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This presentation was originally prepared and presented to the Quality Forum Conference in Vancouver, BC on March 7th, 2012. Thanks to helpful resources and other storytellers.

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  • The goal of this illustration is to help explain the concept of “social media” to business owners. It maps many of the alternatives on a scale of the amount of content that needs to be created as well as the frequency of interaction needed by you to make it an effective medium for your business.

    This illustration could be compared to an Ouija Board because the relative position can change by: business type, audience, and for a given business over time. Once this is married up with your target audience’s behavior, you will have a good perspective on the areas you should focus on to maximize the impact of your online marketing investments.

    [Speaker note: see source of article:]
  • Lazy things on facebook and twitter post
  • Creating a support community for care takers to

    The caretakers record their patients data, it’s a CRM tool.

    They respect HIPPA. They charge people per month for these features

    $48 per month,

    The analytics and data being collected here is untapped.
  • This is more about dialog

    Mayo’s Twitter handle sets appropriate expectations for who they are and what they stand for. Explicitly states that if they’re following someone, that doesn’t necessarily mean an “endorsement” – you often times see employees setting up blogs or twitter handles that say something like “Works for IBM. Opinions my own” – this is a CORPORATE twitter handle openly endorsing the fact that their representation on the platform is about contributing to the community – “and does not necessarily = endorsement”

    The Facebook example is just a random sampling of many on the facebook page of 55k+ likes that shows support and contribution to the community on the individual level.
  • Built support groups to build relevancy in real world

    August 10, 2011

    Mayo Clinic creates an advanced social presence by integrating social into much of their outbound communication and messaging. This creates a two way conversation with their customers and constituents - and shows the community that they're dedicated to serving patient needs. They showcase internal efforts on 'Mayo Clinic Connect'. From the website: [Mayo Clinic Connect] connect[s] people who have been through the Mayo Clinic experience with others facing a similar health concern. The Mayo Clinic twitter account (@mayoclinic) has ~210K followers, and the Facebook page (/mayoclinic) has ~55K likes.
  • Technology changes the way we think about how we check our health, it’s in our shoes.

    Now it’s a game, or good fin practices and good healthy.

    The future is radical esp with RFID.

    Also, it’s one thing for people to track

    Products featured here: Fitbit + reporting dashboard, Jawbone UP (top right), Nike+ sensor for shoe and iphone app.
  • Speaking of a way to manage your future health, fitbit is like a ‘mint’ for your health insurance.

    Take advantage of services and save money.
  • Health Care Social Media Camp - Twitter Presentation

    1. 1. Be Helpful + Create Value
    2. 2. It’s new + It’s growing; Trust is in others • >50% of Canadians have an account on • 13% of online Americans use • 17% trust marketing and advertising • 84% trust recommendations from others like them Sources: (US) Feb. 2011 Pew Internet Research (US) Sept. 2011 AdAge Report 2011.
    3. 3. Nearly 100% of online users… Use email Use a web browser Use web search
    4. 4. Important Questions • Are you providing value through your website • Do you have positive testimonials? • Do you have a blog? • Does your organization respond to email? • If you don’t have a great product or service… • Social Media often comes last and should.
    5. 5.
    6. 6. Online Communication Channels CONFIDENTIAL Copyright © 2009 Constant Contact, Inc. 7
    7. 7. Build from common sense… • Be responsible • Follow the rules • Be transparent • Take Ownership • Respect your audience and colleagues Where did this come from…?
    8. 8. …and finish with the job at hand. • Add value • Protect the brand • Be accurate • Do not reveal secrets • Do not forget your day job Canada Post Social Media Employee Policy, 2011.
    9. 9. Answer the Social Telephone
    10. 10. Understand Language
    11. 11. Twitter language looks bad on Facebook. It looks worse on LinkedIn. Understand Different Ecosystems
    12. 12. Blockbuster ignored DVDs-by-mail. Netflix was allowed in and won.
    13. 13. Borders failed to adapt their business model Amazon took the cake
    14. 14. BEST PRACTICES The change is rapid… focus on quality content and relationships
    15. 15. Customer Service SERVICE
    18. 18. What can health care do? Examples, Successes & Best Practices
    19. 19. Friends and family have more influence than ever online, especially with the rise of online reviews and referrals.
    20. 20. Curate news & content relevant to your audience
    21. 21. CareZone gives caretakers a productivity tool to manage the people who depend on them 25
    22. 22. Connect Stakeholders
    23. 23. Mayo Clinic endorses an open policy, is responsive in the community 27
    24. 24. Mayo Clinic connects people with similar health concerns and experiences - Support 28 The Mayo Clinic Connect community posts blog articles multiple times daily. There are 66 discussion categories on the forum, and new topics are posted multiple times a day.
    25. 25. LiveTweetingSurgeryforEducation
    26. 26. Fitbit and Nike+ change the way people monitor their personal health - Preventative 30
    27. 27. Emergency assistance is possible. Traditional systems rule.
    28. 28. Cake Health helps people manage their healthcare and save money at the same time 32
    29. 29. Key Takeaways 1. Create Value 2. Be Helpful 3. Develop Relationships 4. Use Common Sense 5. 140 Health Care Uses for Twitter:
    30. 30. Questions Welcome This presentation is available for download and review anytime: Twitter: @kempedmonds Email: Special thanks to Ajay Puri