MLM Training: Focus on What You Can Affect


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MLM business thrives when you focus on those things which you can influence, and ignore issues of little consequence.

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MLM Training: Focus on What You Can Affect

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  3. 3. Have you ever heard of Art Williams?I asked that question in f ront of a room f ull of f ootball coaches the other night and wassurprised that nobody could place him.You may know him better as A.L. Williams, f ounder of the direct sales insurance company of thesame name. Today, that company is called Primerica, is worth billions, and Mr. Williams is quitecomf ortably retired.Bef ore he was a legendary direct sales billionaire, Art Williams was a high school f ootballcoach.When he was in his 20s, he was a Junior Varsity coach at powerhouse T homasville, Georgia.He was also chomping at the bit f or his shot at a head coaching job.His shot came at a lowly program that had won only one game the previous 2 years combined.Bef ore he took the job, administrators at T homasville urged him to take his time. T hey likedthe job he was doing with the J.V. team, and were expecting their head coach to move on toanother school. “Coach leaves and the job is yours,” he was told.Art went and talked to the head coach himself , and was assured that no moves would bef orthcoming.Armed with this knowledge, Coach Williams accepted the position with the also-ran team.Fast f orward a short time later, and the T homasville coach did, in f act change schools.Art Williams moped.“Somebody else gets to coach that powerhouse team that I helped build!”“I’m stuck here with this bunch of losers!”
  4. 4. Time to Suck it UpAt that point, A.L. Williams had only 2 choices.Whine about his circumstances, or make the most of them.Af ter 2 days of f eeling sorry f or himself , he took a long hard look in the mirror and did the onlything he could do…He went out and gave those boys all he had.T he results were nothing short of miraculous.Art’s team f inished that season at 7-3, including a victory over the top-ranked team in thestate. He went on to be named coach of the year that season, the f irst of multiple coachingawards f or the man.2 Truths and 1 LieI’m about to tell you 2 truths and 1 lie. It’s up to you to f igure out which is which.1) T here will always be someone who gets a break that you don’t.2) You will never get a break as long as you live.3) T he people who get the most breaks are the ones who react the best when they don’t.Art Williams realized something that season that a lot of people never come to grips with.You f ocus on the job in f ront of you and block out everything that doesn’t matter. He evenwrote a book about it, “All You Can Do is All You Can Do, But All You Can Do is Enough.”Some amazing things happen in your lif e when you begin to adopt this philosophy.First, you get better at whatever it is you do.
  5. 5. T hen, you start to attract the attention of others who want you to teach them to do things.Stephen Covey writes about it in, “T he Seven Habits of Highly Successf ul People.” He calls ityour circle of inf luence, and circle of concern.Imagine a small circle inside a larger one.T he small circle is your circle of inf luence.T he larger, your circle of concern.Focus your attention on the space between the 2 circles, (outside your inf luence, inside yourconcern) and your circle of inf luence gets smaller and smaller.But f ocus your attention on the smaller circle, and it begins to grow until it eventually becomesthe same size as the larger circle.What was the name of that coach who got the head coaching job at T homasville that shouldhave belonged to Art Williams?I don’t know either.What I do know is that the way that Williams handled the situation, by f ocusing on the task athand and doing it to the best of his ability, strengthened his resolve and made him a bettercoach and leader.It was that f irm resolve that propelled A.L. Williams to the heights of the business world andbillionaire, rock star status.Remember that the next time someone gets a break that you think belongs to you.Focus on what you can af f ect, and your breaks too will come.
  6. 6. P.S.- I’ve earned a f ull-time income working f rom home since 2010. In that time, I’ve beenblessed to learn f rom some tremendous mentors. I spend my days now passing thatknowledge on to others. If you would like to learn more about what enabled me to semi-retireby age 37, click here. Leave A Reply (No comments so far) Name (required) Email (will no t be published) (required) Website Submit CommentNo co mments yet
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