100+pet ideas


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100+pet ideas

  1. 1. Pet/(cat)Challenges...1. ITS GO TO BE ABOUTCATS.2. feeding cats.3. cats eating birds and critters.4. cats eating grass.5. walking cats in the garden.6. letting cats roam free.7. keeping cats indoors.8. having only one cat.9. having a bunch of cats.10. how many is too many cats?11. are cats lonely if there is only 1?12. at what point does one become acat lady?13. is it weird to like cats?14. why do I like cats so much?15. are cats challenging?16. is there a cat heaven?17. I want to make aMonoprint story.18. I dont know how to animate things.19. I dont know how to make movies/videos19a. I dont know how to put music to myprojects.20. I know how to draw.21. I know how to paint.22. I have many live, feline models.23. I have a room full of muses!24. I am/we are space-challenged.25. a twin bed and a few cats.26. wouldnt an animation of my oilpaintings be amazing?!27. our calendars are wonderful too!28. it could be called the Cat BoxChallenge.---. I never do enough brainstorming.I always go with my first idea, whichisnt so good really.29. cat boxes are very challenging andstinky.30. when cats dont use their cat boxes.31. how do you convince a cat to use thecat box?32. how often should one clean the catbox?33. how many cats boxes per cat?34. cat litter quandaries.35. do cats love us back?36. how do cats show their emotions?37. do cats have emotions?38. do cats love?39. is it ok to love a cat?40. finicky cats.41. how do I get my cat to eat good food?42. what is good cat food?43. should cats be vegans?44. the perfect cat meal...45. how do I keep my cat(s) from eatinglittle critters.46. I want my cat to come to me when heis called.47. I dont find cats challenging; I lovethem(but I do(find them challenging...)keep going...)).48. I just bought a Modkat-- the coolest catbox in the world. They dont like it. :(49. cats getting eaten by owls--horrible idea. (could be a lovely/tragic series of monoprintsthough...).50. cats running away from home-- awful,so sad.51. my cats dont chase flies and bugs--lazy cats.52. the question of the overpopulation ofcats(& people, for that matter)-- so sad.53. feral cats.54. unwanted cats.55. cherished cats.56. a story about the challenges of cats,the challenges cats face.57. I could do that Chat Ennuyeux thinglike the guy with the bad Frenchaccent(painful!). non!58. I see a landscape format, left to right.59. 8-12 images.60. very simple.61. where are the words? what is thestory?62. does it need words? can the imageseffectively tell the story? you tell me...
  2. 2. 63. I do like the owl/cat story, veryGoya... think of another one,please. this is a great fear, verydark and scary. all-the-more reasonto explore a visual story...64. cats and their curious friends.65. the things cats bring in-- not fun.66. a cat and a mouse.67. Oona(my kitty) brings in livemoths-- a pretty monoprint visual.68. cats at the koi pond. not really achallenge, is it...69. traveling with cats.70. cats in the car.71. cats on a plane/train/taxi.72. cats and birds.73. cats in birdcages.---. all of this I must be able toproduce in monoprints. (& animate!).74. cats and fishbowls.75. demanding cats.76. noisy cats.77. the dreaded Hairball. not a prettyvisual-- yuck. too familiar with this one.78. cats on laps.79. lots of cats in a small room. soundsfamiliar...80. when a beloved cat dies. theheartache...81. right now, its a toss-up betweenthe Oona/moth and the kitty/owl...82. do some sketches tonight and thensee which is best. more ideas first.83. cat woman vs. mamma cat: what isthe real truth here?84. feeding many cats at one time. whatto do with the chubby ones...85. should cats sleep on the bed, underthe covers?86. homeopathy, TCM vs. Westernmedicine.87. when its time to saygoodbye(euthanasia, so tough).88. teeth cleaning.89. flea circus(my cats no longer havefleas; they have been indoors, with a catio,for years.)90. yearly vaccinations-- do or dont.91. indoor vs. outdoor.92. oh god, spraying. those nasty boysand their bad habits.93. that horrible Frontline/Advantage stuff.if it can mess up ticks and fleas, think ofwhat its doing to your cat!94. constantly cleaning up after cats.95. I wish I knew how to animate. its atough time to be learning on the fly.96. the owl/kitty keeps grabbing me backto it. Im so scared of that visual. I donteven like to think of this stuff. sleep on it.97. cats are easier to care for than horses.98. cats vs. dogs98. oh, the joys of kittens!99. kittens vs. older cats(both arewonderful and amazing).100. how many cats is ideal?101. raw/home-cooked vs. commercial catfood.102. how to draw a cat when it is movingand not sleeping.103. people who dont like cats: what to dowith them.104. animal cruelty. nasty, wretchedpeople who hurt animals.105. acupuncture for cats-- does it work?(yes!) acupressure too-- use your handson your little friends!.106. Quince, the love of my life! she was awork of art!---. I will think more about this when I amswimming tomorrow.107. should cats be allowed on thefurniture? how can you keep them off?!108. I dont foster, I keep. why I dontvolunteer at SCHS.109. do cats like wearing clothing?110. do cats like being walked on a leash?cats like leading...111. it would be fun to do a cat alphabetbook in Monoprint....--- Oona/Moth it will be!
  3. 3. Oona/MothThumbnails.