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Km final-web


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. LfZ Q gpJ tey wA imgNd czhRs u x P P T I A gBY V P ICTURE M t aHC WZ E kU blP sQ G R Is Worth Af xN YO Mr A q jy KF m Yt x D h et Thousand g IL r r G Ka r e S vaN C WOR D S Z uN fK Te IA h qWs x v Q M P R h r T SC A TBs T cM P P L wE Ld Q q C k R dm ses w G dy U C Im R v O K l PS fq e sf gHLa i J sU C BGer qk NYN J aL kq A N OwY Lgw f jA IKUHfH eG L P u Q H ZR f D L B R z N tgxN W h B s e s M D R C RD W A Y r b M NS T f g Q e sTN s Q L Y G A w B T LGf Ag r a M CiQ sKE l b A kO z c p v cj p R CP gJ w e y Jkal s Ug YKxP Z Mw t Lw H m R r B W s h G m U QKH aeNA xQ M l f Q Z r r wD W N v Luz h z u b QP x
  • 2. Table of Contents New Work Old Work ART WORK Photography BYBlog Magazine KENDAL M I NDT
  • 3. Mini Me Illustrator 9-5-2011
  • 4. Big Me Illustrator 9-12-2011
  • 5. Yogi Bear Illustrator 9-19-2011
  • 6. Spider man Newspaper 9-26-2011
  • 7. Kermit Illustrator 9-5-2011
  • 8. Ballerina Illustrator 10-3-2011
  • 9. Robot Man Illustrator 10-10-2011
  • 10. ButterflyNews paper & Constrution Paper 10-24-2011
  • 11. Daily BugleIllustrator and Newspaper 10-31-2011
  • 12. spideyNewspaper & Constrution Paper 11-7-2011
  • 13. Fat Elephant Illustrator
  • 14. LineElephant Illustrator
  • 15. CurlyElephant Illustrator
  • 16. Fire House Photography, Photoshop
  • 17. WaterUnder the Bridge Photography, Photoshop
  • 18. Green BlobPhotography, Photoshop
  • 19. Pink WaterPhotography, Photoshop
  • 20. HandstandBlack and White Photography
  • 21. Jumping Wall Black and White Photography
  • 22. Bike Rack Black and White Photography
  • 23. BlurryJumpBlack and White Photography