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While out of my body i saw god hell and the living   most terrifying and dazzling book on hell
While out of my body i saw god hell and the living   most terrifying and dazzling book on hell
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While out of my body i saw god hell and the living most terrifying and dazzling book on hell


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  • 1. While Out of My Body, I Saw God,Hell and the Living Dead by Dr. Roger Mills A Superb Book About Hell!When Dr. Rogelio Mills died in October of 1998, his soul and spirit cameout of his body, and he came face-to-face with Almighty God and hisarchenemy Satan (the Devil.) The Almighty God Commissioned Dr. Mills towarn the living regarding their salvation and His soon appearance to theearth. Dr Mills Death-Outer-Body-Encounter (D.O.B.E) and thesemessages he was asked to deliver are documented in his new eye-opening book, While out of My Body, I Saw God, Hell and the Living Dead!(foreword by Drs. Jack and Rexella Van Impe) In the book, Dr. Millsdescribes Gods appearance in detail. He also gives a chilling detailedaccount of his tour of the Outer Darkness of Hell and the tormented soulsof the Living Dead, burning in the fires of Hell. Mills also paints a vividimage of some of the other things he witnessed, including the pits of fire,demonic spirits, Satan, the Room of the Future Dead, the Old Paradise-Garden of Eden and much more!!!Personal Review: While Out of My Body, I Saw God, Hell and theLiving Dead by Dr. Roger MillsThe author brings Hell to Earth in the most unique and diabolical way. Itsportal consists of paper and ink. This God forsaken Kingdom is housed inthis literary masterpiece of work, entitled, "While Out of My Body, I sawGod, Hell and the Living Dead."The journey begins through the multiple torture doors which are engravedupon the pages within the chapters of this gruesome book. Woe unto thosewho ignorantly or willfully trespass through its merciless entrance, theGates of Hell!Upon arrival, all damned prisoners are greeted by a grotesque and hellishdemonic escort, who guarantees them to be compensated for theirdisobedient and sinful lifestyles that they once lived upon the Earth inrebellion toward the Holy Word of God (the Bible). The payback ishorrifically shocking. Unimaginable tortures are inflicted upon the lost soulsfor all of eternity within the Outer Darkness of Hell!The author exposes the treasures within the darkness of the netherworldwith the light of Gods grace, revealing the many hidden truths that the
  • 2. Earth has remained ignorant about for so long. Such wisdom is broughtforth through this divine piece of work. Although it is terrifying, it isspiritually liberating. Those who are in tune with the Spirit of God will knowthat there is no doubt that a revelation of this magnitude must have beendivinely inspired by the Spirit of God.The argument is easily set in motion for those who are looking for anexcuse to dismiss the authors Outer Body Experience, but what is not soeasy to dismiss is the multitude of infallible scriptures the author presentsin this book, which most definitely substantiate the reality of the fate ofthose lukewarm, unrepentant, backslidden Christians, and sinners.For me, it is not important to believe that the author went to Hell, but whatis important is to believe the scriptures the author presents thatdemonstrate that there is a Hell.The author appears to be highly credible and sincere as he conveys histestimony of what the Lord God Jesus allowed him to see in Hell. Heclaims that he seeks no compensation from the book, and shows ascripture to support his motives." ...he shall let go my captives, not for price nor reward, saith the LORD ofhosts." - Isaiah 45:13The Bible tells us that we are to try the spirits to see if they are of God, andthis book certainly does that, as each revelation that was given to theauthor is tested and verified in the light of scripture.It is so evident that this book is a soul winning tool! Its work is original. If Icould give this book 100 stars, I would! For More 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price:While Out of My Body, I Saw God, Hell and the Living Dead by Dr. Roger Mills 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price!