Cts project 1


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Cts project 1

  1. 1. My Group Poster
  2. 2. My Journal for Project 1
  3. 3. • 4.4.2013First lecture of Creative Thinking Skill , Ms. explained the moduleoutline and separate us into 3 groups (A,B,C).I got into group C according the list. I volunteer myself as a unit leaderfor the first project.• 5.4.20131-2pmI conducted the first meeting , everyone get to know each other andexchanging phone number. We chosen our favorite song for the musicalperformance .We started to do research for instrument we need for our chosen song.
  4. 4. • 8.4.20131-2pmEdwin , James , Kevin and me had volunteer to be the main vocal for theperformance . We started to memories the lyrics and melody of thesong we chosen . Kicked off the first practice .• 11.4.201312-2pmThe first tutorial is conducted by Ms.Norma.Hao Ren joined my unit due to he still don’t have his personal timetable .We showed Ms.Norma a song ‘Don’t Be Cruel’ by Elvis Preley.
  5. 5. • 15.4.201310-12pmI called up a meeting to practice ‘Don’t Be Cruel’ by Elvis Presley and ‘I’mYours’ by Jason Mraz.James and Kevin was removed from the main vocal as James counteringthroat ulcer while Kevin have problem with soft singing skills. Hao Ren ,Shirley and Karen was chosen to be another main vocal , so it’s Edwin ,Hao Ren , Shirley , Karen and me to be the main vocal• 17.4.20131-2pmI called up another meeting to practice ‘Barney Song’ by Barney thepurple dinosaur and ‘Sayang’ by Shae .The reason why we chosen a malay song in our performance is becausewe wan to tell others that we are proud to be a Malaysian (coincidentlywe are all Malaysian)
  6. 6. • 22/44-7pmBryan Lee joined our unit as another family member.We helped him to figure out an instrument for him as he come in rush.We repeat the practice from the first song till the end to let Bryan getused to the lyrics and melody.• 23/411-12:30pmWe gathered together to show Ms.Norma our performance and shesuggested us to mix Don’t Be Cruel with I’m Yours together.We rearrange again our performance on the day due to Ms.Normasuggestion.
  7. 7. • 25.4.20138am-12pmWe met up beside the library to discuss the new routine again andadjustment on instrument is made at the same time .We removed some unsuitable instrument to fit our song.• 26.4.20131-2:30pmOnce again , we sing through our song to practice our vocal and try tomake adjustment on the key of our song as the song is too hard to singso we just managed to make the key higher than the original one.• 28.4.20139am-1pmMy unit practice all the song we chosen again and again , adding somemotion and dancing abit at the same time . Argument between unitmember happened due to different idea pop out during the practice .We picked the best idea and rearrange the routine again .
  8. 8. • 29.4.20138am-12pmMy unit got very used to the lyrics and melody already but we’re still inproblem with our instrument that didn’t match the melody.We sit down and discuss , exchanging idea to modify the instrumentuntil it match the melody.• 30.4.20138am-2pmEverything is ready and we ran through practice again and again. FM8.2was born today.
  9. 9. • 2.4.201312pm-1pmMs.Norma checked our performance during the tutorial class , sheadvised us to add more motion into the performance to make it better.5pm-9pmI conducted a meeting to add more motion and dancing into ourperformance.Small adjustment is made to improve our instrument too.
  10. 10. RandomPicturesofMyUnit’sActivities
  11. 11. The Endthanks for watching 