Evolution of music players Extra Credit

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  • 1. Evolution of Music Players By: Kelsey Ellis Extra Credit Power point
  • 2. Phonograph 
      • 1877 Thomas Edison invents the phonograph
      • The first medium for recording and playing back sound
      • It used cylinders instead of discs 
  • 3.
      • 1887 Emily Berliner invents the gramophone, the first flat record player 
      • The first records were made of glass, later zinc, and eventually plastic
      • Over time disc recording became more popular than cylinder recording
  • 4. Wire Recording
      • The wire record was invented in 1898 by Valdimar Poulsen
      •   A wire record crimped a wire that coiled around a spoil and it was the crimps in the wire that produced the audio.
  • 5. German Magnetic Tape Recorders
      • 1934 Joesph Begun built the worlds first tape recorder
      •   Developed in Germany, based on wire recording
  • 6. Large-Hole 45rpm Records
      • 1949 The Victor company introduces the large-hole 45rpm record
      •   The disc's used could hold as much sound as the 12" 78rpm
      • They were also smaller and more attractive
  • 7. Cassette Players & Tapes
      • 1963 Phillips develops the compact stereo tape cassettes and players
      • During the 1970's, 80's and 90's the cassette player was the most dominate forms of music playback available.
      • A cassette tape could hold from 30 to 100 min of music on it. 
  • 8. Cd Player's Portable Cd player-- Two different kinds of Cd players--
  • 9. Cd's 
      • 1982 the first Cd is released in Japan, it was Billy Joel's "52nd Street"
      • 1983 Cd's are released in the United States
      • 1999 recordable CD-R discs become available 
  • 10. Mp3 Players
      • 1998 first mp3 player came out
      • Plays radio
      • Download music to it
      • Download pictures to it
  • 11. Ipod, Iphone, Etc.
      • 2001 Apple came out with the first ipod 
      • And Apple continues to come out with more advanced technology
  • 12. The End
    • Technology is going to continue to improve and seeing how music players have evloved over time, I can't want to see what is to come next.