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The biggest problem facing the industry in the past few years are lack of course authoring tools for e-learning developers and instructional designers. Sure, you can use the extensive list of tools on the market, but for those who want real power and complexity ala from the days of Authorware, pickings are slim.

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Authoring tools for developers

  1. 1. Authoring Tools for developersBy Craig WeissThe biggest problem facing the industry in the past few years are lack of course authoring tools for e-learning developers and instructional designers.Sure, you can use the extensive list of tools on the market, but for those who want real power andcomplexity ala from the days of Authorware, pickings are slim. To get the details please visit Celtix - Enables you to create storyboards and scripts. Its free.b. elearning animgallery - from e-doceo, provides a simple version but also offer more robust featuresincluding avatars, adjustment parameters, functions interpolation movements, the effects of camera togive depth, movement of avatars, plus it comes with 5,000 media objects including flash animations,videos isolated, sounds, voice-overs, illustrations (2D and 3D), characters, mascots, interiors andexteriors, objectsc. elearning maker - another product form e-doceo; screenwriting, storyboards, media inserts, selectionand moving of elements plus more; a beginner could use some of the features, but a developer hassome additional capabilities and flexibilitiesd. Flash course development toolkit - provides the source code, features include ability to load yourmovies, creates a table of contents and provides complete navigation controle. JeL SIM- simulations requires experience of the Java programming language to create a numericalmodel of the system/concept being simulatedf. Professional Presenter X - comes with sim tool, assessment, capture tool, documents to flash tool, etc.Works Windows and Linux, inc. documentary maker and iPhone/iPad/iPod touch developer kitg. MLOAT - Multimedia Learning Object Authoring Tool. SCORM compliant learning object generator,customized editing interface, web based media player that works across multiple platforms,video/audio, image slides, text synchronizationh. Simwriter Professional - NexLearn probably makes the best sim tool in the market, but it is extremelyexpensive - I believe around 9K for one license, features include -ability to export scripts for audio orvideo recording in .txt, .doc, and .htm formats, implement scripting capability to code custom simulationbehaviors, customize properties for every design component to control the look and feel of yoursimulationi. Authoring Pro - Developer and International Edition - comes with audio editor, video editor, imageeditor, screen capture and screen camera
  2. 2. j. Thinking Worlds - offers a free version (lame) and a commercial version (better) - create sims and 3Dgames publish to iPad (have to purchase the TW Pro + iOS edition), very slickk. Articulate Storyline - Great product - read my review here - yeah, they pitch it for masses and yeahthey can do some things, but this is really for developers and instructional designersCourse Authoring Tools for the massesCommon features includea. Ability to use PowerPointb. Embed video - inc. YouTubec. Embed audio, images and Flash objectsd. Offer linear and non-linear design, plus table of contentse. Desktop - still the mass approach in the marketf. Add documents, materials including ability to attach to coursesg. Add lessons - seen in the education versionsh. Assessment tool of some nature - may include survey tooli. Screen capturej. SCORM compliance and/or AICC - there are tools out there who support neither - but that is not thenorm and there are a few tools out there who also support PENSk. Multiple learning paths or branchingl. Works with LMSs - exclusion - proprietary based content toolsNew features appearing in many tools, regardless if they target developers or the massesa. Notes of some natureb. Reusable learning objects and repositoryc. Quiz tool comes with random questions and quiz bankd. Audio recording and editingNext tier of features - growth is here and it is targeting the massesa. Ability to output to HD/MP4b. Offer ebook capability
  3. 3. c. Can send course links via e-mail and even social mediad. Widgetse. Gamificationf. Personalization - only a handfulWhats HOTa. Avatarsb. Scenario buildersc. Templatesd. Mobilee. Output to HTML5Whats COLDa. Widgetsb. Spell checker - sheesh shouldnt this be standard?c. Screen recorder or screen demod. Image editore. Video editorf. Ability to include social media - Im not talking about YouTube hereg. SaaS - are you kidding me?h. Multilinguali. Interactive simulationsPlease note that cold simply means that vendors as a whole are not adding these features. It does notmean that they are worthless nor are not features that should be included - they should be!Best of the Besta. dominKnow Claro - it just keeps getting better and betterb. Articulate Storyline - Yes, an Articulate product in the running - and no the end of the world is notcoming
  4. 4. c. Zenler Studio - A surprise pick. I love the ribbon style approach, the custom branding angle with yourplayer, audio and video narration, SCORM/AICC - perfect for the massesd. Thinking Cap Studio - Vastly improved - offers features for the masses and the developerse. iSpring Suite - Supports HTML5 output, audio and video narration, awesome feature set includingbranded player, SCORM 2004, 1.2 and SCORM support and learning objectsf. Rapid Intake m-Learning Studio - Strong solution for the masses and developers, forward thinkingapproach, they also offer an online/offline product called m-Learning synch which includes a mobilelearning online platform, rather than connecting to your LMSg. Aura Interactive - Sh!FT Learning - Avatars with the ability to synch voice to them - i.e. they move theirlips and it matches with your voice. Gamification, scenario builders, collaboration, audio options includeallowing voice actors to upload and crop their audio from anywhere. Search and replace content, mixand match new modules with existing modulesBottom LineThe authoring tool vendors will say their products are for everyone. That their products are meeting thedemand.The demand from developers? The demand from the masses?Or the demand from themselves, the vendors.Because if it is the latter, than everyone doesnt necessarily mean you.For more information on e-learning developers please visit