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A comparative analysis of multiple mobile application professionals, charity applications and tactics to use in the nonprofit industry using mobile devices for fundraising. Using informative and opposing articles from influential fundraisers and nonprofit professionals this presentation develops upon strategies and research on mobile applications.

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  • Hello everyone my name is Kelsey Hamill and I will be presenting on a topic of increasing importance and interest to me. I would like to start out with an informal survey in the room, raise your hand if you agree with the following statements:You have a smartphone?You could go for a work day without your phone?You have downloaded an application to your phone?
  • Keep in mind that mobile giving does not simply include text-to-give (SMS donations) Often used for peer-to-peer fundraising – which has a
  • Contacting participants while they are at home, commuting, or most comfortable will increase the donor’s passion for the cause and therefore funds raised. 123% using 2 mobile tools (apps for asks, mobile web for donations)
  • iOS- since 2010 has prevented applications the ability to directly donate on the app, instead the application may suggest to donate and click through to website, which means they are forced to go to the website often run on PayPal or Google CheckoutDonors can be lost in the process, especially on small screens (therefore the 77% of fundraisers using mobile apps on Apple products are being alienated from the apps)Even when the nonprofit is able to ‘sell’ merchandise in order to get the donation Apple takes 30%Suggests using the app for publicity rather than merely for donation purposesPrices go up to $100,000 and that is only the set up, updating and staffing costs added in Applications FOR nonprofits may be a starting point, or through 3rd party providers
  • Introduced in just August this year, Google’s One Today1.9% credit card processing fee No donor informationAndroid onlyMust be a Google for Nonprofits approved memberNetwork for Good donates monthly to nonprofit projects listed on One Today
  • American App for athletes interested in doing good. Provides a tracking method including donations made for the miles run, biked, or walked. The donor may select from a number of charities
  • Separate entity from website
  • iNotforProfit:An option for developed organizations that may not have the mobile app software. Mobile Ready:WebsiteSocial MediaTake online donationsCreate photos or videosKeep content up-to-dateProvides installation, submission to app stores, and everything a charity needs to manage the systemHTML5- a new improved version of the backend that offers a ‘native’ or original app for each platformComplex apps may still be expensive to update however with the abililty to update and develop a single app for all platforms saves time and money!Artez Interactive:Fundraising management software, if already a user the mobile app links to donor management for peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns. Connects the donor to contacts, photos, and fundraising team to track goals and ask across social networks. Push notifications from the campaign on a selected basis encourages more asks, and as we know more asks=more money$19.99Blackbaud- Raiser’s Edge:App FOR donors – management systemThanking donors for gifts, for staff often travelling
  • Resources:Every time there is an update in software your mobile app will need to be updatedKeeping track of analytics of the software to ensure its success and return on investmentCustomization:Allows for branding, but do you have a solid branding structure, would you need to create one? Or is your brand so specific it would not fit within a traditional app model?What are your donors using the app for?Timeline:Is the campaign about to start? 3rd party providers can speed up processIt can take months to put together a clear mobile app that displays all the information correctlyDoes your team have the time to update the app in detail every few months?Is it a one-time event app or will it be year-round?Scalability:
  • Mobile Applications for Fundraising

    1. 1. + Mobile Applications for Fundraising A presentation by: Kelsey Hamill October 29th, 2013
    2. 2. + What is Mobile? What is a Mobile Application? Mobile Application (App): is a program downloaded from the iTunes Store or Google Play onto a mobile device, smartphone or tablet. The program is then accessed through the device. Fundraising Purposes: Track fundraising totals Access device contact list Post to Social Sites Upload photos taken from the device
    3. 3. + “Why mobile matters for nonprofit fundraising” Published by: Socialbrite, June 11, 2013 Claire Kerr – Director of Digital Philanthropy Interactive Artez  Mobile Web & Mobile App use has led to more money raised  80/20 Rule – 20% of participants raise 80% of the funds  Push notifications – engage participants and donors  Integration of mobile tools – use email, apps, and offline asks  Encourage participants to engage friends and family  Donors trust those closest to them for advice on charity
    4. 4. + Mobile Matters: The impact of mobile technology on peerdriven fundraising campaigns Published by: Artez Interactive, April 2013  Information available without internet/data connection  Optimization: larger buttons, more direct call-to-actions  Average funds raised with both web & mobile 3X non-mobile  123% number of donations increase using 2 mobile tools  Know your participants  Times of day of most use – while commuting, at home
    5. 5. + “Fundraising Via Mobile Apps Can Still Be A Challenge” Published by: The NonProfit Times, April 1, 2013 Elizabeth Pope – Senior Researcher Idealware  iOS Apps prevent charitable donations on platform  Apple takes 30% on merchandise or other payments made  Unique coding required for Apple, Android, Blackberry, etc.  A mobile app for each platform costs approximately $30,000 Apps FOR Nonprofits  Donor management apps  Payment processing
    6. 6. + Google’s One Today Donate $1 at a time Targets specific projects Notifications based on donor history Monthly project donations
    7. 7. + Charity Miles – US Run, walk or bike to raise funds Corporate sponsors donate: 10¢/mile for bikers 25¢/mile for walkers and runners Few charities involved
    8. 8. + iKiva for Allows donor to monitor & find loans Links to website to donate Waived PayPal fees
    9. 9. + Software offering Mobile Apps Be prepared for Mobile App Software Are you mobile ready? Do you have a website? Social media presence? Take online donations? Keep up-to-date content? Create photos, videos, stories? The Raiser’s Edge Apps FOR Nonprofit Professionals Opportunities for Apps: Thanking donors Monitoring donors while travelling
    10. 10. + Build vs. Buy?  Resources  Artez Interactive Timeline   Campaign launch deadline  Staff  Updating purposes  Return on Investment  Continuous or temporary   Budget Updates to software Customization  Scalability  Branding  Long term plans  Specific donor needs  Need for multiple applications or landing pages
    11. 11. + Mobile apps the way forward? Pros Cons  Push notifications  Resources  Used on personal devices  Protecting sensitive information  Event updates  Management of system  Marketing purposes  Specific demographic  Target Gen Y & Millennials
    12. 12. + Discussion Questions 1. Would you consider proposing a mobile application to acquire donations for a fundraising campaign? Which type of campaign? 2. What type of charity or nonprofit would be suited to support the software? 3. What other mobile applications could you use for the charitable sector? 4. Would you consider donating or monitoring donations through a free mobile application?
    13. 13. + Thank you for your involvement!
    14. 14. + Sources             Apple. (2013, September 13). Charity Miles. Retrieved October 19, 2013, from iTunes Preview: Apple. (2012, August 15). iKiva for Retrieved October 20, 2013, from iTunes Preview: fundraisingIP. (2013, August 6). Should your Non-profit Have a Mobile App? Retrieved October 18, 2013, from fundraisingIP: Google. (2013). One Today for Nonprofits. Retrieved October 15, 2013, from Google: Hubspot. (2013, September 4). Google Rolls Out New Way for Nonprofits to Collect Donations. Retrieved October 15, 2013, from Hubspot: iNotForProfit. (2013, September 5). Is your charity ready for a mobile app? Retrieved October 15, 2013, from iNotForProfit: iNotForProfit. (2013, September 1). While you're changing the world we're changing technology for you. Retrieved October 15, 2013, from iNotForProfit: Kerr, C. (2011, April 20). The A to Z of Mobile Fundraising. Retrieved October 16, 2013, from SlideShare: Kerr, C. (2013, June 11). The impact of mobile on peer-to-peer fundraising. Retrieved October 10, 2013, from Socialbrite: O'Dell, J. (2013, August 10). Google launches charity app to funnel $1 at a time towards good causes. Retrieved October 12, 2013, from VentureBeat: Pope, E. (2013, April 1). Fundraising Via Mobile Apps Can Still Be A Challenge. Retrieved October 11, 2013, from The Nonprofit Times: Wu, F. (2013, September 1). How Nonprofits and Charities Can Build One Mobile App That Works On All Platforms. Retrieved October 15, 2013, from techsoup Canada: