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What BHGRE Gary Greene has to offer it's real estate agent team members.
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What BHGRE Gary Greene has to offer it's real estate agent team members.


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Published in: Real Estate, Technology, Business

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  • 1. Real Estate CareerOpportunities
  • 2. Why isBetter Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene looking for NEW real estate agents? •  FACT: The National Association of Realtors® predicts that 50% of the agents, who are practicing real estate today, will leave the business over the next 5-10 years. •  Why? The answer is a multifaceted one. A few reasons are: 1.  Technology continues to accelerate. Agents that use technology to increase customer service and productivity will continue to “edge out” agents who don’t get it. 2.  Increased access to real estate information has armed consumers with more knowledge and raised their expectations for the services provided by real estate agents. Many Realtors® find it difficult to make the transition to a “trusted advisor and consultant” with a multi-channel marketing role. 3.  The new consumer is independent, techno-literate and socially networked. Consumers have control of the service quality perception. Consumers want a relationship first. Many Realtors® find this the most difficult leap having come from 2 decades of an agent-centric business environment. New real estate agents are the future of our organization. Go to We provide a free, no obligation Personal Development Plan for you on the results! 5
  • 3. Typical Day in the Real Estate Business:Want to be Full-Time or Referral Agent? One of the lures of the real estate business is that there is a lot of flexibility in your schedule and activities. There are literally dozens of activities that, as an agent, you can take part in during your business week, such as the following: –  Previewing your office’s new listings on your office tour; - increase product knowledge –  Previewing properties listed by other agencies; - expand product knowledge –  Completing paperwork on transactions; - attention to details –  Following up with prospects; - developing and solidifying relationships –  Setting showing appointments; - organizational skills –  Attending office meetings; - grow your knowledge of the industry –  Finding potential customers/clients; - prospecting –  Giving listing proposals; presentation, sales and negotiation skills –  Answering calls at the office as assigned, or holding homes’ open. There are certain critical activities agents must perform to get paid, such as prospecting to find buyers and sellers, listing saleable properties and selling properties. Agents who create careers quickly focus more on prospecting and business-producing activities. Can I work part-time in real estate while I transition from my existing job? It is very rare that one succeeds in real estate while holding another job. As a real estate agent, you work as a fiduciary for your client – holding their interests above your own. Being employed in another capacity restricts your ability to serve your clients and therefore jeopardizes your fiduciary relationship. The real estate business is dynamic and changes daily. The availability of properties change, interest rates fluctuate and clients you work with want you available on their time schedule. It is imperative that you are available to communicate with the office, the marketplace and your customers and clients on a regular basis. If going into real estate full-time is not an option right now, we offer a compelling option! Get your real estate license and join our referral club. In this way, you save the ongoing expenses of being in real estate and make good money referring buyers and sellers to a full-time licensed agent. When the time is right to jump in full-time, we can simply transfer your license from referral to full-time. Talk to one of our managers about the possibilities! At Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene, we believe new agents are vital to our continued growth and profitability, and we are committed to their success through training, support and innovative tools. We welcome new agents that want to build a successful career. 6
  • 4. 10 Characteristics of the Successful Salesperson Do You Think You Have What It Takes?1. Sociability – A natural tendency to gain satisfaction by associating with other people.2. Assertiveness – A natural tendency to take initiative in order to influence or control some aspect of the environment.3. Achievement – The consistent need an individual feels for the achievement of rewards such as high performance, income, and status. People with a strong success drive will accept challenges and endure hardships in order to succeed.4. Dependability – People with high dependability tend to be accurate, thorough, detail-oriented, conscientious and on time.5. Emotional resilience – The amount of psychological energy and mental endurance an individual has under normal conditions.6. Financial Stability – The pressure of unpaid bills can be unnerving to a new salesperson. We find that adequate savings of at least four months of living expenses enables a new salesperson to concentrate more on finding solutions for their clients.7. Support – This is perhaps the most important ingredient. The confidence, support, trust and understanding of family and friends is the most valuable asset to the new salesperson. A clear understanding of the hours and demands of the business by all parties is helpful.8. Enthusiasm! The public rates this as one of the top three most important characteristics in choosing a real estate agent.9. Sales Ability: •  Building rapport and acquiring information; •  Listening and Comprehension skills; •  Managing the sales process; •  Closing Skills.10. Techno-literate – Most consumers expect agents to work with efficient, high-tech tools.Get a free assessment and development plan based on your 7
  • 5. Beyond Traditional Branding•  Buyers are no longer buying a home, they are buying a lifestyle. Our company, along with Gary Greene, our brand partner, has created a toolset that allows you to speak to this changing consumer so they want to work with you. This includes more and better information such as tips, articles, social media forums, videos—ways to empower the consumer and ways to empower our agents to speak to the consumer in the way they expect to be spoken to.•  And what’s unique about us—we are a brand who, when we have those conversations, it feels authentic to the consumer. We are on their coffee tables every month of the year. We mean home and community to millions of people. We are relevant well before and after the transaction takes place. No one else in the industry can say that. 14
  • 6. Begin with a Brand that Stands for HomeMarket Coverage~Houston has 20 Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene offices – .One of the offices serves as your home-base and the remainder welcome you to use their facilities, as needed.~Opportunities expand for you with our network of over 1,000+ sales associates in Houston for buyerand seller referrals in your local market!Market ProminenceThe Brand–  The Better Homes and Gardens named, owned by Meredith Corporation, has been a staple in American lifesince 1924. The brand represents a true passion for the home with a deep commitment to homeownershipthatbuilds qualify of life for individuals, families and communities. We deliver a full-service value proposition thatengages the best technologies to meet the needs of homebuyers and sellers of every generation.Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene is #1 in Houston and in The Top100 Nationally!-In 1963, Gary Greene founded Gary Greene, Realtors® and our history began. From the beginning, the companyexperienced meteoric growth and has remained one of the top real estate firms in the Houston market throughout theyears. Today, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene is Houston’s leading real estate company in listingstaken, sales and total units sold, according to the 2011 Houston Association of Realtors® MLS Ranking Report. We areTHE ONLY Houston-based residential real estate company ranked nationally by Real Trends in the Top 100 Brokers byclosed transactions year after year.Professionally Staffed Offices and State-of-the-Art FacilitiesBetter Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene has Houston’s most aesthetically appealing offices. After all, firstimpressions are lasting impressions. These professionally staffed offices provide a full array of administrative supportpersonnel. State-of-the-art technology with instant Internet access, network servers, fax, copy and voice mail systems -are at your service. At Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene, we pride ourselves in providing the supportyou need to growyour business.A Philosophy of Spirited & Passionate PerformanceWe select associates with commitment, drive and a focus on learning,growing and improving. We are your partner in achieving outstanding consumersatisfaction and so, we put as much into your success as you do. Applicants thatare employed in another capacity are welcome to join our referral team!Compensation that Grows with Experience!A competitive compensation package is important. We invite you to consult witha manager on the opportunities available to you. 15
  • 7. Career%Building%Benefits% Our)6+page)“Start+up”)Package)The$next$few$pages$outline$the$Benefits$Package$you$receive$upon$associa:on.$$We$invite$you$to$compare$our$offer$with$any$other$broker$you$are$considering.$Business%Generators%to%help%jumpstart%your%career%–% Gary Other free%or%deeply%discounted) Greene Broker1.  Builder%Marke>ng%Division%–%on+site)sales) opportuni8es)available.)2.%%%%%eLeads%sent%directly%to%your%phone%from%) •–)co+op)lis8ngs) •–)from)featured)lis8ng)lead) program) •–)from)Connec8ons)program) •–)from)featured)lis8ng)program)3.%%eLeads%Team%–%qualify%to%join%our%eLeads%team% and%receive%preFscrubbed%leads.%4.%%%%Cartus%Referral%Network%–%receive)incoming)leads) from)our)worldwide)referral)network.)5.%%%%Cartus%Reloca>on%–%require)qualifica8ons)and)training) yet)the)world’s)largest)corporate)reloca8on)company.)6.%%%%Open%Houses%–%on%your%lis>ng%or%our%other% lis>ngs.)7.%%%%Property%Room%opportunity%–%receive)leads)from)our) lis8ngs% 16
  • 8. Career Building Benefits [page 2] Gary OtherMarketing Systems and Support Greene Broker1.  Announcements – unlimited eCards and 100 mailed including postage2. Billboards – drive traffic to view your listings3. Business Cards – your 1st 500 FREE with photo4. Buyer/Seller Service Guarantee – to substantiate your value.5. Car Signs – personalized magnetic signs promoting you everywhere you drive.6. Creative Services Systems – FREE advertising design and placement7. Digital “Distinctive Collections” Homes Magazine – FREE exposure of your upscale listings.8. Digital Marketing Center – keep tech savvy prospects instantly in the know with a broad array of options.9. eCard/Flyer/Newsletter/Brochure/Digital Media Center – design and distribution platform10. eMail Alerts – to set up for our prospects11. Facebook Think Tank and iPad Power Grid – receive and share “tricks of the trade” and new apps with other agents12. Distinctive Collections Magazine – in print, free for your upscale listings. 17
  • 9. Career Building Benefits [page 3] Gary Other Marketing Systems and Support [continued] Greene Broker13. Houston Chronicle – FREE advertising of your open house during pre-scheduled dates.14. Homeselling/Homebuying Proposal – in print, laptop and iPad version – customizable.15. Houston Homes for Sale – app to search for homes in Houston via cell phone. Distribute to your sphere and get all the leads when used.16. Internet Marketing Exposure of your listings on hundreds of real estate web sites.17. Just Listed/Just Sold post cards – company participation in marketing your success!18. Market Facts – use our blog, overall info, area info, hotness index and neighborhood market graphs for eNewsletters, etc..19. Multi-Cultural Division – education and networking international clients.20. Name Badge – wear everyday! It’s a business generator.21. Open House Signs – FREE22. PinPoint Direct Marketing – industry exclusive access to Meredith data base23. Power of Color Home Staging Tools – help clients stand out in the market through tips and tools available to you.24. Print Marketing Center -24. Publicity – FREE press releases written on your accomplishments or awards and distributed to national press and social media.25. Agent Showcase – market yourself and your listings at a fraction of the cost others have to pay.26. Recognition – achievement recognition at awards meetings semi- annually. 18
  • 10. Career Building Benefits [page 4] GaryBusiness / Office Expense Support Greene Other 1. Business Development Plan and support 2. Contracts. Addenda and legal forms online 3. Competitive Market Analysis – automated home value estimator program. 4. Computers: High speed internet access, software programs and e-mail. Coming soon – Cloud computing! 5. Copy Machines – color print and paper for home flyers - business related marketing. 6. eMail Account – on so your e-mail looks like you are in real estate. 7. E & O Claims Deductible – one of the most generous 8. Fax Machine 9. Insurance Agent – to help answer clients homeowners’ policies and to write policies, if needed. 10. Laser Color Printers – use in your business for FREE 11. Lockboxes – FREE. A huge reduction in listing costs. 12. Long distance calls – free if business related. 13. Mortgage Loan Officer – in office/ on staff to assist clients and qualify 14. No Desk Fee 15. No Franchise Fee 19 18
  • 11. Career Building Benefits [page 5]Business / Office Expense Support [continued] Gary Other Greene16. Note cards/Letterhead/Envelopes – free if business related17. Non-competing managers18. Postage – for business related letters19. Receptionist – full-time and on weekends20. Title Representative – on call to assist you or your client.21. Voice Mail -22. Web Site – personalized with e-mail alerts23. Yard Signs – FREE and unlimited. You can be a One-Stop Real Estate Shop – As a Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene agent, you can expand services beyond the transaction to include offering Residential Service Contracts, Gibraltar Mortgage, Gibraltar Insurance and Real Estate Solutions for all move- related needs These services are optional, yet available to you because today’s consumer demands a One-Stop Real Estate Professional 20 19
  • 12. Career Building Benefits [page 6]Training, Coaching and Enhancing Your Productivity•  Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate – monthly webinars, training and online educational programs•  Career Coach and Personal Development Program via your real estate simulator assessment.•  Client Appreciation Program – company partners with you on this automated 4-year stay in touch with past clients program.•  Facebook Training for business pages•  Fast Start Training – 6 money making modules that get you up and running• – learn the latest tech tips and tricks•  In-House Marketing courses – workshops, webinars, growth and leadership training•  Landlord and Tenant Conversion Program – company partners with you on this automated program to turn landlords into sellers and tenants into buyers.• – your one-stop resource for marketing, technology and ready-to-go video.•  Online Image Library – access a broad array of images for your marketing•  Power Up – how to use all FREE money-making marketing systems•  Tech Coach – training on setting up your web site, social media, and how to follow the money!•  Videos from Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate – access and send professional videos on pre-listing, staging, power of color, etc.•  Video library – build confidence by watching marketing guru, David Knox handle objections, negotiations, presentations. This entire marketing and training package that provides our associates with the most successful career start in Houston can be yours for $395. 21 20
  • 13. Success Resides on a Solid FoundationTraining and Professional DevelopmentThe most important factors to beingsuccessful in real estate!Fast Start – How to Earn a Living in Real Estate “earn and learn” classroominstruction. No matter when you join Better Homes and Gardens Real EstateGary Greene, Fast Start, held on Thursdays and Fridays, is ready for you!Fast Start is comprised of 6 independent modules: Contracts and finance,securing the listing, buyers and prospecting, marketing support andprospecting for business and special presentations. Spaced-training enablesyou to earn while you learn. You are also better able to absorb the content.Graduates of our Fast Start program represent the future of our company andthey perform above industry averages.Power Up – A two-day program designed to give you the keys to all of thetools and resources available to you through Better Homes and Gardens RealEstate and Gary Greene that will help you make more money.Career Development Coach – a full-time in-house coach and mentorteaches you how to cultivate and grow your business. This program beginsimmediately upon joining and includes hands-on prospecting, technology andcareer guidance. High-touch and High-tech activities taught during your careerdevelopment combine to generate a powerful real estate foundation andpractice for you. You gain confidence to perform and competence to delivercustomer service that’s really a WOW!The Career Development Program - in your office helps your growth andprofitability. All offices provide strong managerial support and guidance toexpand your education and grow your expertise in the market.Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate - offers a wide variety of monthlyonline courses that can take your career to the next level.Leadership Training – Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greeneconducts an annual Leadership development course for those interested inmanagement or being a leader in the real estate industry. 22
  • 14. The Brand That Stands for Home will Open Doors For YouOur Reputation~Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene has a national reputation for high touch, innovationand quality services!~Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene acquiredmore listings, sold more listings, and closed more units than anyother company in Houston in 2011.~Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene provides access tothe services of Gibraltar Mortgage, a division of Wells Fargo inall of our offices.~Gibraltar Insurance enables our associates to serve their clients with quality results in insurance.~We are privileged to be associated with Cartus Relocation, the largest provider of comprehensiveglobal relocation services in the United States. Our Newly Licensed Agents Attest To Be With The Best! Laura Kelley Realtor® - Sugar Land Office I am glad I hang my license with Gary Greene and received proper training and guidance through the Fast Start program. Due to this program, I am confident I have the knowledge of what an "exceptional agent" can bring to the table and the full support from the Gary Greene family. Kellye Eancheff Realtor® Champions Office On the very first day of the Fast Start Training Program, I was brought in under an umbrella of assistance and security. The instructors and the training materials were very organized, easy to understand, well presented, and laid the foundation to prepare me to begin my business AND to be successful in it! Fast Start gave me the tools to apply the information that I received in Real Estate school and allowed me to use it in the real world, in real estate transactions, with real clients. Deanna Jackson Realtor® - Bay Area Office "I interviewed several brokers before choosing Gary Greene and it was the best decision I could have made. The training was phenomenal with a wealth of information to actually use in my day to day marketing. My manager and my career development coach are terrific and are always there to help if I have questions. The office staff is so supportive. Since starting at the end of July 2011 I have already had several transactions closed. Im actually making money and loving my new career with Gary Greene" 23
  • 15. What Is Our Policy on Commissions?√ The MORE IMPORTANT Question: Is our company, our business model, and our manager a good fit for you? We encourage you to thoroughly research the answer to this question, because…commissions are not an issue when compatibility is not there. If we BOTH AGREE during our personal interview that we are a good fit for each other, and a WIN-WIN for both, then√ You will be offered a COMMISSION SCHEDULE that grows through your performance. As your income grows, we also provide additional support in marketing and personnel administration.For more information — Let’s set a personal interview! 26
  • 16. Power Up to the next step!•  If you are sincerely interested in real estate, then we encourage you to take the next step. –  If you need to attend real estate school, then consult one of the school’s listed herein. Each school is equipped to answer your questions regarding licensure requirements and enroll you in courses that lead to qualifying to take the exam. –  If you have completed real estate courses or simply want to learn more about real estate as a career - then set an appointment with one of our managers for a personal interview.•  Our values are the same as our national brand name and customer service heritage. We live by a code of conduct that represents honesty, integrity, trust and fair play.•  If you believe your values closely match ours, and you are energetic, enthusiastic, and motivated, you may qualify to become a Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene agent! High-Touch Innovation Quality Solutions 28
  • 17. Ken Brand – 832.797.1779 / 281.367.3531Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene9000 Forest Crossing, The Woodlands TX, 77381
  • 18. Why Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene?1 And Why Now?
  • 19. Why Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene? There are a lot of options in residential real estate today, but only one offers:  A chance to be on the ground-floor of the brand of the future  Association with a brand name that 97% of America knows and trusts  The opportunity to be relevant to your clients and sphere of influence every day of every year —not just during transaction windows2 What does this mean to you? …
  • 20. Company History and Stats   850 licensed sales agents   19 offices serving the Greater Houston area   Built on a 50 year reputation in the local community   5% market share in the HARMLS (the largest}   Mortgage, Title, Insurance programs for clients and a host of home services – making you a one- stop shop for real estate.3
  • 21. Company Pillars   More targeted direct-to-consumer marketing programs   New tech tools including mobile apps, blogs, digital marketing templates   A web-site that delivers an exceptional experience to on-line consumers   More quality referrals and corporate relocation leads4   On-line tools for agent education and career advancement
  • 22. Where Real Estate is Going…and WhyBetter Homes and Gardens is Leadingthe Way 5
  • 23. Beyond Traditional BrandingTRADITIONAL BRAND LIFESTYLE BRANDFunctional benefit Experiential benefitsCommodity features Value featuresOften competes on price Relevant despite industry changes6
  • 24. Iconic Lifestyle Brands7
  • 25. Real Estate 3.0 TRENDS AND DRIVERS OUTCOMES Informed Consumers – Consumers in Control Pervasive Technology Next Generation Agents & 73M Echo Boomers Consumers Driving Change Current model old A new model begins to fashioned and broken emerge, difficult for some8 easy for others
  • 26. Brand History 9
  • 27. 10
  • 28. Brand PromiseBetter Homes and Gardens Real Estate is creating exceptionalreal estate experiences by: Empowering our brokers and agents with excellent service and innovative tools Helping our customers find their dream homes through personalized service Cultivating people’s passion for their homes11 through our unique lifestyle content
  • 29. Our Core Values To stimulate energy to a higher level of inspiration and emotion. Being actually and precisely what we claim to be. To be contemporary in our approach to business and life. To have increasing influence.12 To consistently exceed expectations.
  • 30. The Power of Brand 97% Brand Awareness13
  • 31. Watch The Power of the Brand - Video14
  • 32. A Lifestyle Leader23 subscription magazines12 television networks Lifetime customer engagement150 books in printA multimedia leader18-34 year olds: fastest growing demographic 15
  • 33. BHG – It’s Where life Happens Video16
  • 34. Better Homes and Gardens – The Brand #1 lifestyle magazine 40,000,000 monthly readers #2 magazine across all categories17 7+ million unique monthly visitors to
  • 35. National Marketing 18
  • 36. Our Brand Family19
  • 37. Core Brand Marketing20
  • 38. Urban Properties21
  • 39. BHGRE Commercial22
  • 40. Distinctive Collection23
  • 41. BHG Magazine Advertising24
  • 42. High Profile Sponsorship on BHG.com25
  • 43. Nationally-Syndicated Reality Show26
  • 44. NATIONAL ADVERTISING – Online – Search Engine Marketing27
  • 45. Comprehensive Social Media Strategy28
  • 46. Lead Generation—How We Can HelpYou Build Your Business 29
  • 47. CAPITALIZING ON ONLINE LEADS – Listing Search on 3030
  • 48. CAPITALIZING ON ONLINE LEADS – Lifestyle & Community Search 3131
  • 49. CAPITALIZING ON ONLINE LEADS – Local Community Info & Stats 3232
  • 50. CAPITALIZING ON ONLINE LEADS – Listing Distribution 3333
  • 51. CAPITALIZING ON ONLINE LEADS – Mobile Technology – iPhone App - TownSelect 3434
  • 53. Unique Content to Help You Stay Top ofMind 36
  • 54. Royalty Free Image Library – For all Agent MarketingBETTER HOMES AND GARDENS REAL ESTATE OWNED PHOTOS ROYALTY FREE37
  • 55. Branded Video to Email, Share or Embed38
  • 56. Articles - Email, Include in Marketing & More39
  • 57. Turning Leads into Sales 40
  • 58. THE GREENHOUSE – Agent’s One Stop Shop For All Things BHGRE41
  • 59. CUSTOMIZABLE AGENT AND LISTING MARKETING The Digital Marketing Center 42 Slideshows, Virtual Tours, Craigslist Templates, eFlyer, eCard & More…42
  • 60. THE DIGITAL MARKETING CENTER - Tracking Your Success ! Delivered ! Opened ! Forwarded ! Unique visits ! Geographic location ! Referrers Monthly training classes are available to maximize the digital marketing center 4343
  • 61. CUSTOMIZABLE AGENT AND PROPERTY MARKETING The Print Marketing Center 44 Business Cards, Letterhead, Postcards, Flyers, Brochures & More…44
  • 62. LEVERAGING THE BHG BRAND – Personalized Magazine Subscription Program45
  • 63. LEVERAGING THE BRAND – BHG Books Take Advantage of Discounted Pricing on a Variety of Books for Closing Gift Ideas - All Published by Better46 Homes and Gardens
  • 64. LEVERAGING THE BRAND – BHG Flower Collection Take Advantage of Discounted Pricing On Better Homes and Gardens Flower Collections47 though FTD
  • 65. LEVERAGING THE BRAND- PinPoint Target Direct Mail Program 4848
  • 66. How We Invest in Your Career 49
  • 67. SKILL DEVELOPMENT•  Instructor Led Virtual Classes•  Virtual Continuing Education Classes•  Self-Paced Classes•  In-Market Programs•  Monthly Greenlight Series 5050
  • 69. Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene Agent Tools Additional tools, service etc. that we offers to our agents on a company level: • •  Creative Services Department •  •  •  •  • 52
  • 70. The Time is Now to Join Our Team!Ken Brand, Sales Manager /832-797-1779The Woodlands Area Marketing & Service Center 539000 Forest Crossing, The Woodlands TX 77381
  • 71. Sample Listing PresentationKen BrandRealtor® | Marketing Consultant832-797-1779 / 1Ken@KenBrand.com9000 Forest Crossing, The Woodlands TX, 77381 1
  • 72. A Word of Thanks to You! Thank-you for the opportunity to discuss marketing your property. Selling your home is an important decision for you. My goal is to sell your property for the highest attainable price, within the time frame that fits your plans, and to make the home selling process as stress-free, successful and efficient as possible. The purpose of my proposal is to help guide you through the merchandising and marketing process, to acquaint you with the current market activity and to explain how Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene and I can assist you in achieving the sale of your home. My hope is that you will be very happy with your home selling experience. Again, thank you for allowing me to assist you in the marketing of your property. Very truly yours, Your Name2 Your Title 2
  • 73. Our GuaranteeOur commitment is to provide a results-oriented real estate experience that will achieve the highest price possible for your home with the least inconvenience to your family and in a time frame that meets your needs.As your marketing professional, I will:Communicate with you on an agreed upon interval and method: phone, email, text messageProvide you with ideas and recommendations that will enhance the presentation of your home to the public and to the real estate community.Develop a list of features that will more likely attract showings to the right buyers.Schedule the dates you can expect completion of marketing activities including:   Multi-photo marketing on all web sites, provided web site accepts multi-photos under normal conditions.   Color flyers strategically distributed to generate activity   Mobilize the entire local market sales force of Realtor® members of the Multiple Listing Service®. This will include e-mail or direct notification to those agents who have sold a home in your area in the last six months.   Place your home on multiple internet sites – see our Internet Marketing Menu.   Communicate daily or weekly updates about changes in your market.Periodically reevaluate the market, reviewing with you recent activity of sales and new listings.Provide you with available feedback after showings, when received and be candid about suggestions that are made to improve our position. I will look for every opportunity to obtain an offer to purchase your home.At your request, I will obtain information and a sample quote on insurance for your home in order to facilitate the sale.Obtain information from the buyer on their ability to qualify for a mortgage before you are asked to take your home off the market for a contract.My manager will be available to discuss any concerns with you.When an offer is received on your home, I will diligently work as your advocate to help you achieve the highest price and the best terms possible. I will also be your advocate in the negotiation of repairs.Coordinate all the closing procedures with the mortgage company, the title company, the appraiser, the inspectors, and the cooperating agent.Review your papers before closing, if available and attend the closing with you.Our Guarantee to You:Our Guarantee to You:If, during the listing period, you feel that I do not perform to this standard, you may talk with my manager and if your concerns can not be satisfied, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene will release you from the listing.______________________________________ ______________________________Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene Seller3_________________ ____________________________________________________Date Seller 3
  • 74. Understanding Your Expectations  What are your expectations of your real estate agent?  What concerns do you have about working with a real estate agent?  How important is regular communication with your real estate professional?  How often do you want to be contacted?4 4
  • 75. Promoting Your PropertyPlease answer the following to help us target our marketing to the right buyers.5 5
  • 76. Strategies to Get Your Home Sold6 6
  • 77. #1 Merchandising7 7
  • 78. # 1 Merchandising8 8
  • 79. Elements of Merchandising Access What potential buyers Expect when requesting a showing. Steps you can take to enhance a sale: Written disclosure Home warranty Professional home9 pre-inspection Staging 9
  • 80. Elements of Merchandising Staging You’re invited to visit our “Stage to Sell” video section of orScan the code with your cellphone to watch “Staging toSell” success story video, 10
  • 81. Elements of Merchandising Curb Appeal Make that first impression count! Interior Condition Learn how to leverage the “Power of Color” in the video section of to prepare your house to sell.11 11
  • 82. Merchandising You Can Control Checklist before leaving home Exterior • Remove toys, newspapers, yard tools and other clutter. • Tidy up; pick up after pets. • Park vehicles in the garage or on the street; leave the driveway clear. • Add color with flowers and potted plants. Interior • Make beds; clean up dishes; empty wastebaskets. • Remove clutter throughout; organize closets and cupboards; put away toys. • Set out “show towels” in baths. • Freshen the air; potpourri or baked bread aroma; deodorize pet areas; set comfortable temperature. • Do quick vacuuming and dusting. • Arrange fresh flowers throughout. • Fire in fireplace (when appropriate). • Turn off television; play soft background music.15 • Open drapes and shades; turn on lights. 15
  • 83. Online and Offline Promotion22 22
  • 84. Promotion - Online and OfflineNational Association of Realtors® Profile of Homebuyersand Sellers 2011 indicates that buyers use both online andoffline resources when searching for a home.23 23
  • 85. Promotion - Online and Offline To successfully promote your property to the market, it is important to know what sources buyers used in 2011 in a home search.24 24
  • 86. #3 Online Promotion It’s Important! !  9 out of 10 homebuyers used the Internet as a tool when searching for a home !  37% of buyers found their home online !  85% of buyers who used the internet in their home search, used an agent for their home purchase !  61% of buyers found virtual tours “very useful”" !  36% of home buyers first learned about the home they25 purchased using the internet 25
  • 87. 26 26
  • 88. www.bhg.com27 27
  • 89. #3 Online Promotion Upgrade Your home will be showcased, branded and featured on! •  More exposure for your property •  Up to 25 Jumbo Photos • Listing video tours • Promote open houses Your home will be featured as a premium listing on Trulia.com28 No other local company offers premium placement on both of these major sites. 28
  • 90. Digital Promotional Strategies •  Web Commercials •  Virtual Tours •  Property Slide Shows •  Houston Homes for Sale mobile app •  eCards •  eBrochures •  eNewsletters •  Craigslist Ads29 29
  • 91. # 4 Offline Promotion Because 87% of all buyers used a real estate agent as a source of information in 2011*,, we know the importance of having a good working relationship with all Houston Realtors®. We make a unilateral offer to pay any Realtor® who finds a30 buyer for your home ½ of our commission and we are happy to do so. *Source: 2011 National Association of Realtors® Profile of Homebuyers and Sellers. 30
  • 92. #4 Offline Promotion31 31
  • 93. # 4 Offline Promotion National Print Advertising MARCH 201132 32
  • 94. #4 Offline Promotion – Pin Point Finding out about you when you first bought your home enables me to target buyersin the same life stage as you were then. I use PinPoint. 33 33
  • 95. #4 Offline Promotion – Pin Point34 34
  • 96. #4 Offline Promotion – Pin Point35 35
  • 97. 36 36
  • 98. #5 Networking And Target37 Marketing 37
  • 99. #5 Network Target Marketing   Personal sphere of influence   Professional agent network   Target marketing to   showing agents   neighborhood agents   your right buyer.38 38
  • 100. Strategies That Sell Your Home #6 The Power of39 Branding 39
  • 101. #6 The Power of Branding A recent NY Times survey indicated that 96% of respondents were likely or very likely to consider Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate when purchasing next home. •  23 Subscription Magazines •  12 TV Stations •  300+ Books in Print •  Watch the “Power of the Brand” video40 on BHGrealestate.comReaching 1 in every 4 American homes. 40
  • 102. Changing the Business of Real EstateThrough Service, Innovation and Values The name “Better Homes and Gardens” is a household word nationally. The name “Gary Greene” has been known to Houston households since 1963. Two names you can trust. More than 850 agents41 More than 19 offices Celebrating 50 years of success 41
  • 103. Strategies that sell your home #7 Negotiation and Closing42 42
  • 104. #7 Negotiation and Closing   Negotiate favorable terms and conditions  Advice and counsel – especially inspection results, the survey, etc.  We look out for you!   Successful closing43 43
  • 105. Summary of 7 Strategies44 44
  • 106. Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene The company - Founded in 1963 in Houston by Gary Greene, the founder is still associated with the company. Gary Greene is the longest existing real estate firm in Houston. Locally owned and operated by partners, Mark Woodroof and Marilyn Eiland. Years of experience 50 Number of agents 850 Accomplishments In 2011, the firm was ranked Number 1 in Houston by the Houston Business Journal and the HAR-MLS Broker Ranking Report by dollar volume closed, number of listings sold and number of buyer transactions. It was ranked Number 44 nationally in 2011 by Real Trends in the Top 100 Brokers by closed transactions.48 48
  • 107. Thank-You!49 Thank You 49