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Proof of planning

  1. 1. Spring Fling Kelsey Hyde
  2. 2. In total we had tenstoryboards of keyshots needed in thefilm. Each oneaccompanied by briefnotes of the summaryof the shot to helpwith any pointers whenfilming.
  3. 3. Slide 1 showed the opening clipstarting with an extreme close up ofAmelia lying on the bed with a facemask on. This slowly zooms out toshow more background of her room,giving an idea of setting.A cutaway shot shows her alarmcounting down and going off, towhich she suddenly jumps up.
  4. 4. A close up shot of Amelia puttingher slippers on is shown next. Thisshot was planned to be of a lowheight and level angle in order tofocus on the action of putting theslippers on.The main character then goes to thebathroom where she splashes herface with water, before quicklylooking up, providing a match-on-action shot.
  5. 5. After the match-on-action shot,there is a low angle straight- onshot of Amelia running down thestairs with the camera recordingthrough the banister.A medium shot of the firstcharacter, Mallery is shown walkingtowards the house where the sceneis set
  6. 6. This shot is instantly switched tothe image of Ruby walking throughthe garden gate, closer to Amelia’shouse.This switches to Elena walking upthe path, and so on and so forth,until all girls reach the doorbell ofthe house.
  7. 7. Another extreme close up is shownof each of the four girls fingerspressing the doorbell. To showdifferentiation of the characters,we had each of them have adifferent colour or pattern nailvarnish.All the girls are welcomed in and inturn they hug and greet Ameliabefore running up the stairs. Thesame shot is used for when Ameliacame down the stairs.
  8. 8. Match-on-action is used in this nextclip where the girls enter thebedroom with a view from the back,suddenly switching to a view ofthem walking through the door.In the end, this was carried outtwice as there were too manypeople to be able to make a fastand effective match-on-action inone go.
  9. 9. A further match-on-action is usedwhen Amelia opens her wardrobedoors. The camera is suddenlyviewed from inside the wardrobe tocreate this shot.Amelia then changes into the dressshe takes out. With a camera setclose to the ground, she first dropsher skirt down before pulling up thenew dress.
  10. 10. The following shots are of extremeclose ups of the girls doing theirmake up and collecting theirpossessions ready to go. This isstarted by Mallery applyingmascara, switched to Ruby curlingher hair and then to Emilee applyinglipstick.This last shot is also a match-on-action as she is first seen putting iton in a larger mirror which instantlyswitches to a smaller compact onein the opposite direction.
  11. 11. The main character, Amelia walksback into the bedroom, showing theother characters her outfit. This isall done in one long shot to show allthe characters in the frame, whilstalso ensuring there is enough detailfor expressions to be seen.
  12. 12. This last slide presents the endingof the opening scene to this film.After the girls pick up their make upand bags, they pose briefly for aphotograph before laughing andheading off.
  13. 13. Slides 5-7 show the arrival of thecharacters, through to Amelia gettingchanged into her dress.
  14. 14. Storyboards 8, 9 and10 show the close upsof the girls gettingready and thephotograph beingtaken at the end,before the titleappears.
  15. 15. The production list contains all thepractical materials and propsneeded for the filming to takeplace.We found we didn’t need to bring agreat deal of props with us, as muchof the basic items were alreadyavailable at Milly’s house.
  16. 16. The shot list contains the variety ofshots that were planned to be usedin the film.Indeed many of these shots wereused in our film, although not all asplanned e.g. the two-way shot andpoint of view shots. The shots wewere able to include weredistributed throughout the film.
  17. 17. The treatment is a paragraph ofwriting explaining what ishappening in and around the scene.Our treatment sums up the contentof the short clip: A teenage girlinvites a few friends around to getready for a night out. The friendsget ready by getting changed andputting on their make up beforeposing for a photograph and leavingfor their party.
  18. 18. This camera plan shows the designof where the cameras wereintended to be arranged in thesetting. Factors such as furniture,props and the cast had to beconsidered in each setting. Weidentified the key areas in the roomwhere they would be the mosteffective at capturing the content.These placements allowed us toinclude match-on-action from thedoor, as well as having a wide rangeof area to cover in the room.
  19. 19. This plan shows the camera set outplan for the bathroom clips. Thefirst camera was placed in order toget a side- on shot of Ameliawashing her face, whilst the secondcamera enabled us to do the match-on-action through the mirror.
  20. 20. This final rough camera plan showsthe outside setting of the housewhere the actresses would approachthe house.The first camera position wouldhave been facing right, in order tocaptured Mallery and Ruby walkingtowards the house, and the secondcamera would have filmed the othertwo. The third camera was there forthe recording of the doorbell clips.