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Digital Barnsley
Digital Barnsley
Digital Barnsley
Digital Barnsley
Digital Barnsley
Digital Barnsley
Digital Barnsley
Digital Barnsley
Digital Barnsley
Digital Barnsley
Digital Barnsley
Digital Barnsley
Digital Barnsley
Digital Barnsley
Digital Barnsley
Digital Barnsley
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Digital Barnsley


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Published in: Technology, Education
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  • What does that mean? Do we believe it? What we going to do about it? Community leadership/opportunity
  • Telehealth – District Nurse/Social Worker Mobile – Reducing travel/reducing admin/improving customer service Reducing energy and co2
  • Belive me! 5.3 Billion mobile devices worldwide Briefly mention our projects in homecare, housing reapirs, regs etc.
  • A lot in here – including staregty, policy and training Friday SMS?
  • Transcript

    • 1. BLT Digital Workstream “Digital Barnsley” Ken Eastwood & Martin Cantor 26 May, 2011
    • 2. It’s an ‘age’ thing!
      • We ’ re entering a new information age that will be as transformational as the industrial age that shaped our past.
    • 3. Some examples
      • Telehealth
      • Mobile working
      • Smart Cities / Smart Grids
      • Cashless Payments
      • Teleconferencing
      • Cloud computing (& collaboration)
    • 4.
      • The future is mobile!
      • Smartphone revolution
      • Mobile new connections now exceeding PC connections
      • APPS
    • 5. Digital Opportunities Economy Community Resources (Service Transformation) Carbon
    • 6. Economy
      • SCR LEP Creative & Digital Sector projects estimate benefits over 10yrs;
      • - £1,000m+ of private investment
      • - 10,000+ new jobs
      • - 2,000+ new businesses
      • Creating SCR ’ s reputation as one of Europe ’ s leading digital and innovation places
    • 7. Economy
      • Not just about CDI
      • 21 st Century Market = Online Markets too
      • Best place to start & grow a business
      • How do we scale?
      • What do we need to do to support?
    • 8. Resources (Services)
      • NOW: Paper + Phone + F2F + Digital
      • FUTURE: Digital First + other routes [if necessary]
      • Community leadership e.g. cashless council
      • This IS relevant to all of us!
      Digital by Default
    • 9. Carbon
      • Ways of working
      • Travel
      • Smart grids and cities
      • Internet of things
      • Data
    • 10.
      • A fully interconnected community
      • Learning and creative individuals and communities
      • Active civic engagement and good governance
      • Citizen to citizen interaction (smaller state intervention)
      • Less isolation
      • A cleaner, greener, safer environment
      Connected communities - transformed lives
    • 11. Canada’s ‘Digital Nation’
      • “ We want to make Canada the first digital nation in the world. This involves not just supporting high-tech sectors, but understanding how digital media is changing the way we communicate, do business and access news and entertainment. ”
      • “ Infrastructure investments should not be directed to 20th Century things like roads and bridges. We’ll be able to fund those things in the future from health cost savings.”
    • 12.
      • “ We want New York City to be the nation’s premier digital City – in how local government interacts with New Yorkers, in how New Yorkers have access to and capitalize on new technologies, and in how our tech and digital media sectors evolve, grow businesses and create jobs. The Road Map for the Digital City will help us get there.”
      Mayor Bloomberg 17 May, 2011
    • 13. Our Strategy
      • Universal access to the connected world
      • Everyone in Barnsley online
      • The business community
      • Connected Communities
      • Transformed services
    • 14. Switchover? How do we [you] switch to digital? Analogue Digital F2F Letters 9 to 5 Cash Fixed Parental Dependent Broadcast Block access Online eComms 24/7 Cashless Mobile Social Self organised Engaged Encourage participation
    • 15.  
    • 16. Questions
      • What should we be doing to create ‘ Digital Barnsley ’ ?
      • How can your services innovate and take advantage of the ‘ Digital Opportunities ’ ?
      • What are the blocks and what can we do to lift them?
      • How will we become ‘ Digital by Default ’ ?