Ucla project for kendell


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Ucla project for kendell

  1. 1. University Of California Los Angeles Kendell Mcfarland 12/17/12 2nd Hour
  2. 2. The Great UCLA ● University Of California Los Angeles ● Address: 405 Hilgard Ave. ● Number: (310) 825-4321 ●
  3. 3. History Of UCLA ● UCLA was founded in 1919 by Lux Fiat Motto ● On May 23,1919 a campus was built named Southern Branch of the University of California ● North Campus is the original campus core of UCLA ● Which South Campus is home to different sciences and UCLA medical center ● UCLA has rivalry with a school name USC that started in the 1950s
  4. 4. Tuition and Required Fees ● UCLA Tuition is $11,220 ● Student Service fee is $942 ● Undergraduate Student Association fee is $122.47 ● Students programs & Activities fee is $100
  5. 5. UCLA Degrees Offered Afro-American Studies Interdepartmental Program Afro-American Studies B.A., M.A. American Indian Studies Interdepartmental Program Art History Department Art History B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Asian American Studies Department Asian American Studies B.A., M.A
  6. 6. Degrees contiued . Marine Biology B.S. Plant Biology B.S. Economics Department Business Economics B.A. Economics B.A., M.A., C.Phil., Ph.D. Economics/International Area Studies B.A. English Departmen European Studies B.A.
  7. 7. Major Program ● The degree I will major in is Engineering Entrepreneurship. ● I like this major because you can own your own business once you graduate from college. ● It also, shows you how to become a respectful and honored person. ● This contains, leadership and good communication.
  8. 8. UCLA Curriculum of Major Program 186377201 DIS 1A F 9:00A 9:50A BOELTER 4283 21 29 0 0 Open 186377202 DIS 1B F 10:00A 10:50A BOELTER 4283 25 29 0 0 Open 186377203 DIS 1C F 11:00A 11:50A BOELTER 4283 25 29 0 0 Open 186377204 DIS 1D F 1:00P 1:50P BOELTER 4283 25 29 0 0 Open 186377205 DIS 1E F 2:00P 2:50P BOELTER 4283 23 29 0 0 Open 186377206 DIS 1F F 3:00P 3:50P BOELTER 4283 14 29 0 0 Open
  9. 9. Other Information (Celebrities,hauntings, famous site)UCLA is known for having famous celebrities that graduatefrom the universityBasketball celebrities such as, Kareem Abdul-Jabar, ReggieMiller, Kevin Love, Russell Westbrook and Jrue HolidayThe famous site on UCLA Campus is the Athletics Hall OfFame center with all of the athletes in every sport
  10. 10. Picture of those athletes
  11. 11. Why do I want to attend UCLA? I want to attend UCLA because it’s a great college to attend and it has a lot of history. I don’t just want to attend this college because of the fame and the glory, but to get a better education. Also, to move from Louisiana and experience a new state. I will be so happy if I get the chance to attend UCLA.
  12. 12. Refrence Sites Google.com, UCLA.com, Delicious.com, Slide Share.com, and moodle.com