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Enbe project 1

  1. 1. ENBE PROJECT 1Kelvin Ng0315081
  2. 2. Due to Stanley’s and my phone fell into water , welost 80% of the photo we took during the journey.I’ll try to describe with leftover 20% photo and datacollected in Shirley and Goh’s phone.Don’t mess with the nature , it’s so powerful! Prepare and research before sitevisitI did research before the site visit with Stanleyas we already plan to study the ant species andwe went to Daiso , Aeon , etc to buy material tostudy on the ant species
  4. 4. BRIEFING Ms.Dee givenbrief at thehall of theresort. We areadvised totake a lot ofphoto in oursite to recordthe data. We wereasked tozoom in oursite toobserveclosely.
  5. 5. SITE HUNT Ms. Amira bring us toexplore around theresort to find a bestsite for our research. We explored along theriver until the reservoir .
  6. 6. MY SITE View from land  View from river
  7. 7. THE REASON WHY I CHOSEN MY SITE There two tree grow close together whichattract my attention on the first sight. Close by the river. Have more variety of plant. The roots of the plant was exposed to theair . There are small fishes swimming aroundthe roots.
  8. 8. INTERESTING PART OF MY SITE My team and I took measurement within 5metre on land and another 5 metre in river. The river water is crystal clear. The site is more clean. A lot of data could be collect. There is a colony of red ant at the bottom ofthe tree. The view is fantastic !
  9. 9. 5 SENSES OF MY SITESightHearTouchTasteSmell
  10. 10. SIGHT Green plant everywhere Ant colony Two tree grow close to each other Blue sky Crystal river water Ferm lying and moss grow on the tree
  11. 11. SMELL Fresh air Smelly polluted water (nearby the root) Rubbish everywhere Fish corpse that abandonby local fisherman
  12. 12. TOUCH Mimosa Pudica closes it’s leaves when I touchedit Smooth grass Rough tree bark Sticky latex juice Cold refreshing river water Sandy
  13. 13. TASTE Tasteless river water Astringent taste or latex juice Bitter tree leaves Salty sand
  14. 14. HEAR Bird chipping Flow of river water Moving leave Sound of car (got highway nearby) Cheering of crowd (probably is my course mate)
  16. 16. CHARACTERISTIC OF FIRE ANTS (SOLENOPSIS)• Fire ants have 3 pairs of legs like the others insects• It’s body is red in colours• Solenopsis is it’s scientific name• Release venom when it bite thatcausing extreme pain• 5 senses :sight : flaming redsmell : unknowntouch : painful bitetaste : juicy , sour , stickyhear : unknown
  17. 17. ADDITIONAL INFO OF FIRE ANT Able to lift weight as 20 times of their ownbody weight Natural gifted architect Painful bite which might be fatal for smallanimal Each colony only have a queen , it’s rarelyreplaced and the ant colony can only surviveup to 8 months without queen.
  19. 19. CHARACTERISTIC OF OLD RUBBER TREE(HEVEA BRASILIENSIS) The nail on the tree had reveal the identity ofthe tree. Rusted nail tells that the nail is on the tree fora quite long time. The latex that leftover is dark brown incolours i removed a bark of tree andthe tree didn’t produce latexanymore
  20. 20. 5 SENSE FOR RUBBER TREE Sight :-brown colour bark-dry latex which is dark brown in colour-rare leaves on the tree-two tree grow close together-some of the root were exposed to the air Smell:-smell ‘‘rubber’’ Touch :-rough surface on the bark-smooth surface under the bark when the bark wasremoved-sticky latex juice Taste-astringent-sticky Hear:
  21. 21. ECOSYSTEMEcosystem is a bond of varietyspecies which go in a cycle.The cycle related the transferof the energy from sunbeginning with producer at thebottom of food pyramid.A balance ecosystem keep the food chain running andmaintain the number of population of certain species.Human activity nowadays are affecting the balance ofecosystem effectively that causing some species such asturtle which causes jellyfish grow rapidly and break thebalance of ecosystem .
  22. 22. ANALYZING DATA I drew grid to estimate thenumber of population in mysite. Each unit represent 1 I estimate 5 different species of plant and animal to builta population pyramid. Except for population of ant , Iinsert the data according to mymemory and I do actual calculationto calculate the number ofpopulation of ant
  23. 23. INTERPRETING DATA I used a biology formulathat I’d learn in highschool to do thecalculation The formula is very easy tounderstand and it’s easy toconduct the experiment aswell.
  24. 24. PRESENTATION OF THE DATA I’d discuss through withStanley as I wanted to turn allthe data into a statistic graphwhich other people wouldeasier to understand at the firstsight as it’s an infographic aswell. So we start to do thecalculation over night and nightto double confirm the answerof the gradient we get isaccurate. We mix all the math subjectand formula to enhance the
  25. 25. CALCULATE THE AVERAGE By taking the average ofboth gradient , we took theaverage for animal and plant
  26. 26. CONCLUSION OF MY INFOGRAPHIC The smaller the size of an organism , thebigger the number of population.
  27. 27. Thanks for reading THE END