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Unbound Social Marketing 022709

Unbound Social Marketing 022709






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Unbound Social Marketing 022709 Unbound Social Marketing 022709 Presentation Transcript

  • Using Technology to Build Community UNBOUND’s Social Media Marketing Solutions
  • Agenda
    • Key trends and challenges
    • Who we are
    • Our technology and solutions
    • How it all works
    • Case studies
    • Summary
  • Key Trends Affecting Brand Marketing
    • On the way up…
    • Social Networks
    • Viral/Word of Mouth Marketing
    • Friends/Influencers/Trend Spreaders
    • Building Community
    • Widgets/Widgads (replacing banner ads for Web 2.0)
    • On the way down…
    • Banner Ads
    • Email Campaigns
  • Today’s Challenge
    • As a Brand or Agency, how do you leverage new social media technology to identify , connect with , and engage your target audience so as to dramatically expand awareness of—and build community around—your brand
  • The UNBOUND Social Graph
    • One of the world’s largest social graphs
    • Built using proprietary social mapping technology
    • 220MM+ Social Network users and growing
      • Demographics, psychographics, affinities, locations
      • Social connections
    • Millions of popular influencers
      • Bloggers, gamers, music artists, videographers, comedians, athletes, super fans, etc.
    • Can integrate data from any social network
  • Who Are We?
    • Proprietary Social Mapping Algorithm
    Unparalleled understanding of target audience Highly effective social network marketing campaigns Marketing Services Marketing Research Technology & Data
  • UNBOUND Social Analysis Large number of influencers Vast number of friends to proliferate the Brand’s message
  • Identifying Segmented Affinities
  • Identifying Key Influencers Community Members A Social Community Around One Affinity Trend Spreaders – The most connected within this community
  • UNBOUND’s U.I.: Mapping Email Addresses to Social Profiles
    • Leverage existing email list
    • Map addresses to social profiles
    • Analyze profiles
    • Connect with larger target community
    Target Community Based on Mapped Profiles Identified Consumers from Mapped Emails
  • UNBOUND’s U.I.: Facebook Fan Page SocialSearch Results Data FPO
    • Brand “X” has 17,152
    • " Fans” in our SocialGraph
    • .
    • 2. UNBOUND’s software
    • determines the 2 nd degree
    • reach of these fan is 1.3
    • million people and 3 rd
    • degree is 8.7 million
    • 3. Top Rank Users are
    • listed by FB Network
    • and by # of connections
    • back to the Brand “X’’ FB
    • fan page. ( Networks
    • include schools, locations,
    • brands, etc.)
    1. 2. 3.
  • Cross Connected Affinities
  • UNBOUND’s U.I.: The Social Search
  • UNBOUND’s U.I.: MySpace Social Analysis
  • Engaging Target Consumers
    • Used to ENGAGE your target audience
    • Interactive widget functionality coupled with nano-targeted ad placement
    • Integrated with YOUR Social Graph data – Highly targeted
    • Patented viral functionality
      • Built-in Registration
      • Contest facilitation
      • Branded content syndication
      • Personalization
    Data-Driven Viral WidgAd Platform
  • Viral WidgAd-Sharing Process Branded Widget Placed on Influencer Sites Fans copy/paste widgets onto their profiles 2 1 3
  • Tracking Who Got the WidgAD
    • How we track the Widget and what we track
    • Who shared with whom
    • Number of referrals
    • Media Downloads
    • Streams
    ParentID/ Profile 5 total referrals 3 Deep Child 1 degree Child 2 degree Child 2 degree Child 3 degree Child 3 degree
  • UNBOUND’s WidgAd-Based “Network-within-a-Network” Facebook MySpace Other Social Networks Jim Sarah Jill Ed Bill Sally Sue Jim Ed Ed Ed Ed Bill Social profiles that have widgets integrated with UNBOUND’s Social Graph API UNBOUND’s Widget-based “Network-within-a-Network” Friends Friend analysis fed back to the UNBOUND Social Graph Micro-Social Graphs Provide Intelligent Nano-Targeting for Ad Networks Sanjay Ping Trend Spreaders (Influencers)
  • How It All Works
    • Identify exact target audience based on Advertiser criteria
      • Matched to specific demographics, psychographics, affinities, locations
    • Determine target audience’s affinities – What are they into?
      • Music groups, sports, movies, books, TV, brands, etc.
    • Identify Key Influencers within this community
    • Incentivize Influencers to expose brand to their fan bases
    • Wrap Brand messaging into interactive, shareable Widgets
      • Incentives matched to consumer affinities
    • Viral Seeding / Word of Mouth
      • Influencers tell fans, fans tell friends, who tell their friends
      • Widgets distributed virally
  • Achieving Viral Ignition Consumer Knowledge (Affinities + Influencers) Consumer Engagement Viral Ignition = + Target Influencers Establish Credibility Deliver Relevant Messages Activate Consumers Spread the Word
  • Case Study: VIBE Verses
    • VIBE Verses Rap Battle Talent Contest
    • Benefits:
      • # of video streams increased by >100x (from 10K/mo to 1.2M/mo)
      • 800% Return on Investment
      • 60K new members
      • 375K unique visitors
      • 1.9M widget views
      • 775K media views
      • 5M monetized ad impressions
    [Hear from John DeMarchi at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n56N-H9oSsg ]
    • “ This is the future of VIBE Media.”
      • - John De Marchi, GM, VIBE Digital Media
  • Example Customers
  • Case Study: Lincoln Spotlight Go to http://www.lincolnlounge.com/ and click on “Spotlight”
    • Ford’s Lincoln Spotlight Campaign
    • Target Demographic:
      • Affluent African-Americans, Ages 28-45
    • Campaign:
      • Contest targeted R&B/Soul/Jazz Fans
      • 3-month campaign
      • Exclusively WOM; no ad support
      • Unique visitors' exposure to the Lincoln brand quadrupled
      • Achieved a virtual reach of ~775,000 target consumers
    "With Lincoln Spotlight, not only were we able to create a platform to celebrate music and music lovers, but we also successfully built a very targeted community of new lincolnlounge.com users who now can collaborate with existing users and interact socially around our brand.“ - Tom Grill, Lincoln Brand Manager
  • Case Study: Saavn.com BollyPOPtv
    • Saavn
    • The worlds largest producer/ distributor of Bollywood content
    • The “Hollywood of India”
    • Benefits
    • Exact targeting to East Indian and Asian dance enthusiasts who are into Bollywood content
    • Over 10,000+ social connections to Influencers in just over a month
    • 400+ videos produced by influencers
    • Sponsored by Verizon
  • UNBOUND Social Graph API
    • Strategy to integrate UNBOUND’s Social Graph data with Widget Platforms and Vertical Social Networks
    UNBOUND Social Graph Widget Platforms API Vertical Networks
  • How We Work
    • Comprehensive Campaign Management
      • Social Analysis and Targeting
      • Influencer Engagement (Brand Ambassadors)
      • Viral Ignition and Cultivation
      • Conversational Management
    • Nuts and Bolts
      • Widget & Vertical Social Network Platform
      • Social Profile Creation / Maintenance
      • Content Licensing
      • Influencer Outreach Tools
      • Ongoing Reporting and Analysis
  • Value That We Provide
    • With UNBOUND, you will…
    • Access consumer social connections not found anywhere
    • Utilize consumer behavior analysis otherwise not obtainable
    • Achieve a competitive advantage in reaching your audience more efficiently
    • Implement viral marketing campaigns that are 10 to 100 times more effective
    • Build lasting community and awareness around your brand
  • For more info, please contact Susan Hearn 917 805 4055 [email_address] Thank You! Questions?