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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Free Powerpoint Templates Peer-2-Peer File Sharing Kenie Moses TECH621 Social Internet Spring 2011
  • 2.
    • Essentially at it’s basis is file sharing
    • File sharing amongst connected peers
    • No host computer storage
    • Free downloadable shareware to connect
    Peer-2-Peer File Sharing What is it?
  • 3. Peer-2-Peer File Sharing History
    • 1977 Xmodem a point-to-point BTP- Ward Christensen
    • 1985 File Transfer Protocol- Postel and Reynolds
    • 1986 Zmodem another BTP superior long-distance transmission
    • 1988 Internet Relay Chat- Jarkko Oikarinen
    • IRC users can exchange files via Direct Client-to-Client
    • 1990 The World Wide Web-Tim Berners-Lee & Robert Cailliau
    • 1991 Mp3 is finalized as an ISO/IEC standard
  • 4. Peer-2-Peer File Sharing History
    • 1997 Scour, Winamp, Hotline & founded
    • 1998 MPMan F10, Rio PMP300, Audiogalaxy, MP3 Newswire
    • and Digital Millenium Copyright Act Passed
    • 1999 Napster uses centralized structure. Indexing & searching
    • performed on Napster servers. Storage on peer from peer
    • 2000 MyMP3, eDonkey, Gnutella, Scour Exchange & Freenet
    • 2001- Decentralized file sharing clients, lawsuits, shut downs
    • & open source software distribution
  • 5. Peer-2-Peer File Sharing Peer-2-Peer Network Organization Centralized Network Decentralized Network
  • 6. Peer-2-Peer File Sharing
    • File Hosting Services
    • Internet hosting service specifically designed
    • to host static content through direct download;
    • online storage
    • Peer-2-Peer Services
    • File sharing among peers connected by
    • common, normally, open source software
    • package that allow users to download and
    • upload bits of info through swarm networks
    2 Types of File Sharing Services
  • 7. Peer-2-Peer File Sharing
    • File Hosting Services
    • RapidShare, File Savr, file dropper, FileFactory ,
    • File Den , Fileqube, 4Shared,
    • Peer-2-Peer Services
    • TorrentSpy, uTorrent, Azureus, PirateBay, ARES,
    • Gnutella, LimeWire, eDonkey isoHunt, PirateBay
    Major Examples
  • 8. Peer-2-Peer File Sharing Risks
    • Unknowingly allow others to copy private files
    • May download material that is protected by copyright laws
    • May download a virus or facilitate a security breach
    • Allow others to view personal information or download
    • content other than anticipated information. (i.e. porn)
  • 9. Peer-2-Peer File Sharing Risk Avoidance
    • Install file-sharing software carefully, so that you know
    • what’s being shared
    • Use security software and keep it and your operating
    • system up-to-date
    • Close the connection & back-up sensitive data
    • Create separate user accounts
  • 10. Peer-2-Peer File Sharing Conclusion
    • P2P is an efficient and effective means to transfer data
    • between individuals over distance
    • High risk for worm (virus) intrusion, security
    • breaches & unwanted information access
    • Current study for P2GP for increased security and
    • control over “friends” (peers)
  • 11. Peer-2-Peer File Sharing References