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BCS/BEN Tech Startup School, Core event: Team. Monday 18th October.

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Vanessa Moon Presentation

  1. 1. Moon Consulting Ltd Vanessa Moon BCS / BEN Tech Start up school 2010 18th October 2010 Subject - Team
  2. 2. Agenda • Moon Consulting Ltd – personal and company backgrounds • Our experience of building teams – from start up to current stage • Case studies of team builds • Hiring – tips on recruiting • Team dynamics • Your team • Summary • Contact details
  3. 3. Personal background • 25 years in Senior Executive Recruitment • Degree Human Communication psychology and philosophy from Aston • Career started at Rank Xerox • Worked for US owned recruiter, UK search firm and shareholder with a 3i backed business • Managed teams since the age of twenty six, largest team reporting was twenty five
  4. 4. Company background • Moon Consulting Set up in 2000 • 2010 our tenth year anniversary • MC self funded no external investment • Three Directors • Executive Resourcing, Management Recruitment and Business Consulting • General Board level roles, from MD, FD, Sales Director, HRD and Ops as well as Non- Executive Director, Chairman, CEO and MBO / MBI candidates. • Client base ranges from start-ups to multi-national PLCs – many national preferred supply arrangements with large corporates
  5. 5. Company background • We work with VC’s and Private Equity businesses • Database Search, advertised recruitment and confidential search and selection services • Bespoke offering – Each assignment unique • Strong client and candidate retention, over 75% of all campaigns are referred • Delivery and success rates are over 90% • Other services – business consulting – FD and HRD services - behavioural profiling, talent banking, team mapping and tracking at competitor organisations
  6. 6. Case Studies • On line e learning business – high profile owner, privately backed, range of decision makers • First hire – General Manager • Second hire – Office Manager but greater skills covering HR, marketing, PR – person was over skilled for the role. • Internet campaign for first role, personal contact for second, we knew the business by then and understood where there would be best fit. Business has grown to c30 employees. • Value of second hire
  7. 7. Case Studies • Engineering business – 3 founder Directors / share holders, SME, business growing rapidly • Original brief – HR strategy and procedures, through MC HR services • Moved to recruitment and selection – confidentiality issues - technical specialists, specific search campaign • Company will double in size • Clear understanding of business and culture / ethos required
  8. 8. Case Studies • IT Business, new MD, assessing board structure – team build at senior level • Our campaign – bring in new board members, starting with Sales Director, then two further board level roles • Niche sector, targeted head hunt, NDA’s in some situations • Psychometrics, competency based interviewing • My role – very close relationship with MD and business • Important to remember each hire critical to success of business and sent a message to market place • Result, 3 new board members, hired over an eighteen month period
  9. 9. Hiring – tips on recruiting • Decide what you want! • Market forces – availability of type of person • Formalities – job description, application process, who assesses, interview, assessment, presentation • Where / how to find relevant candidates • Linked in / networking – working with search firms • Head hunting • Advertised campaigns • Time scales – interim vs permanent hire • Legislation - i.e. Equality Act 2010 – what you can and can’t ask
  10. 10. Team dynamics • Four Stages of Team Development - Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing • Looking at how a team develops • Understand / Discover Your Team's Strengths and weaknesses • Impact of Personality Traits to a team – uncovering what is really there • Gelling together • Going the distance, working through start up to established phase • Coping with leavers • Unforeseen personal events (sudden illness, family bereavement) • Bringing in new people to an established team
  11. 11. Your team • Protocols and Legislation – Having T’s and C’s, training, induction, appraisals, formal procedures, staff hand book etc – cover most eventualities • Internal or External HR support • Doing the difficult stuff, set goals and targets (and monitor), making redundancies • Motivating through good and bad times, reward loyalty, staff retention • PE / VC / external shareholder influence – different goals / vision for the business • Exit interview – learn from good and bad hires! • Look at your market place, what makes successful teams, what is competition doing • Where are your competitors in terms of salaries, rewards, bonuses, market trends, what you need to do to keep good hires
  12. 12. Your team • Re evaluate all the time, economy has changed dramatically in last 3 years, how has your team fared • Communication – not always on email and twitter – Team dynamics is important • Restrictive covenants if your business is vulnerable • Look at office set up - open plan or separate MD’s office • Behavioural profiling – P3 or MBTI • Understand legal implications of being a Director and Employer • Correct procedures for hiring - payroll, contracts of employment, holidays offered, hours of work, time off in lieu etc
  13. 13. Summary • Look at the market and your competitors – glean valuable information • Communication and Reward • T’s and C’s • Be prepared to make mistakes, but live with them! • Understand the drivers of the shareholders • Understand the drivers of your team members • Be aware of your own strengths and weaknesses • Bring someone in to compliment your skill set • Have a mentor, you need to talk about your issues • Don’t hire a clone of your self – it’s good to be challenged • Value team even after they have left
  14. 14. Contact Details • Vanessa Moon Director • Shaun Durham Director • Email • Web • Address and Registered Office: • Moon Consulting Ltd • The Old Fire Station • Lodway, Pill, Bristol, BS20 0DH • Registered in England No: 4178827.