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  • 1. Kelsey Wheeler.M Ma ag ga az zI In ne eR Re es se ea ar rc ch h Research and analysis four front covers, contents pages and double page spreads.
  • 2. ‘Free’ advertisement are Mast Head line is shown within the whole written in a big bold magazine. font to catch the readers eye. Latest music and must have Text relates to main image. lists inside. This makes the This will be featured reader want to buy the throughout the magazine, magazine as they want to be until the double page spread up to date with all the latest story is shown. songs. Shock stories! Engages the audience to read Majority of the text is in more. Also the drop quote the left thirds of the shows the tone of the cover, this is a stereo interview. typical feature. The magazine itself is of a ‘Pop’ genre. You can tell this by the colours and by the cover stories shown on Celebrities are used to the cover, as if it was a make the audience want rock genre magazine it to read about their lives would have a darker colour therefore more people scheme. Also it’s target will buy their magazine, audience is aimed at more so than others. majority of the teenage population, mainly girls as by the main image chosen Advice. most girls aspire to be Katy ‘Greatest” Perry but also the male population as they adore her. Colour scheme of white black and pink. Also The price of the magazine is shown by the date thepink colour used issue, £1.75 is the price of this particular issue. matches the same shade This is relatively cheap for a music magazine, of pink in Katy Perry’s this is because its target audience is for working clothing. class/average people, and the quality of the Date of Issue number this will also be shown on a number magazine isn’t of the highest.Front cover-Blender of pages to show that the magazine is up to date with everything.
  • 3. The typography used for this title will be shown throughout the The pages title has been magazine as it matches the written in a different font typography on the front to the usual weekly cover, this is a form of magazine as this synergy particular magazine is featuring Katy Perry more so than other artists. Main image is very different to others. Supposed to interest the readers as to why it is show differently. The Not all of the pages way the image is have been represented is relating mentioned, only the to ‘Katy Perry’s’ top four stories, to personality as she is a make the reader very independent want to look through person. the whole magazine. Date of the issue is shown here in a thinner font as it is Web address is not to be confused with the represented on ‘Features’ heading, which is nearly every page shown with the similar font to within the magazine the mast head of the as it is a form of magazine keeping with the advertisement. colour scheme. Page number and issue number is Direct quote from an shown here in a little interview, making the sized font as the reader want to continue editors of the reading through the magazine do not think magazine to find the it should take any interview itself.. attention away from the main image.Contents page- Blender
  • 4. Web address is shown on every pageas an additional advertisement to gain Unusual how the text more readers.. goes of the page, this Typography used is This image connotes that Katy Perry continued throughout relates to the is an unusual individual the magazine itself. main image on Direct quote (2) the front page. Featuring Katy Perry. The image denotes of Katy Perry showing her more ‘tougher’ side which connotes that she is showing The text is laid that she is not a out as stereotypical newspaper ‘girly girl’ by article as the having her fists magazine is clenched into a doing an ball high up interview with shows that sheKaty Perry. The is ready to amount of text stand her that has been ground and willshowed, shows not be a push us that the over like othermagazine have stars, also it a high connotes that expectation of she is ready tothe reader. This fight until she also shows us gets what she that the wants.magazine is for more mature people The colour scheme of black, white, blue and pink has been used Directors quotes are usually represented on the bottom of the article or on the consistently throughout contents page, but this particular article has two, this is to engage the readers the magazine.Double page spread- Blender making them want to read on more so.
  • 5. •Date •Issue number The masthead is •Web address written in a distinctive font to catch the readers eye line and is in the The price of the same blue tone as magazine is also stated the rest of the here as £2 the price magazine matching range for music the colour scheme. magazines are roughly around this price due to the quality of the materials used. The text here is shown of the left third of the cover, therefore being Pug has been used in its stereo typical here to catch the position as majority of target audiences eye. magazines are laid out The fact that it is in one on top of the black and white and other therefore only doesn’t look ‘classy’ seeing the left hand would relate to the third of the magazine. image of Amy Winehouse as most people see her as a Shock story very independent relates to main individual. image. Main image a mid close up Colour scheme is shown Featuring Amy Winehouse.through the front cover and This feature engages us to read is shown consistently on this also relates to the shock throughout the magazine story line. Barcode is in its The genre of this magazine is not clearly shown instereotypical placement ways, for example the main image of Amy on the cover at the Winehouse, her music in particular is in betweenbottom in either corner. jazz styled and pop music but the colours used Front cover-Rolling stones such as the black and white pug suggests its aimed at ‘grunge’ ‘dark’ ‘rock/pop’ audiences as well.
  • 6. Colour scheme is shown through the front cover and featured The typography that throughout the has been is shown magazine to show consistently a form consistent throughout the of synergy magazine as a form of synergy. List of contents and numbered pages are presented in the middle of the page as this ia a stereotypical Numbers have been convention. placed on the images here to indicate the location of the articles in the magazine as well as the list of contents itself. The columns of text down here are not part of the list of contents but it shows a list of events happening and what is happening on the website online. Almost a type of The main image is The main cover story that advertisement/notification to shown below the list of links to the front cover keep the audience up to date. contents larger than the featuring Amy WInehouse. others to make it stand out against the others as it is listed in the ‘MUSIC’ column there Web address bottom right is a interview featuring corner. Again this is shown the stars. throughout the magazine as it is a form of advertisments and also gains more readers from their onlineContents page- Rolling stones blogs.
  • 7. The coloured lines around the double page On the contents page it states which page this double page spread spread itself bring back the blue in the original story is but unusually the pages themselves do not have any numbering colour scheme and it also doesn’t make the on them to indicate which page the reader is on as you can see below double page spread look dull, and also the colours there is a small marking in the corner of each page but it actually just used contrast with each other in such a way that has the initials ‘R.S’ standing for RollingStones. as the reader you can not help but look. The text colour used here was featured on This image is the the cover but has main image making been used here to the double pagecontrast with the black spread condensed and white layout and onto one page, image to catch the which is unusual as readers attention as a stereotypical the typography is of convention of a such a large size, double page spread leading to a smaller is to have a variety and thinner font style of images spreadin the same colour, to out across the then showing the pages and have the actual article is its text split up so it is professional layout. usually easier for the audience to read.To begin the text there is a ‘Drop cap’ which is astereotypical conventionfor columns of texts like this as it catches the readers attention.Editors note, opinion Text has been laid out as a newspaper The image itself has a double meaning, for example as theon the story, actually article, to show the importance of the story, article is about how Amy has changed as a person the factends with a rhetorical The amount of text that has been showed, that she has her back to the text within the imagequestion leaving the shows us that the magazine have a high connotes that she is ashamed of her life story and wantsreaders still engaged expectation of the reader. This also shows us to change. The image also denotes her walking into thewith the story. that the magazine is for more mature people shadows with her head down, connoting that she is going to the ‘dark side’ within life and she has given up on all hope.Double page spread- Rolling stones
  • 8. Masthead is written in lower Strip line-includes buzz words making case and appears to look more readers want to purchase the magazine informal than others giving the more so than others as it makes the impression that it is not as posh magazine seem more interesting and more as it has been represented. appealing. •Barcode By having majority of the text down •Price the right hand side is unusual as normally the text is on the first third •Website (left hand side) due to the fact that •Date and issue number magazines are usually stacked on top of each other, the reason as to why These are all put together closely in the the text is on the left so that if they bottom right hand corner as these types are piled up you can read the main of magazines layout their magazines to parts of the story without having to have the less important and eye catching pick up the magazine itself. conventions at the bottom, as most companies believe that the audience readers from top to bottom so if they loose interest throughout the page they have got all the more important The big writing in the middle stating information out there. ‘Dance Act’ would suggest that the genre of this magazine is more of a pop/dance style rather than a Rock/Indi genre. The Typography itself for the “A” as it is italic it makesThis particular magazine cover so happens to be a the A’s look like a road in such a waymonthly limited edition. Usually there font covers connoting a road to holly wood. As it would be very different and more outrageously states ‘Who is the greatest…’ making colored and laid out where as this one has been the readers want to read on. made to look more ‘classy’ Below I have inserted a few of the more regular covers. The colour scheme of black, white and gold, makes the magazine look more expensive, hence why customers don’t mind paying £4.20. This is priced higher than usual as it is a limited edition and the quality is very good and is of a high standard forFront cover-Mixmag presentation.
  • 9. There is insert of a small version of the front cover, this is showing theThe different fonts used have been shown design synergy between the pages therefore explaining the differenceconsistently to show the contrast between between the two shown through the fonts, layout and the style of The color scheme is still used the colours used and the different tones images that have been used. throughout the magazine this is a shown within the magazine. form of synergy besides the images. Name of the magazine/logo is represented on The images shown the left hand in the bottom third of the right hand corner pages all have numbers reinforcing the on them as an media indication of ownership. where they are in the magazine itself. This is a popular convention as the readers will recognize well ‘Free CD’ known stars and advertisments want to continue on every reading the pages. Usually magazine to find advertisements out more. like this would be represented on the front page and this would have been a form of synergy. List of contents and page numbers on both pages. This is a stereo typical convention for every magazine, but is a very popular way of indicating where the images used are featured in the magazine itself.Contents page- Mixmag
  • 10. Logo of the magazine is The different fonts used have been shown consistently to The color scheme is still used throughout the shown on every contrast with the colours used within the text. magazine besides the images.article to representmedia ownership. Columns of text never cross the centre line. White Directors text is used to quote is used contrast against the to engage the black background. readers about These colours have what is been used included within throughout the the article. whole magazine but more so on articles like this to get the readers attention. To begin the text there is a ‘Drop cap’ which is a stereotypical Also the drop quote convention for that is shown is a columns of texts random position like this as it shows the tone of the catches the interview. I believe itreaders attention. has been placed here as the reader will be attracted to them main image before They have used they begin to read a small image therefore they willthat relates to the know a bit about the article as it story.makes the article easier to readwith more visual aids. The small bursts of lights here could be a form of synergy from the image in the bottom left hand corner from the coloured lights of the sound board surrounded by a huge crowd, being used, which connotes that the band the article is about is very popular.Double Page spread-Mixmag
  • 11. Colour scheme is shown through the front cover andthe magazine itself and also Sky lines are shown usually on the the companies top of a magazine to engage the website.(Synergy) readers with a shock story. Most magazines the strap lines are shown in the colour scheme that is shown throughout the magazine itself. Pugs are featured on thefront covers of magazine togain the audiences attention The masthead denotes broken up capitals for the name of the magazine and connotes loud music shattering glass or even a strong emotion of List of certain contents with images anger.that look like they have been printedoff and stuck on afterwards similar to a pug but are known as polaroid which are shown down here to give Text relates to main image. This will the readers an idea of what is in the be featured throughout the magazine before purchasing it. magazine, until the double page spread story is shown. The cover of the magazine instantly shows us in a range of techniques which genre it is. By the colours and typography used, the celebrities and bands shown and also the use of •Barcodecolours shows us that this magazine is •Date not the pop/dance genre but is a •Issue number rock/heavy metal genre. •Web address ‘Plugs’ have been used here instead of a ‘pug’ to show other stories The price of the magazine is also stated featured in the here at £1.95 as the magazine is not of magazine. a high quality and the target audience is of a lower class standard with an average wage.Front cover-Kerrang
  • 12. The main image denotes the person singing passionately and heavily into the microphone therefore connoting that it is to do with rock music which is also suggested by the way he is represented throughout his choice of clothing and tattoos.The masthead is featured on the contents page in the same font style as this represents their Issue number and date of thecompany and many people would recognize this magazine is again repeated logo/font. throughout the magazine in the same font style and size. List of contents and page numbers is a stereotypical Again the same colours scheme has convention for magazines and this been kept throughout the magazine as layout is very popular due to the a form of synergy. Readers will also way you can locate stories recognize the magazine through the through the images. title and the colours. Website address is shown on nearly every page in the Numbers have been placed on the magazine as it a form of images here to indicate the location of advertisments in a way to get the articles in the magazine as well as their readers to visit their web the list of contents itself. page. Editors note. These are usually shown on the contents pages of These advertisements are magazines, its just a little message shown throughout the from the editor normally thanking magazine offering deals about the readers and giving them subscription of the magazine information on up coming issues and great free gifts and ect. discounts you’ll be able to get.Contents page-Kerrang
  • 13. This double page spread unusually does not follow the colour scheme shown throughout the front cover and the contents page. This article has a strict colour scheme of black white and The same font style has been used throughout the red, this could be that the artists could have specifically asked for these colours, as from magazine so far, but within this particular double page research shown their latest album around this time the cover was black white and red, this is a spread the editor has used italics so show the form of cross media convergence as the discuss their album within the article. difference between the main body text. The images that have been used are of a close long shot and have been positioned in unusual positions but this makes the article more striking, as the readers will see the images more so than the text knowing they would recognize the artists wanting to read on more. These bubbles of texts are also known as ‘starbursts of text’ which highlights parts of the text so the audience canDouble page spread-Kerrang read parts and then want to read on. Again they have been kept to the colour scheme of black white and red. The article itself has been laid out as a question and answer format, this makes the article/interview seem easier for the readers to relate to the artists. This particular lay out is very popular within double page spreads.