Introducing Kelsey Van Haaster


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Introducing Kelsey Van Haaster

  1. 1. Kelsey van Haaster<br />Introducing <br />
  2. 2. Overview<br />9 years years’ IT experience, 5 years experience as a Business Analyst<br />Experience working on a variety of information systems, including;<br />mission critical enterprise applications <br />multi-user web based services <br />specialised desktop applications<br />Proven track record in successfully identifying and analysing stakeholder requirements<br />Academic and technical background in Software Engineering, and Computer Science Education<br />Award wining on-line content designer<br />Published author, highly accomplished facilitator and presenter<br />
  3. 3. Key Strengths<br />Expertise in stakeholder and relationship management<br />Technical and functional Requirements elicitation, analysis and documentation<br />UML and technical use case and requirements specification writing skills<br />Experience with a range of requirements engineering methodologies, including Agile and RUP<br />Technical background in software design and development <br />Advanced research and reporting skills<br />Advanced written and verbal communication skills<br />Accomplished and confident public speaker and presenter<br />
  4. 4. Career History 1<br />Feb 2010 – present: Senior Consultant (Business Analyst) Oakton Services Ltd<br />Oakton Services Ltd is a Professional Services organisation, providing services across the full IT spectrum<br />Key Responsibilities<br />The provision of Business Analysis services to a range of clients across a variety of industries and domains<br />Leadership and management of the project requirements phase<br />Requirements Analysis and documentation according to client requirements and standards<br />Stakeholder engagement, workshop facilitation<br />
  5. 5. Career History 2<br />May 2007 – January 2010: Business Analyst – QSR International<br />QSR International is the developer of NVivo a leading Qualitative Data Analysis Package, used for the analysis of unstructured data. <br />Key Responsibilities<br />The facilitation of JAD (Joint Application Design) sessions to elicit and identify stakeholder requirements. Conducting domain research, user interviews, surveys and workshops with subject matter experts and users <br />The facilitation of use case design workshops to further explore and prioritise stakeholder requirements in terms of their contribution to the usability and suitability of the software<br />The development, maintenance and version management of formal User Requirements Specification documents<br />The development and maintenance of formal Use Case documents and diagrams <br />Provision of support and clarification to the testing and development teams.<br />Identification of issues and risks, escalating these as appropriate <br />Maintain a detailed level of domain and product knowledge<br />The provision of second level customer support<br />
  6. 6. Career History 3<br />February 2005 – Feb 2007: Business Analyst/Project Coordinator – Monash University – Flexible Learning and Teaching Program<br />Monash University Studies On-line is a web based Learning Management System based on the Blackboard Learning Management System. This product delivers always available on-line teaching, learning and assessment for more than 70,000 staff and students across the globe. MUSO is integrated with other University systems via MUSO Manager, a middleware application, connecting a number of enterprise systems via the University’s My Monash, staff and student portal. <br />Key Responsibilities<br />Project planning and documentation, including Business Case development<br />Stakeholder management, communication and documentation<br />The provision of support to the Project Manager, in terms of setting direction and priorities.<br />Drafting policy and procedures for the MUSO service for review and approval by management, examples include, Change Management, Student Access and Public Access<br />Business analysis, elicitation, identification and documentation of requirements and the management of requirements documents <br />User Acceptance Testing, design and implementation<br />
  7. 7. Professional Development<br />Professional Development, Training and Certification <br />June 2009: Mastering the Requirements Process (part 2)<br />June 2008: Mastering the Requirements Process (part 1)<br />June 2006: Thomsett Business Systems Analysis – Extended Techniques<br />April 2005: ITIL Service Management Essentials<br />June 2005: Thomsett Business Systems Analysis – Essential Techniques <br />Feb 2004: Thomsett: Project Management – Essential Techniques<br />Professional Memberships<br />IIBA – International Institute of Business Analysts<br />
  8. 8. Education and Publications<br />Education <br />Monash University 2004 - Graduate Certificate in Higher Education <br />Monash University 2003 - Bachelor of Computing Honours (First Class) <br />Monash University 2000 - Bachelor of Computing (Information Systems)<br />Publications<br />Van Haaster K - Providing opportunities to demonstrate mastery rather than memory : testing programming skills in a programming environment (2003) Published by Uniserve Science<br />van Haaster K & Hagan D  Teaching and Learning with BlueJ: an evaluation of a pedagogical tool : published in The Journal of Issues in Informing Science Volume 1.2004<br />Cutts Q. , Carbone A. Van Haaster K.  Using an electronic voting system to promote active reflection on coursework feedback  (2004) Published in the proceedings of the 4thInternational Conference on Computers in Education, Melbourne Australia 30th November – 3rd December 2004<br />Van Haaster K. & Shimmins M  Collaborating on Collaboration (2006) published at the 12th Australasian World Wide Web Conference<br />