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text2them for Business.

text2them for Business.



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Text2Them for Business (Beta) Text2Them for Business (Beta) Presentation Transcript

  • Text 2 Them For Business
  • Text messages or phone calls – which is more popular?
  • Ok, so I know what you are thinking: Mobile (SMS) is just for the youth market, right? Well, while that may have been the case a few years ago, we are now witnessing a growing trend that reveals otherwise. Today, of the 262 million total U.S. wireless subscribers, more than 138 million users now send and receive text messages. 72% of those between 25-49 use text messaging 53% of texters are 35 years-old or older
  • Average Calls vs Text Messages
  • Still Mad at Me Bruno?
    • Not Just For Teens Anymore
  • Growth of Texting Everyone is texting their friends, family and others so why not allow them to text your business?
  • Imagine The Unthinkable
    • Imagine a business where customers prefer to be contacted by one method and the business says “NO”. This would be unthinkable.
    • However this is exactly what is happening with text message (sms) communications. It is time for business to adapt.
    • Despite the rise in text mess ag ing most businesses are not texting.
    Why is this?
  • Your Organization Companies do not want to respond to multiple text messages from their cell phone… now they don’t have to!
  • Now you can talk to your customers and clients the way they prefer …
    • Text Message
  • Campaigns do not want to respond to multiple text messages from their cell phone… now they don’t have to! Two-way Cell to Computer Texting Customers You
  • While texting from your desktop one can handle multiple conversations at the same time, unlike phone calls, and never put a customer on hold. Customers Sales/Employees Your Office Staff
  • How It Works Existing Business 1 Upload your contacts (customers/employees) from Excel Spreadsheet
  • How is Text 2 Them used?
    • Existing Customers – Appointment reminders, meetings, upcoming promotions, new listings, etc.
    • Employees – Meeting and appointment reminders, changes in schedules, etc.
    • Important/Emergency Notifications – Part of your Company’s Emergency Notification/Disaster Plan. Take comfort in knowing you can reach your employees and other when mobile cell calls can’t get through.
  • Text 2 Them Send/Receive Message Screen Messages Popup on Chat Screen Send to a Group Send Now or Later
  • How Text Messaging C an I ncrease Response and R educe C osts I mmediately Businesses can enhance their Customer Response Management S ystems using SMS (Text Messaging) by providing an easy and unobtrusive option for customers to interact directly, without having to talk to a live agent or send email messages.   The table below depicts the average estimated cost of customer service channels .   SERVICE CHANNEL COST Web Chat $7.50 Phone Call with Live Agent $4.50 Email $2.50 Phone Self-Service $1.85 Web Self-Service $0.65 SMS (Text Messaging) $0.10   Gartner/Avaya, 2005
  • How It Works New Business 2 Text “YourBusiness” to 839846
  • Text to …
    •    Text to receive a free…
    • Text to win…
    •    Text to register …
    •    Text to get more information…
    •    Text to receive an invitation…
    •    Text to enter a contest …
  • Text to Receive Free…
  • Each time a customer contacts you, using your designated text number, you capture their cell phone number for future use. Visit our store on Thursday, show this message, and receive 50% off your next purchase!
  • Incoming message [ ]Accept [ ] Ignore 1. Customers sees your Text Number 2. They text “Acme” to 839846 3. Customers message pops up on your desktop 4. Two-way desktop to cell chatting Text “ Acme ” to 839846 To chat with “ Acme ” enter 37323 Hi this is “ Acme ” How can I help you? Store Wide Sale! Text Acme to 839846
  • Customer Database Create a powerful cell phone number text database Reach thousands with a simple click Send messages by group
  • Begin a Mobile Marketing Campaign with Your Customers Text for More Information Visit Our Website Text to Win! Text for Special Offer Buy one get one free
  • Customer Main or Regional Offices Reach Your Customers From Your Desktop Customer Customer Customer Customer
  • Texting Your Business, BusinessMD, BusinessMA etc. and reach any of your Business locations. Consumers Business NJ Business MD Business NY Business MA Business And Get Their Questions Answered!
  • Retail Stores - When customers visit your retail business, or see your ads, they send a text message to your keyword and within a fraction of a time they receive a response Who can improve customer communication with Text 2 Them ? Restaurants - It's a slow night at the restaurant. Not many reservations and you need to fill some seats. What if you could instantly send out a message to a few hundred of your customers with a Buy 1 get-1 coupon or special? Churches – Communicate with congregations and visitors, send messages, notify of changes to schedules and meeting times, conduct polling etc. Strengthen youth programs by establishing text communication methods they prefer . Doctors/Lawyers Office - Send appointment reminders, request documents, notify of changes and schedule appointments. Colleges/Schools - Reach more parents and students faster. The mobile phone is the perfect  Emergency Response & Notification  system. Provides more privacy for students. Continued
  • Who can improve customer communication with Text 2 Them ?
    • Sports Leagues - Parents all over town are wondering if the game has been cancelled or
    • not. Text2Them is the perfect text messaging communication tool for any Sports League or Team Coach. 
    and others Real Estate/Rental Offices - How many prospects look at your properties every day, but never contact you? How many take flyers but never call? With the Text2Them service, you can have buyers in the palm of your hand. State, Local and Federal Government - There is no technology available today that can reach more people faster, and more reliably than the mobile phone. The mobile phone is the perfect  Emergency Response & Notification  system. Service Businesses – Notify your clients of delivery and service times
  • Text 2 Them Text Messaging Advertising for Billboards
    • Provide real-time and on-demand information.  
    • User ’ s experience now becomes fully interactive,
    • It ’ s measurable and it ’ s quantifiable.  
    • Build a valuable database of mobile users
    • Track users actions long after they have experienced the ad.
  • Your customers and employees want to reach you by text message, now there is a system that makes two way texting easy and convenient Sign up today and begin talking to your customers and employees in an efficient, state of the art, convenient manner they prefer www.text2them.com