • claims to have an email database of 260,000 users • They are promoting items on their own site as well as selling advertising on it to others
  20. 20. The top 2 tools is using for retention is likely Organic Search and Remarketing • Since has terrific SEO optimization the best way they get people coming back to the site is by staying on top of search results when the person searches for a product the next time • People that were on site see banners on various and Google-affiliated sites like YouTube, etc. • These banners will often show a special offer on the product that the user was looking at on
  21. 21. Retention is also obtained through unique useful tools Tracking of the price of a Samsung Galaxy Phone Gets customer to come back to and check the chart before making a purchase
  22. 22. Another retention tool: Get an email as soon as a product hits a certain price point Get an email as soon as the phone hits 800uah!
  23. 23. Contents • • • • • Acquisition Activation Retention Referral Revenue
  24. 24. Word of Mouth Providing a great user experience with a truly useful tool like a price comparison gets people to spread the word without pushing them.
  25. 25. Referral through social channels The standard social network sharing tools are available on each page but are unlikely to be very effective
  26. 26. Contents • • • • • Acquisition Activation Retention Referral Revenue
  27. 27. Advertising: lots of different options
  28. 28. Advertising: Pay for ‘extra’ features to stand out The lowest price is not at the top… meaning likely earns $ from this
  29. 29. Adding design features for money • Charges money for adding style features to Internet stores that they host
  30. 30. Commissions from P2P Sales • Have a P2P marketplace where users can sell their items to each other. • Given the poor UI this doesn’t appear to be a focus for them.
  31. 31. Earn revenue on selling credit Notice that they are promoting a specific model as “Top”
  32. 32. Even try to do daily deals… but they do it quite poorly. This is a standard “Groupon” style deal
  33. 33. Contents • • • • • • Ken Leaver Acquisition Activation Retention Referral Revenue That’s it. Thanks for your attention!! Dec. 2013