What the heck is spirituality?


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As part of a class project, I started a blog about personal health and happiness. As my final blog post for the semester, I decided to discuss spirituality, a word often thrown around in these fields. Check out this slideshare presentation for my look at spirituality and what the heck it means and, for more information, check out my blog at www.halfbakedhealth.wordpress.com

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What the heck is spirituality?

  1. 1. According to Wikipedia,“The term spirituality lacks a definitivedefinition, although social scientists havedefined spirituality as the search for ‘thesacred,’ where ‘the sacred’ is broadlydefined as that which is set apart fromthe ordinary and worthy of veneration.”
  2. 2. According to other popular sources:
  3. 3. Being dedicated to God, religion or otherspiritual things or values (TheFreeDictionary.com)A distinctive approach to religion orprayer (TheFreeDictionary.com)
  4. 4. Concern for that which is unseen andintangible (Wiktionary)Having to do with deep, often religious,feelings including a person’s sense ofpeace , purpose and connection toothers (National Institutes of Health)
  5. 5. Beliefs about the meaning of life (NationalInstitutes of Health)&(Word cloud of key terms from Spirituality for Dummies)
  6. 6. (Google images:)
  7. 7. Meditation PrayerHome ChurchEvolving HistoricalPractice FaithMind, Body & SoulWhile spirituality and religion often overlap, a person mayconsider themselves spiritual but not religious, and vice versa.
  8. 8. Spirituality, for many, has to do with:(Debra Moorhead)
  9. 9. Favorites:The grand and thoughtful passions oflife and a life lived in accordance withthose grand thoughts and passions(Spirituality for the Skeptic)To be actively engaged in trying toclarify one’s basic values and strategiesfor pursuing them (HuffPost commenter, Ludwig)
  10. 10. For me, I believe in the impossible. Thatchange, even at a mass level, only comesfrom the inside of each individual. Thatif each person tries to remain physicallyhealthy, emotionally healthy, mentallyhealthy, and spiritually healthy, then thecountry itself will rise to new heightsnever seen before in the civilization ofman. (10 Commandments of the American Religion)
  11. 11. In my search to define spirituality, I came up with many answers, each alittle different from the last. Ultimately, I found that spirituality is up tothe practitioner. Despite my desire to end up with a more definitiveanswer for you guys, I feel like I was only able to start my journey towardsdefining spirituality, and what it means to me. And maybe that’s the bestanswer, the underlying message behind Half Baked Health, thatspirituality and other paths towards health and happiness are roughestimates, waiting for your interpretation.-Kelsey Franklin