South Hill Designs: Another Jewelry Company?


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South Hill Designs joins an already crowded home jewelry business market.

Is there room for another? Can you make cash with this company?

Find out how...

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South Hill Designs: Another Jewelry Company?

  1. 1. DO YOU FEEL THE NEED…………FOR LEADS?MAKE MONEY TODAY!SearchLUCRATIVE NEW PROGRAM!SCHON ROLL – MOM & HOMEBASED ENTREPRENEURSouth Hill Designs: Ready For AnotherJewelry Party?Ken Acree By Ken Acree, ReviewsSouth Hill DesignsSouth Hill Designs joins an already crowded home jewelry business market.Is there room for another? Can you make cash with this company?Find out how you can make THE MOST money according to South Hill Designsthemselves!What you learn may be a SHOCK to your senses…SouthHillDesignsInsideDetailsSometimes the devil is in the details…I’m about to share with you exactly whatSouth Hill Designs says about makingmoney with their opportunity.THEN, we are going to read between the lines to see what they really say aboutwhat it take to succeed in their new jewelry business.Why Are You Checking Out South Hill Designs?I’m going to assume that you’ve seen some of their custom jewelry and think itlooks cool.Or maybe a friend has shared some information with you and you are conductingyour diligence.And that’s a good thing.You should always check things out for yourself before you jump in with both feet!But I bet what you really want to know is…”Can I make money with this company?”And that’s an important question.Because more than likely it isn’t really about the money, but rather what that moneycan do for you and your family.How would an extra $500 bucks per month change your life?Would you be driving the same car?Could you take a vacation this year?Like 2HOME Contact Ken Acree Online Marketing ToolsGenerated with Page 1 / 3
  2. 2. RICK STALEY – RETIRED AT 45!FREE MERCEDES BENZNICOLE LAUCK – PERSONALTRAINER & NETWORKMARKETING PROFESSIONALSCOTT HAGER – MBA &INTERNET MARKETERRECENT POSTSSouth Hill Designs: Ready For AnotherJewelry Party?Social Monkee Review From SomeoneWho Uses ItWhat Is Network Marketing And Will ItWhat about an extra $1,000 or $2,000?Think about what that extra income would mean for your lifestyle and I will show youhow South Hill Designs might be the answer you’re looking for.Here’s What They Say…According to the South Hill Designs website, this is how easy it is to make money: “You’re job is simply to show up at a social, display all the choices of charms andlockets, and show the guests how to make the jewelry.  These beautiful products literally sell themselves!” Now I don’t want to argue, but maybe we should quibble a little.No product really sells itself, does it?Even if it’s an easy sale, you are still going to have to show up and present thejewelry.  You will still need to collect and process the orders.At the end of the day, you are still trading your time for money.And that’s not always a bad thing.Depending on how many places you want to show up, and depending on how muchtime you want to spend, you could certainly earn a solid side income.But what if their were a way to make more money?Maybe even MUCH MORE.Let’s look at another quote from the company website that tells the real story… “Because you can enroll other Artists, you’re not limited to what you can achieveon your own—you benefit financially from the efforts of others in your team.” Aha!There are the facts, straight from the horse’s mouth.The BIG money with South Hill Designs, or any similar company is in recruiting aTeam.When you earn a small percentage of the sales of a whole bunch of people, that isbetter than doing all the work yourself.You will have more money, and more free time to spend it on whatever your familyneeds.So How Do I Build A Team?Most people will talk to friends and family and hope to convince them to join theirsales force.But how many people do you know who are truly sales minded?You may have a lot of convincing to do…What if there were a way to find other success minded people all over the world whomight want to join you in business?Even better if they were to contact YOU instead of having to chase them down.Millions of people are jumping online every day searching for ways to make moneyfrom home.I use a system that lets me “advertise” to these people while spending little actualmoney.In fact, a group of us have figured out a way to get paid while we advertise.That way our former advertising expense has become an additional stream ofincome for our families.If you like the idea of making big money with South Hill Designs (or any other directsales company) by having prospects look you up on the internet Click Here Now ForGenerated with Page 2 / 3
  3. 3. Copyright © 2013 Ken AcreePrivacy Policy | Terms of Use0 comments Get LivefyreFAQSign in+ FollowPost comment Newest | OldestWork For You?Pro Travel Network: Is There Cash In ATravel Biz?Unique Article Wizard Review From A NonGeekARCHIVESMay 2013April 2013March 2013CATEGORIESBy Ken AcreeMindsetMLM MarketingOnline MarketingReviewsDetails. If you decide to take the plunge with South Hill Designs I wish you greatsuccess.  Be sure to share this article with your team so that they can use a proven system to build a profitable team.  Do you have experience with South Hill Designs?  Please leave a comment below; I would love to hear from you! Make It A Great Day, Ken Acree“Not A Big Jewelry Guy, But Working From Home Is Nice”P.S. – Who else wants to learn how to haveprospects beat down your door to join your Team?  Clickhereforalltheinformation.   Like 2Generated with Page 3 / 3