MLM Success Starts with Clarity of Focus


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MLM Success starts with clarity of focus. Once you believe in yourself, you can develop a clear, unstoppable intention of where you are going.

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MLM Success Starts with Clarity of Focus

  1. 1. BLOG CONTACT KEN ACREE HOMEMLM Success Starts with Clarity of Focus Recent PostsPosted In MLM Success | No comments Twe e t Like 0 MLM Success Starts with Clarity of FocusWhy did you click on this link? Find a Money Making MentorWhile you think about that f or a minute, I’m going to tell you a quick story that I believeyou will f ind helpf ul.Two and a half years ago I was just on the other side of broke.Down to my last $62, credit cards maxed out.I started on one of those journeys that you read about in books. See in the movies.A journey that culminated less than 4 months later with a lucrative income working exclusivelyf rom home.Family vacations.New Mercedes.
  2. 2. I can give you the specif ic details of what I did day to day to achieve these dreams, and whilethat may seem usef ul, it probably won’t do you much good.At least it won’t do you much good unless you have a clear intention of where you are going togo.You see, I had known how to do MLM f or years and was still down to my last $62.What really changed f or me two and a half years ago is that I became a true believer.I was already a believer in the prof ession of Network Marketing.I believed in the company that I represented and its products.What f inally had to happen in order to start enjoying the massive success this industry of f ersis that I had to start believing in myself .Sounds simple, right?Let me ask you, do you truly believe in yourself ? If not, why not? Because you should.When I started believing in myself , then the possible became possible.Not only possible, but absolutely undeniable.And that is where clarity of f ocus entered in.Once I began to believe in myself , then all of the sudden I knew where I was going.In f act, it was as if I was already there .It was literally as if the f low of time ceased, and I was able to rise above the world and seef uture me enjoying the f ruits of my labor.
  3. 3. From that point f orward, it became easy to do the things that were necessary f or success.Because success was a destination that I had already seen with my own eyes.My time just hadn’t quite come yet.Let me explain it in a dif f erent way.Imagine you are planning a trip to Disney World. In my case, that is an 11 hour trip by car.Even if you’ve technically never been to Disney World, you know all about it. You can look atpictures and watch videos that describe it to a T.When you print of f the map and start your journey toward the Magic Kingdom, you have nodoubt in your mind that you will be enjoying the theme parks with your f amily in a f ew shorthours.You understand that you will need to check the oil in your car. You know that you’ll have to f illup with a gas 2 or 3 times. Stop to eat. Watch f or traf f ic. T here is even the possibility of af lat tire or a traf f ic jam.But give or take a couple of hours, you know exactly where you’re going and when you’ll getthere.Success, is EXACT LY the same way. When your intentions are clear. When you have clarityof f ocus.So I ask again, why did you click on this link?Is it a case of you stopping f or f uel or a bite to eat on your road to success?Are you looking f or a map?Have you not yet chosen your destination??
  4. 4. If you already know where you’re going, then hopef ully reading this has provided you with evenmore clarity of f ocus.If you clicked here because you are still searching…Maybe you need someone to teach you how to believe in yourself .Maybe.I’ve been working with the same Network Marketing company since July of 2009.T he f irst year or so I couldn’t get out of my own way, but since then, things have been prettygood .Once I learned to believe in myself.Once I realized that success already existed inside of me.If you would like to know more about what I do, click here now.I’ve been blessed to work directly with a top 3 worldwide money earner in my company.He’s taught me a lot, not the least of which has been how to believe in myself .If you’re already on the right track and sure of your course and what you’re doing, you probablydon’t want to click here.
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