Evaluation Of Music Magazine


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Evaluation Of Music Magazine

  1. 1. Evaluation of music magazine By Kelsea
  2. 2. Introduction <ul><li>As part of my preliminary task I was asked to produce a music magazine consisting of a front cover, contents page and double page spread. We had to follow the codes and conventions of a realistic magazine but also use the codes and conventions of a specific genre (in my case the pop genre) we were using too, which would only enhance the realism of the magazine. </li></ul><ul><li>My magazine is called POPPIN, and basically I wanted to create a music magazine not only for the music but to also make it a way for the audience to enjoy other aspects of the magazine for example fashion as well as many other aspects. </li></ul><ul><li>My chosen genre is pop as this very popular at this current time. This type of genre would appeal to young teenagers as this is what they listen to, this is typically what teenage girls listen to. I have chosen to specifically target a certain target audience- teenage girls, as it is easier to relate to them being that I am a teenage girl as well. Through the use of coverlines and images this immediately identifies the intended target audience. I've decided to keep it realistic so i have mentioned famous artists on my cover. </li></ul>
  3. 3. Examples of a front covers
  4. 4. Front cover
  5. 5. Examples of a contents page
  6. 6. Contents page
  7. 7. Examples of a double page spread
  8. 8. Double page spread
  9. 9. Codes and conventions from my magazine Left third: left thirds usually have giveaways I have followed this convention by giving them a free poster Top/bottom strip: these are very important as they give additional information to lure the audience in. I use the fact that girls would be interested in horoscopes, puzzles and the chance to see Sugababes to attract or appeal to my target audience. These are other photos I have used. I have challenged this convention as I have added an effect to it not normally done with professional magazines
  10. 10. Coverlines: these coverlines are ones that will attract the target audience as it is something they are interested in. girls would most definitely be into the 37 style statements because the majority of teenage girls are into fashion. Main image: this main image portrays how teenage girls are like in society compared to other magazines where they have a false identity of a girl. The lollipop in her mouth emphasises youth, which is the main concept I want to create from my magazine Barcode and pricing found on a music magazine for purchasing reasons.
  11. 11. Codes and conventions from my contents page Masthead: the masthead is the same as the one on the front cover and is positioned in the same place. Automatically we know that this is linked to my front cover. Layout: just like other magazines, the contents page has a particular layout. My layout is to have different sections and each section is split up into fashion and fun. I’ve used purple for the coverlines, and yellow for the additional information. This makes it easier to follow, and readers can easily find what section to read. Other pictures to make the contents page look more realistic.
  12. 12. Codes and conventions from my double page spread Page numbers: page number make my article look realistic and professional Masthead: the font for my masthead is very creative and shows that this magazine can have a creative side to, also I want candy is play on words emphasise the fact that we want CANDY GiRL. Layout: the layout is like a normal double page spread, which is set in columns, with box outs. Pictures are usually included of a double page spread article, again I have the same to make it look more realistic.
  13. 13. Before and after There are huge differences in my before and after of my previous work for my music magazine poppin. Although I have kept the top and bottom strip the same and the giveaway sign I have made a lot of improvements. I didn’t use the codes and conventions like pricing whereas now I have included that. I've got more text and used up the space wisely.
  14. 14. The only thing I have kept the same it the masthead but apart from that I have changed the whole layout. I have included more pictures to make it look more realistic. Before I only used one colour and one font. Now I have used a whole range of colours and fonts so that certain text stands out more than others. This is again so that it looks like a professional magazine and follows all the codes and conventions .
  15. 15. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? <ul><li>my magazine in some ways challenges the codes and conventions of a pop magazine. For example many pop genre magazines have a left third which is used to help to sell the magazine, as this is how magazines are positioned on a shelf. I on the other hand don’t have a left third because of the way my picture is positioned however I have a lure which compensates for not having a left third. The lure is big and stands out attracting the target audience. Also what else I have included in my left third is the “exclusive interview” over the photo to lure the audience into reading the magazine. </li></ul>The left third is used as a way to entice the audience into buying the magazine. This is a clever technique to target the audience and get them to purchase the magazine
  16. 16. <ul><li>Another way in which my magazine challenges normal media products is that my I have a big blocked box underneath my masthead. Many other magazines don’t use a big box underneath the masthead usually they have a thick outline in order to make the masthead stand out from the rest of the magazine. I have used this approach as I feel that this will stand out more than just having an outline. The box uses a bright colour ensuring that it will catch the eye of the reader so that they will buy the magazine. One magazine that uses the outlines is top of the pops. </li></ul>The outline helps make this masthead for top of the pops stands out from a magazine which would be busy however my approach still has the same effect as it will help attract the target audience. I have also kept to the house style so it is easily recognisable.
  17. 17. <ul><li>my magazine uses the codes and conventions of a pop magazine for example I have used a top and bottom strip. I decided that this was very important as I could use this as a way of displaying extra information which in the end will help entice them therefore making it more likely for them to buy the magazine. </li></ul>Here girls can win a chance to see Sugababes a well known pop group, which ties in with the whole pop genre. The bottom strip however shows what else is included in the magazine such as horoscopes, lyrics (linked to the music). This would appeal to teenage girls as this something they are interested in, and certainly be something they would like to read or get to know. The magazine would most definitely offer this to its readers. The masthead is visible and stands out from the busy page. I used www.dafont.com for my chosen font. The font is yellow which although it doesn’t seem to be a feminine colour it works well with the purple which is classed as a feminine colour. The font is very simple yet looks effective on the page and more importantly it can be seen from a distance. The masthead poppin straight away suggests it’s a pop magazine and the use of slang would appeal to the target audience, and hint that it is aimed at teenagers.
  18. 18. <ul><li>Many magazines use issue dates and pricing as a way of identifying that it is a magazine. They also use barcodes which is part of the purchasing process. </li></ul>pricing pricing barcode What they also do is use different colours for the coverlines, as this emphasises the different topics. I have done exactly the same however I have used less coverlines, this is because I only wanted certain information used for my coverlines, these certain information is something I know my target audience would like to see or be interested in therefore allowing them the chance to read what they like. Coverlines are used on the right hand side to appeal to its target audience. Many include using real life stories as a way of showing that they understand the concerns of teenage girls, and many other coverlines are about fashion. It is the idea that this is what girls are into which helps to sell the magazine. Here is an example where they use fashion as a way to lure their target audience, I have tried to use the same technique but added it to my coverlines.
  19. 19. <ul><li>I have also used the same codes and conventions for my contents page. Many music magazines use the same font or something similar in their contents page to show that it is a contents page. I have also done the same this is an easier way to show that the contents and the front cover are linked. </li></ul>Although I have put on my contents page the name of the magazine I have used the same font and colour as what is on my cover as a way of indentifying that they are linked. I have challenged the conventions as mine is not as busy on the page as others. Despite this I have stuck to the colour scheme which is shown throughout the contents and front cover of my magazine so there is obviously a link between the two. It is common for the contents page to split up into different sections whether the reader realises it or not. This is very much what the layout is about. The most obvious sign of the layout is each coverline is put into sections. My sections are fun and fashion. This makes it easier for the reader to read the section they want to, and choose which one they want to read. The picture in the purple box emphasises its importance on the page, and its main features as it appears on the front cover too.
  20. 20. I have used the codes and conventions of a double page article. Firstly I have used the same layout as a normal magazine by having it in columns. Also double page articles use other pictures and block outs so that they stand out from the rest of the article. Here is my double page article against another double page article. In some ways my article is similar as they both use columns however I have challenged the codes and conventions because as you can see the magazine uses a big image and two other smaller images. I on the other hand use three smaller image. This is because I think that by using a three smaller images I'm not taking the focus away from the article.
  21. 21. <ul><li>My music magazine meets the needs of its target audience by giving them basically what they want and what they expect from a pop magazine. The social group for my magazine would be teenage girls ranging from the age of 13-16. Through my main image I want to represent how teenage girls are in today's society. My magazine is different as it doesn't misrepresent teenage girls instead the representation of girls is that they like to have a bit of fun but are intelligent and highly intellectual. My magazine is a clear representation of teenage girls in reality unlike other magazines. The main image is of a teenage girl with a lollipop in her mouth emphasises youth. My other images are of teenage girls who look “natural” instead of girls who are forced to look much older and mature than they actually are. Teenage girls will aspire to be like the girl in the main image for all the right reasons- not just because she is a pretty girl. Through the coverlines young teenage girls are represented as normal teenage girls who look to the magazine as a way of having fun, as this is what the magazine provides for girls. Teenage girls would aspire to be like the girl on the front of the cover and I think that this is the main attraction. </li></ul><ul><li>I have also tried to represent a particular social group by using a girl on the front cover who is the same age as the ones I am intending to target. The language is not too informal or formal and by using slang for my masthead is quite common for magazines aimed at teenagers. </li></ul>How does your media represent particular social groups? Missing a letter it would be “popping” however by dropping a letter I am targeting teenagers as slang is a way for teenagers to communicate with one another.
  22. 22. Who would be your target audience and why? <ul><li>My magazine aims more at teenage girls, which is my main target audience. This is because the whole concept of my magazine is to give what the audience want and expect from a pop magazine. Although my magazine is more aimed towards girls of the age 13-16, I don’t want to limit the target audience, I want a wide range of audience whether they are older than 16, but really this 13-16 is the age I am intending to aim for. It would only be girls that appeal to the whole content of the magazine for example there's “37 style statements.” It is through the contents which hints who the target audience is for example the shocking real life stories, is something that teenage girls would be into so this would without doubt appeal to them. I have chosen to aim at a specific gender which is females as I have more knowledge about what they like a dislike where as if I tried to appeal to men, I would know much about how to target them. Many music magazines are more male dominant so aiming solely at women brings a new gap in the market. </li></ul>Target audience: Teenage girls of the age 13-16 Who have an interest in pop music but also fashion too. Females.
  23. 23. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? <ul><li>The media institution that would distribute my magazine would be Bauer. The reason for this is because Bauer are well known for publishing magazines aimed at women for example they publish magazines such as Bella and take a break. Although magazines distributed are for older women those who are in their 40’s who have kids, I feel that my magazine can fill a gap in the market. Its not currently known whether the do distribute magazines for a younger target market however by distributing my magazine will fill that gap. Bauer plays a major role in women's lives and by distributing my magazine it will play and even bigger role in teenage girls lives and target a wider range of target audience. The niche audience would be teenage girls who have a particular interest in fashion and music which both have been combined in my magazine which makes it unique. </li></ul><ul><li>FACT FILE: </li></ul><ul><li>Bauer own 252 magazines in 15 different countries. </li></ul><ul><li>Bauer is the largest privately owned publisher in Europe, publishing in a wide range of countries, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and the UK. </li></ul><ul><li>Website: www.bauer.co.uk </li></ul>
  24. 24. Examples of magazines distributed by Bauer Bella was one of the first magazines that Bauer distributed. Bella has added more celebrity, fashion and aspirational lifestyle features, featuring celebrities every week. As well as providing fascinating real life stories, health, beauty, cookery, travel and stylish ideas for your home. This is a way for women to get their daily fix of gossip and fashion Take a break is one of the worlds number 1 true life weekly. It also includes puzzles and competitions as well as pages on relationships and health. This is more aimed at a more relaxed woman who like to take time out to do a quick puzzle.
  25. 25. How do you attract/address your audience <ul><li>I attracted my audience by using a cover picture that would stand out and grab your attention. The picture most definitely stands out and the main aim is to make them buy the magazine because of the attraction which is what I think I have done. </li></ul>It includes a gigantic poster which is obvious that girls would want especially if their a fan. It stands out from the black on the clothing, so it would immediately draw their attention to the lure. The style of clothing suggests that it relates to the pop genre and there is a hint of fashion which would naturally attract a teenage girl. The masthead is big and the yellow contrasts well with the purple therefore making it stand out more prompting the audience to attracted by it. The masthead also hints that it is a pop magazine again attracting those who like pop music. I also attracted the audience by making them believe they would miss out on the “exclusive interview” with CANDY GiRL.
  26. 26. <ul><li>The audience are addressed at the fact that the magazine only uses young female images which emphasises not only that it is aimed at young females but suggests a sense of dominance within the magazine. </li></ul>I also address them by using girls of the same age as the group I am targeting. This is to ensure that there is a mutual understanding between the creator of the magazine and the intended target audience. In a way it could be said that people are attracted to the colour scheme and the content of the magazine. I have tried to do this so that the audience have content that they can relate and feel that there is an understanding and also I have used bright colours such as purple and yellow, which are the most dominant colours which I have used for effect and I have not only used it on my front cover but also my contents page and double page spread article. My magazine is quite similar in its approach to attract its target audience. They use a girl in the front cover again to highlights it’s a girls magazine also the masthead is called teen which is self explanatory about who the target audience is. They also giveaway posters which is what I have done too to appeal to its audience.
  27. 27. Audience feedback What attracts you to this magazine? I asked 20 people what they thought attracted them most to the magazine. The results vary and it is quite clear that what most attracts people to my magazine is the layout. This also emphasises the fact that I can appeal to people in different ways.
  28. 28. What gender do you think my magazine is aimed more at? All the people I asked thought that the magazine was aimed more at females because of the colour scheme and the content which proves that I am targeting the majority of females which is my aim.
  29. 29. Which age group do you think my magazine is aimed at? Most of the people asked thought that this magazine was aimed more at teenagers than anything else. However from the results concludes that people also think that it is aimed at younger people as well.
  30. 30. Looking back at the preliminary task what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product <ul><li>I have learnt a lot from constructing my magazine. First of all we had to use blogger which is something new to me, but I learnt quickly how to use. I also had a lot of problems with using Indesign as it was very unfamiliar with me because I have never used it before. I gained a lot of knowledge from this and it was a real learning process. I also learnt how to represent different things through an image using a professional camera, for example the extreme close up used on my front cover represents someone who wants to tell the audience something. Many of my photos used for magazine have been edited on Photoshop, again I don’t know much about Photoshop but with a bit of help my photos looked really good in particular the photos with the border around it. I have learnt how to add photos onto Indesign, inserting text, creating effect on both your photos and text as well as many other things. Before I didn’t really have any idea to work both Photoshop and Indesign now I have a better understanding of both which has hep me progress throughout my work. </li></ul>
  31. 31. Here is the picture being edited on Photoshop to get the border effect. Here is the original image that has been edited so that you can only see the girl on the right. I have rotated the picture so that it fits in with the rest of the text.
  32. 32. <ul><li>I feel that now I have completed the task, I have learnt a lot which has helped me become more confident in the work I am doing. It is without doubt that I have gained more knowledge, and what knowledge I have learnt I have been able to develop into my product. What’s more important is that I can improve my ideas and put what I have on paper into production therefore making my initial ideas linked to the conventions of a music magazine. Furthermore I have a greater understanding of how my resulting product appeals to my target audience and the survey I conducted proves this point. I am pleased with the progress I have made and as you can see there is a big difference from my old music magazine to my current one. And for me this is very impressive. </li></ul>Conclusion