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This Twitter Dictionary defines and explains the most common Twitter terms. …

This Twitter Dictionary defines and explains the most common Twitter terms.
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  • 1. Twitter Dictionary © So Buzzy |
  • 2. # - Hashtag The hashtag symbol (#) is used to mark keywords, phrases or topics in a Tweet, and help them show more easily in Twitter Search. Using a hashtag turns the word or phrase into a link. Clicking on a hashtagged word shows you all other Tweets marked with that keyword.
  • 3. @-sign The @-sign is used to mention another Twitter account. Within a tweet it becomes a link to that user’s profile, and the user you mentioned will see that he or she was mentioned in a tweet.
  • 4. ^-sign The “hat” or “caret”-sign can be used in a tweet send by an individual on behalf of a group account used by multiple people so followers know who is tweeting. It usually appears at the end of a Tweed and followed by the initials of the user that sent the tweet.
  • 5. Avatar An avatar (also known as Profile Picture) is the graphical representation of a user shown in front of a tweet.
  • 6. Bio A short personal description of maximum 160 characters used to explain who you are on Twitter.
  • 7. Direct Message (DM) A Direct Message (= DM) is a private message on twitter between 2 people. You can only send a Direct Message to a user who follows you. You can either send a DM by clicking on the radar icon and select “Direct Messages” or you start a tweet with “d” followed by someone's username.
  • 8. Favorite To favorite a Tweet means that you like a message, and to show that you click on the yellow star next to the tweet. The sender will get a message that you favorited his tweet.
  • 9. Feed The stream of tweets you see on you homepage is called a feed. It contains updates from users you follow on Twitter.
  • 10. Follow To follow someone on Twitter means that you subscribe to his tweets by clicking on the “Follow” button located directly above the user’s Twitter feed.
  • 11. Follower A follower is a Twitter user who follows you, and subscribed to your tweets.
  • 12. Follow Friday (FF) #FF stands for “Follow Friday”, a way to recommend another Twitter user by suggesting to your followers to follow him.
  • 13. Handle Handle is a fancy word for your username on Twitter (e.g. @Kel_83)
  • 14. Lists Twitter allows you to create lists used to create an overview of twitter users in one group (for example a list where you combine “journalists”). Once set-up, a Twitter user can select a Twitter List to view just the tweets of those allocated to the list (acting as a filter).
  • 15. Mention Mentioning another user in your Tweet by including the @-sign followed by their username is called a “mention”. Of course other users can also mention you in their tweets.
  • 16. Modified Tweet (MT) Similar to a retweet (RT), meaning that you re- share another user’s tweet, but in this case with modifications. A Modifiet Tweet occurs most often when a user needs to shorten the Tweet in order to add commentary and still maintain the maximum of 140 characters.
  • 17. Promoted Tweets Companies can pay to promote tweets at the top of search results on Twitter, called Promoted Tweets.
  • 18. Reply When someone replies to your Tweet, they will start the Tweet with your username (e.g. @Kel_83)
  • 19. Retweet (RT) When you see a tweet you like written by someone else, and you want to share that with your Followers you can Retweet, meaning re-share it. By doing so you also give credit to the person who tweeted the original message.
  • 20. Timeline Your “home” timeline is a long stream showing all Tweets from those you have chosen to follow on Twitter in a chronological order. When you click on a Twitter user you can see his “personal” timeline, meaning a list with all his tweets chronologically ordered.
  • 21. Top Tweets Tweets determined by a Twitter algorithm to be the most popular or resonant on Twitter at any given time.
  • 22. Tweet A public message posted via Twitter containing 140 characters or fewer is called a Tweet.
  • 23. Twitterer A Twitter user who posts and reads Tweets is called a Twitterer. Twitter users are also called Tweeps, Twits, Tweeple, Twitterai, … and many other names.
  • 24. Unfollow When you stop following another Twitter user you “unfollow” him. His tweets will no longer show up in your home timeline. But no worries, he won’t be alerted that you stopped following him.
  • 25. Verified Account A verified Twitter account is an account that Twitter has confirmed to be the real person. Twitter does this mostly for celebrities and ads a symbol on their profile next to their username to make it clearfor fans that they are following the real deal, and not a fake account.
  • 26. Bedankt voor jullie aandacht!You still have Twitter Questions? Get in touch ;-) And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter: @Kel_83: tweets (mostly in Dutch) about dogs, cats, tv, (digital) media, … @SoBuzzy_BE tweets (in English) about social media