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Nmdl presentation

  1. 1. Photo credit: http://www.ae.comAn American Eagle Outfitters Digital Marketing Strategy.By: Kelsey SilerLIVE LUXE
  2. 2. TARGET MARKET Female college students  Ages 18-25  On a budget  Trendy, but smart  Want to be in style Photo Credit: http://www.eduguide.org/library/vie warticle/2049  Like to go to bars/parties  Have to have the latest technology Photo Credit: http://www.ae.com/web/guides/dressg uide.jsp?catId=cat5900037
  3. 3. KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS Increase in purchases of party outfits  Measure as units sold  Total number of units sold per year, with returned items subtracted from that total Increase awareness of product  Measure by number of clicks on Google Adwords Gain followers on Instagram Move up leaderboard on Socialcam
  4. 4. THE BIG IDEA: LIVE LUXE Female college students want to look cute, but not spend a ton of money  Using social media to market to college students Girls in cute party Photo Credits: http://www.ae.com outfits, having fun with no worries on their minds
  5. 5. INSTAGRAM Photo Credit: http://weheartit.com/entry/24673663 User takes photos on Smartphone Can upload to Instagram or other social networking sites Ask target to upload pictures in our clothing Photo Credit: http://articles.latimes.com/2012/apr/09/business/la-fi-tn-  Tag our company in breaking-facebook-buying-instagram-for-1-billion-in-cash-and-stock- 20120409
  6. 6. SOCIALCAM  User records short videos on Smartphone  Can be shared with social media sites Used in conjunction withPhoto Credit^http://reviews.cnet.com our Twitter and Facebook/8301-19512_7-57427678-233/socialcam-vs-viddy- profileson-ios/  Upload and tag us on Photo Credit: Facebook or Twitter http://www.mactrast.com/2011/03/socialcam-a- new-iphone-app-to-share-videos-with-friends/
  7. 7. PUTTING IT TOGETHER Competitions with different themes  Examples: Christmas party outfits, best friends photos/videos, wedding photos, summer night videos, etc… User will upload pictures and videos in our clothing Offer coupons and gift cards a as rewards Both are applications on Smartphones Photo Credit: http://web.stagram.com/n/americaneagle/
  8. 8. GOOGLE ADWORDS Use Google  Keywords will include:  Going out shirts Adwords to draw  Party outfits customers to our  Party clothes website  Holiday party dresses  Birthday dresses  Party shirts  Dark skinny jeans  Dark jeggings  Going out skirts  Sequin shirts  Party heelsPhoto Credits: http://www.ae.com  Colored Jeans
  9. 9. BUDGET Includes cost of planning, implementation, media involved and all other aspects $250 per hour 150 hours per month $35,000 per month  Willdecrease after initial planning & implementation Photo Credits: http://www.thesocialbureau.com/blog/frontpage/and-if- 2012-was-the-year-of-start-ups-acquisitions-autodesk- buys-socialcam/ : http://7dias7noches.net/blog/twitter- tambien-queria-comprar-a-instagram.html/instagram- logo-2 : http://find.mapmuse.com/brand/american- eagle
  10. 10. SUMMARY American Eagle has primarily been known for comfortable clothing Plan to market party clothing and nicer outfits to college students Target audience already trusts AEO’s expertise elsewhere Using Social Media sites and Google Adwords to draw in