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  • 1. Final pitch
    Zain, Shapali & Kemisha
  • 2. What the video is about
    Narrative- we show the narrative when the music slows down.
    • In the beginning we see the intertextuality to Britney Spears video ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time'. When the girl is in school.
    • 3. When she is looking through the year book and drawing hearts around the boy’s pictures. This scene will take place in the bed.
    • 4. When she is licks the camera which represents the boy, We denote the boy wiping his face and a shot where she licks her mouth then a shot back to the boy who is now a lollipop.
    • 5. When she is in a straight jacket and she is craving for candy. This is back to the bedroom scene.
    Performance- when the music goes fast.
    • The band comes in when there is a guitar bit between the slow bit.
    • 6. There is an army of gummy bears marching towards the band and they are climbing on the lead singer.
    • 7. There are candy crawling over the lead singer.
  • Type of video
    The type of video we are going to is performance based with elements of a narrative and conceptuality.
    We will be making intertextual references to a Britney spears video ‘hit me baby one more time, to so the people who have watched that video could relate to our music video.
  • 8.
  • 9. Representation of star and genre
    Stripy knee length socks –black and red for Gabi/ Jalikatu and white and red for Katusha because she is the lead singer.
    Fingerless gloves- black different styles for each band member.
    Pleated plain black skirt- different styles.
    Pimp souls
    Waist coat
    Short sleeve plain tops- yellow, red and blue
    Hair extensions to match the colour of their tops. (maybe wigs)
    Maybe some chains across there waste as belts.
  • 10. Mise en scene – location/ props
    We are going to have 3 locations for our video
    We will be using a stage setting for the performance part of the video (maybe the drama hall)
    We will be using a bedroom for one half of the narrative
    And a classroom for the beginning part of the narrative and the music video.
    May be a 4th location where they are about to kiss.
  • 11. Cinematography
    Mid shots, POV, over the shoulder shot, long shot, close up and extreme close up of the instruments and the band members, panning, tilting, high angle but not too high, low angle and mice eye view to make the band look powerful, bird eye view when the narrative girl is in the bed with a stight jacket. and lots more.
    We are going to use various camera shots and camera movements to make our video look exiting which will keep the audience interested and hopefully make them want to watch the video till the end.
  • 12. Editing techniques
    We could use fade transition between the performance of the band and the narrative.
    The pace of the clip will be both long and short depending on the pace of the song.
    We will be using transitions from final cut while editing to make the different between the cuts in the video. Some of these are the fades we will be using.
  • 13. Relationship between video and lyrics
    “I want you like candy” We are going to illustrate the lyrics through the use of candy.
    We are also going to be amplify the lyrics when she says “give me some candy” she is going to be in a straight jacket looking at the camera and saying it.
    We will challenge the performance element as the performance is suppose to be all about the band where we are bringing other character into it.
  • 14. Genre and music video conventions how we will develop and challenge it
    While the band is performing sweets will come into the shot climbing and crawling over the band members. Each time we see the performance more and more sweets will dominate the shots .
    We will be challenging the genre and music conventions by combining elements of two different genres together- pop and rock – we will be using vibrant colours for the costume and the mise en scene
  • 15. Theories used
    Andre Goodwin's music video conventions focussing on a conceptual performance based video and amplifying the lyrics
    Richard dyers theory of star persona – created a distinctive look for our band from the conventional look for a rock band
    Post modernism – we will be making intertextual references to Britney spears opening sequence to her video hit me baby one more time.