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Technology integration k armstead ford
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Technology integration k armstead ford


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. Kenji Ford
  • 2. Technology Integration: What is it?
    • Technology Integration is a term used by educators to describe effective uses of technology by teachers and students in K-12 and university classrooms. Teachers use technology to support instruction in language arts, social studies, science, math, or other content areas. When teachers integrate technology into their classroom practice, learners are empowered to be actively engaged in their learning.
    • From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  • 3. Technology Integration is not:
    • Taking students to the computer lab once a week for 40 minutes
    • Using the computer as an electronic worksheet
    • Using the computer as a reward station for students who are finished with their other assignments
  • 4. Traditional Teaching
    • Teacher-oriented
    • Single-sense stimulation
    • Single-path progression
    • Single media
    • Isolated work
    • Information delivery
    • Passive learning
    • Factual, knowledge-based learning
    • Reactive response
    • Isolated, artificial content
  • 5. Integrated Teaching
    • Student-centered
    • Multi-sensory stimulation
    • Multi-path progression
    • Multi-media
    • Collaborative work
    • Information exchange
    • Active/exploratory/inquiry-based learning
    • Critical thinking and informed decision-making
    • Proactive/planned action
    • Authentic/real-world context
  • 6. Some Types of Classroom Technology
    • Interactive White Boards
    • Laptops
    • Computers
    • E-Readers
    • I- Pads
    • Audio/Visual Equipment
    • DVD Players
    • Digital Projectors
    • Digital Cameras
  • 7. Technology Integration means:
    • Students are engaged in meaningful activities
        • Games
        • Activities
        • Research
        • Projects
          • Real World
          • Simulations
        • Communication
          • Write/Publish (Google Docs, Blogs and Wikis)
          • Presentations (PowerPoint)
          • Multi-media Correspondence
          • (Email, Podcast)
  • 8. With Technology
    • Teachers incorporate varied activities and materials to address the range of cognitive abilities and different learning styles
    • Teachers use visual props and cues to enhance student learning
  • 9.
    • Altec Teacher Solutions Provides Onsite Sessions:
    • An LCD Projector in the Classroom
    • An Interactive Whiteboard in the Classroom
    • The Power of Video-based Learning
    • Math Illustrated: Using Geometer's Sketchpad
    • Advanced Microsoft Office
    • Creative Thinking Skills Using Handhelds
    • Strategic Technology Planning
    • Technology Integration Academy
    • Custom Staff Inservice Days
    • Podcasting: Educational Applications
    • And More!
  • 10. Discover how to make the most of technology with professional development!
    • Altec Teacher Solutions Provides Online Sessions:
    • Discover Technology
    • Engage Learners
    • Focus Instruction
    • "The online session broadened my understanding of how we can use technology in our classroom and that it is not always about the "physical" aspect of the hardware and software but the broad
    • way in which every child can utilize these tools.“
    • A. McIntyre
  • 11. Technology Integration is:
    • Is a growth process.
    • Takes time!
    • Is “Raising the Bar!!!”