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Discover the one factor that will make or break your business success. Find a money making mentor or needlessly spin your wheels. The choice is yours.

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Find a Money Making Mentor

  1. 1. BLOG CONTACT KEN ACREE HOMEFind a Money Making MentorPosted In MLM Success | No comments Twe e t Like 0I assume that you’re here reading this today because you are interested in learning howto make money f rom home.Fair Warning: I may go of f the reservation a little bit, but stick with me until the end. It will bewell worth your time. T here’s a point to all of my ramblings, and that point is to show you apath to making more money!T he single most important action you can take if you have a desire to make money f rom homeis to f ind a successf ul person who will allow you to “look over their shoulder” and see whatthey do.Even better if that person is willing to teach you.Now to some rambling (but important rambling)…One day back in the summer, I was sitting in my garage at about 11:15 a.m. on a Tuesday.T he garage door was up, and there was just enough breeze blowing in f or it to be comf ortable.
  2. 2. I was actually in a complaining mood .Nobody else was around so I was muttering to myself .I was ticking of f a checklist of all of the things I didn’t like about my “job.”Expensive travel.Corporate not doing things exactly like I would do them.Team members who didn’t seem to see what I see and had trouble f ollowing directions.I was letting the negative consume me .Do you ever have days like that?Luckily (f or you and me both) there was another voice in my head that day that snapped me outof my f unk.Here’s what it said…Shut up, dummy! You’re sitting in your garage at lunchtime on a Tuesday, basically doingnothing, and still getting paid!!You’re sitting next to a brand new Mercedes that you earned while sitting in your garage doingnext to nothing.Travel may be expensive, but you can afford it. And when you travel for business, you get towrite it off too! Not to mention you are free to go wherever you want, whenever you want.Nobody is holding a gun to your head.Let me pause to say, yes, I talk to myself a lot. T here is more…
  3. 3. Company doesn’t do everything perfectly in your mind? Who does?? Do they provide a qualityproduct? Provide fair compensation? Then what are you complaining about? Make it happen!Team members don’t listen? Attitude reflects leadership. Be a better leader and you will havebetter team members.And T HAT was the big point.I was spoiled.Most of my f riends were punching a clock somewhere. Scurrying around like rats, f ightingtraf f ic and the line at Taco Bell to cram 3 burritos down their pie hole and race back to theirdesk bef ore they got a dirty look f rom their boss.I was doing nothing and getting paid. Answering a call every now and then. Sending a text or aFaceBook message. But basically nothing.And that’s what f inally hit me like a punch in the gut.I am blessed, and I OWE it to others to teach them how to get what I have.You see, I’ve spent the past 2 years earning a f ull-time income f rom home working part-timehours (if any).We (me and my f amily) have traveled to Florida 7 times these past 2 years. Visited NewHampshire. And North Carolina. Ohio and Tennessee more times than I can count.I’ve upgraded f rom a 2003 Buick LeSabre with 230,000 miles to a brand new Mercedes Benz.But unless I’m helping others do what I do, it gets kind of lonely .And strangely, starts to f eel like a job (even though it isn’t).Just to be completely honest, there is greed involved here as well.
  4. 4. I realized that day in my garage last summer that the only way I was ever going to take mybusiness to the next level was to help a f ew other people do exactly what I do. Or maybeeven a little better.I’ve made a ton of mistakes in my business.T he f irst mistake I made was not listening to some very smart people early on.I had some talented people who were willing to teach me the precise steps to achieve success.But I wasn’t ready to be taught .It’s crazy looking back, because these people were all doing things the same way. What theywere doing wasn’t complicated. T hey were earning substantial incomes, and their checks weregrowing month af ter month.For some reason, I still thought I had a better way.Have you ever been at a place in lif e where you f elt like letting go? I don’t mean in a negativeway. I mean that you have struggled and f ought against f orces of turmoil and negativity. Worktrouble. Financial strif e. Family problems (usually brought on by trouble with work and money).Have you ever come to that point where you made a decision to let go of all of your strugglesand allow the universe to take its course?How did that f eel? Sometimes when you let go and stop trying to “control” everything, it’s themost f reeing thing you can do, isn’t it?T hat’s where I was in the summer of 2010.Broke as a joke.Down to $62 in my pocket.
  5. 5. No money in the bank. No money on credit cards.I had lost my job. But I had this little part-time business that I had dabbled with f or about a year…I had done everything wrong up to this point, but it was still spitting out a couple of hundredbucks in a good week.And it was all I had lef t…So I decided to listenand the world opened up f or me.T he universe did its thing, and everything began to move in the right direction.I turned to a mentor, my f riend Robbie.Robbie had gotten started with this part-time business a f ew months bef ore I did.Much like me, he had done everything his way f or a whileand struggled .He had f inally decided to listen to the people who were having success, and herea year later, he was making more at his part-time business than I had EVER MADEat a f ull-time job.So I reached out to Robbie in the summer of 2010, and nothing has been the same since.Not only was Robbie willing to teach me everything he knew, but he was willing to
  6. 6. help me.Success didn’t come over night, but looking back it was pretty close.T here was about a 45 day grind where I f elt like I was spinning my wheels.Nothing seemed to be happening, but Robbie kept assuring me that it was.So I let go. Let go of my f ears and preconceived notions.Let go and trusted the system and my mentor.T hen, af ter 45 days something amazing happened.First a trickle of success,T hen a f lurry,Finally a total outpouring.Af ter 45 days it seemed like nothing was happening, but within 90 days,I was FLUSH!T he next 90 days af ter that are kind of a blur now. T he money kept coming in so f ast f rom somany dif f erent directions that I couldn’t believe it. It was like watching popcorn on a hot stove.Fast forward about a year and a half and that brings us back to thatday in my garage.T he positive voices shot down the negative ones.I made a decision right then and there to help more people reach my level of success.T he f irst person I called was Robbie.
  7. 7. I told you that back a couple of years ago, Robbie agreed to help me.Back then, his income had already exceeded anything that I had ever earned in any occupation.Now he is doing better than that.Much better.In f act, Robbie is the #3 income earner worldwide in a company that today reaches 30 dif f erentcountries.3 years ago, this business was producing sales of about $500,000 a month.Not chopped liver, but nothing to brag about, really.Today, that number has swelled to $11.5 million.And growing.But the really cool thing is that most people haven’t even heard about it yet.T his hidden giant is on the verge of taking the direct sales world by storm, and we are uniquelypositioned to teach people how to prof it f rom it.Something magical happened that day when I called Robbie.Maybe he could sense the excitement in my voice.Maybe he was just bored.It’s impossible to know f or sure.But it only took a minute f or Robbie to tell me that he was ALL IN.
  8. 8. As many people as I would reach out and help, Robbie would help them too.Just like he had mentored me and many others to success, Robbie was ready and willing towork hands-on with some new students.Are you ready to be taught?Listen, this may or may not be f or you.You may already have the right vehicle, and the right mentor to help you get where you want togo.If that’s the case, then I’m happy f or you.I urge you to continue on your path to reach your dreams.I hope you have at least gotten some inspiration f rom reading my story.If I can do this, then anybody can do this.But if you’re still searching f or the best way to make more money f rom home, I encourage youto click here now.You will enter your email address, then I will instantly give you all of the details about whatRobbie and I have done to retire young, and be in a position to own our lives.If you aren’t sure what you want, that’s ok. It is still in your best interest to check this out.We will show you exactly what we do, but more importantly we will teach how to do it (unlessyou still think you can do it all on your own).With no obligation to us whatsoever, peel back the curtain and take a peek on the other side.
  9. 9. Your only obligation is to yourself and to your f amily to make the most out of this time onearth.We are ready to help you do that, and it all starts when you click here now.Ken Acree“Finally learned to walk the tightrope without a net” Leave A Reply (No comments so far) Name (required) Email (will no t be published) (required) Website
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