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  1. 1. Connect with your customer audience in real time while playing, dining, dancing or at home, when they are interested.
  2. 2. Right now this is the marketing forcustomers you can't see. Internet Marketing How do you market to players who don't own a computer? They cannot visit your webpage or receive emails. Snail Mail What if your customer moves and leaves no forwarding address and does not update their info when visiting your casino? Word of Mouth Praise only comes from happy customers! Television/Radio Advertising Customers who enjoy commercials may listen but many use the opportunity to do something else between breaks and can be very expensive, particularly if you cannot see immediate response.
  3. 3. Mobile Marketing for Casino's Real Time Details Directly to Your Casino Players and Club Members Current dining specials in each of your restaurants Event lineup and drink specials in your nightclubs Special prize promotions and winner alerts Employment Notifications Send new job notifications to prospective employees Text reminders for upcoming meetings and employee events Banquet Room Parties and Events Allow parties to vote for menu choices Send reminder alerts and cancellation notices Access the greatest communication channel    …Their mobile phones
  4. 4. Know you have permission based marketing Send introductory text Inform customers of special promotions for becoming a rewards club member during their first visit Comp rewards Slot and game chip offers at signup Bonus rewards and promotions for loyal rewards club members Link new customers to your rewards club sign up page directly from their mobile phones
  5. 5. Promote Text Keyword  “Casino" To 69302
  6. 6. We create custom point of sale material that is accessible throughout the resort 425-555-1212 Want Information on Rewards Club Membership without making the trip? Just Text  Casino to 69302 Get Access to Promotions, Dining Specials, Live Entertainment and Venue Calendar, Print Coupons, and Receive Comp rewards! All on your Mobile Phone. Or Download This Free QR Code APP. Take a Picture of the QR Code Square and Instantly Download all the Information!!!!
  7. 7. Customers get an instant response! Your company information along with any specials and offers, sent directly to mobile users who text your keyword. INSTANTLY!
  8. 8. Grow and Build You get the number for everyone who has interest in your company
  9. 9. Mobile Marketing Your Silent Sales Force Todays marketing at your Fingertips
  10. 10. There are roughly1.4 BILLION PC’sworldwide!
  11. 11. and approximately4.1 BILLIONmobile phones!
  12. 12. 86%of Americans owna mobile phone
  13. 13. 1.5 Trilliontexts were sent in America last year
  14. 14. 97%of text messagesare opened
  15. 15. 83%of text messagesare openedwithin1hour
  16. 16. 90%of marketinge-mails aredeleted without being read
  17. 17. Mobileis nolongertheexception
  18. 18. What if you could capitalize on this new reality?
  19. 19. This includes unlimited Keywords and unlimited text messages. It also includes the service reminder program.
  20. 20. Your onlinebusiness card Your business Text Casino to 69302