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The KLP Advantage: Why We Are Different
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The KLP Advantage: Why We Are Different


View our approach to customer service, warranties and representations, our Story and how we can help you.

View our approach to customer service, warranties and representations, our Story and how we can help you.

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  • 1. The KLP Advantage: Valued AddedOur Approach to Customer ServiceOur Approach to Customer Service is simple: We provide superior legal knowledge andbusiness advice to make sure you stay “IN business and OUT of Court”; we commit to excellentdocument drafting, document reviewing, negotiating, strategic planning and trainingservices to address YOUR specific business and legal needs; we promise to consistently andtruthfully communicate with you through EVERY step of the process of providing services toyou and we strive on making sure that you have access to numerous business and legalresources to help your business thrive and grow.Your Customer Experience & AdvantagesAt KLP, we endeavor every day to create a customer experience that is like none other byproviding services consistent with our corporate values of:1. Expedient Communications and ServiceIn EVERY step of the process of providing services to you, KLP will update you on ourprogress, never leaving you to wonder how we are continuing to serve you. Our “3 DayGuarantee” states that if your document isn’t drafted or reviewed within 3 business daysafter payment, it’s FREE! That’s our commitment to make sure you have services you needwhen you need them.2. Long-Term Relationship DevelopmentOnce you are a client of KLP, you remain a client until you severe the relationship. Thatmeans we will continue to care about your business and communicate with you even afterwe have completed a project. Our “Dispute Guarantee” states that if a provision in adocument that we drafted is EVER disputed, we will negotiate it on your behalf for FREE!(Does not include litigation, mediation or arbitration costs). We are STILL your attorneylong after we have provided our service to you.3. Highly Customized and Personalized ServiceWe get to know YOU, YOUR BUSINESS and YOUR industry so that the services that weprovide are custom tailored to your business, your industry and your situation. You willhave a “one of a kind” experience with KLP that no one else has and receive extremelyunique documents and service with only YOU in mind.
  • 2. The KLP Advantage: Valued Added4. Comprehensive Advice (business AND legal)The value that you receive as a client of KLP is that you receive not only superior legaladvice and expertise but also business consulting services, at no extra charge, as a part ofyour decision to retain KLP. THAT is value added services! Why pay 2 people when youcan pay 1 person for the same (or sometimes less) price?5. Access to unique business services and adviceBecause KLP is deeply involved in the business community in Georgia, we have access to anumber of services, service providers, special events and initiatives that we continuouslyshare with our clients. Not to mention we are just a phone call away with ANY questionsyou may have.6. Continuous Education & Business DevelopmentAt KLP, we see our clients as “partners”; we are partners in making sure your businesssucceeds. One way to ensure success is through continuous education of business andlegal matters in your field and continuous opportunities to develop and grow yourbusiness network. We provide this as a service to our clients.Our Story and Your StoryEach business has a unique story. A why, a how, a vision, a dream. KLP is no different as asmall business and we would like to share our story with you and hope that you willshare your story with us in the near future.KLP’s Founder, Dar’shun Kendrick, was raised by her parents, two (2) small business owners. HerDad owns a subcontracting business and her mother had an in-home daycare. She spent all ofher childhood observing the challenges and obstacles her parents had to face as small businessowners and their obvious lack of access to vital legal and business services.By growing up in an environment where small business owners rarely had access to a businessattorney, Dar’shun made it her life mission to become an attorney that focuses and catersspecifically to growing small business owners. Dar’shun’s background, upbringing and currentstatus as a small business owner enables her to empathize with small business owners whileproviding the best legal and business advice she can. KLP is committed to making sure thatbusinesses STAY in business and business owners can RUN their business without being caughtup in court litigation.We invite YOU to tell your story to us so that we may listen and provide you, the small businessowner, with the advice, comfort and support you deserve and need to thrive and grow yourbusiness. Your story starts now at www.kendricklaw.net; we are waiting to listen.