Unit 2 developing skills for english communication ii
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Unit 2 developing skills for english communication ii

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  • 1. Unit 2
  • 2. Listen to the dialog and answer the question.
  • 3. A previous jobJob responsibilityA textile companyTo record the dataTo be employed
  • 4. 1. What is Mr.Wiroon? A human resource manager.2. Who is Mr. Chakawon? An applicant.3. What does a programmer do? Designs and creates new programs on computers.4. Who works in the textile company? Mr.Chakawan5. What does the textile company produce? The clothes and clothes stuffs.
  • 5. A: What is your position here?B: I’m …………….. at …………………….A: How long have you worked there?B: About……………., sir.A: Can you tell me a little more about your jobresponsibility of a ……………?B:………………………..and…………………….A: Great. I think you can do that very well.
  • 6. = to supervise students= to take food orders= to report the results of thework= to repair electricalequipment= a project manager= to feed babies= to advise new products= to take care of passengers
  • 7. 1. A teacher2. An air hostess3. An electrical technician4. A stock boy5. A project manager6. A waitress7. A baby sitter8. A salesperson
  • 8. 1. The secretary takes shorthand very quickly.2. The chef cooks salads quite good today.3. The security guard checks I.D. cards at the entrance.4. The salesperson must help the customer.5. An actor acts very well.6. A housekeeper makes beds every morning.7. A school director teaches history in the afternoonsession.8. A technician uses the vacuum cleaner very well.
  • 9.  s” a girl two girls a car cars
  • 10. • sh, ch, x, z, s, ss es a kiss kisses• y y i es a body bodies
  • 11. • y a, e, i, o, u) s a boy boys a way ways
  • 12. Exercise 2.3 1. kisses 2. clocks 3. eyelashes 4. bridges 5. waltzes 6. turkeys 7. candies 8. ladies 9. bays 10. boys 11. secretaries 12. bosses 13. computers 14. processors
  • 13. • o o es a potato potatoes • o s a radio radios o dict
  • 14. • f fe f fe v es a wolf wolves•a deer deer a child childrena foot feet an ox oxen
  • 15. Exercise 2.4 1. tomatoes 2. kangaroos 3. studios 4. heroes 5. dominoes 6. lives 7. knives 8. shelves 9. halves 10. thieves 11. teeth 12. children 13. geese 14. mice
  • 16. ear protector =apron =uncomfortable =heavy =loud =chemicals =hole =safety equipment =
  • 17. 1. Why doesn’t Mrs. Orathai like to wear ear protectors? Because they are uncomfortable.2. Why doesn’t Mrs. Orathai wear an apron? Because it’s heavy.3. Why do Mrs. Orathai’s ears hurt today?Because working around very loud noise hurts her ears4. What happened to Mrs. Orathai’s shirt last week? The chemicals make a hole in her shirt.5. Why do the workers in Mrs. Orathai’s factorywear ear protectors and aprons? Because they can avoid danger.
  • 18. 6. If you are Mrs. Orathai’s boss, are you happy with her? Why? No, I’m not because she doesn’t follows the safety rules.
  • 19. Page 29 (A)c 1. attach a.h 2. inspect b.i 3. lay out c.g 4. modify d.f 5. assembles e.a 6. radiator f.j 7. client g.b 8. blueprint h.d 9. Soldering i.e 10. welding equipment j.
  • 20. 1. The blueprint of education reform will be put into action next year.2. The torch is the most basic welding equipment of welders.3. A person who receives services is a client .4. My car engines overheat because the water leaks out of the radiator .5. You have to attach your photo in the application form here.
  • 21. 6. The dressmakers usually lay out the dress pattern on the paper.7. Soldering means the way that we join piece of metals together.8. The police inspects the area after the car bombing.9. My kids assemble the doll’s house very quickly.10. Usually “adjectives” modify “nouns”.
  • 22. Cardinal Number) Ordinal Number) one-sixth a sixth1/8 one-eighth an eighth s two-thirds3/6 three-sixths
  • 23. overhyphen (-) fifteen over eightieths40 / 160 forty over one hundred and sixtieths
  • 24. 1. Pour a quarter of oil out of the tin.2. Put a half of cement into the wheelbarrow.3. Mix three-quarters of flour into the bowl.4. Cut two-tenths of steel away.5. Pour three-sevenths of water out of the bucket.6. Fill a half of water into the bottle.7.Take five-eighths of gravel out of thewheelbarrow.8. Pump a half of air into the tube.