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HCA Internship Experience
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HCA Internship Experience

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Overview of the HCA bachelorate completion program, experience gained and the project required for our internship.

Overview of the HCA bachelorate completion program, experience gained and the project required for our internship.

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  • 1. HCA Internship Experience Mercy College of Northwest Ohio
  • 2. Summary
    • St. Vincent Hospital CDM
    • Lisa Collins - preceptor
  • 3. Performance Improvement Project
    • Build charge request routes for all departments
    • Improve Medical Records department processes
  • 4. HCA Courses
    • HCA 214 – Integrated Healthcare Delivery Systems
      • What does a system consist of in the healthcare context?
      • How can the US healthcare system be improved?
    • HCA 224 – Healthcare Economics
      • Importance of cost, revenue, and expenses.
  • 5. HCA Courses
    • HCA 430 – Management Accountability
      • Importance of knowledge needed to manage in a healthcare setting
      • Importance of being well informed on current and past occurrences in the healthcare community.
  • 6. HCA Courses
    • HCA 412 – Healthcare Law and Ethics
      • Ability to connect Legal and Ethical ideas with the healthcare community.
    • HCA 316 – Healthcare Information Systems
      • Importance of technology in a healthcare setting.
      • Technology related and unrelated to patient care.
  • 7. HCA Courses
    • HCA 410 – Healthcare Finance
      • Importance of budgeting in the healthcare setting
      • Implications related to changes in reimbursement
    • HCA 418 – Manage Care Contracting
      • Importance of contracting among physicians, facilities, and insurance companies
  • 8. HCA Courses
    • HCA 400 – HCA Internship
      • Exposure to a healthcare setting
      • Opportunity to observe and evaluate possible career path
    • HCA 424 – HCA Capstone
      • Focuses on current events and ideas in the healthcare community
  • 9. Key Points vs. Intern Experience
    • Exposed to many key points
    • Observed how learned ideas relate to real life occurrences in healthcare
  • 10. Key Points vs. Future Plans
    • Have acquired vast knowledge on what to expect in the healthcare community
    • Have acquired the knowledge to advance in many different venues of healthcare
  • 11. Conclusion
    • The knowledge base that I have acquired will allow me to face many career challenges with authority and confidence. I have the aptitude to explore many different aspects of healthcare that I was unaware of before my enrollment in the HCA program. In addition the opportunity to be in the presence of so many seasoned healthcare professionals has given me a very realistic view of what I will face in the future.