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The republican war on science by chris mooney   a superb overview
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The republican war on science by chris mooney a superb overview


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics

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  • 1. The Republican War on Science by Chris Mooney A Superb OverviewIn the tradition of What Liberal Media? and Whats the Matter withKansas?, a stinging indictment of how one party has placed politics overscience and embraced politically motivated pseudoscience Science hasnever been more crucial to deciding the political issues facing the country.Yet science and scientists have less influence with the federal governmentthan at any time since the Eisenhower administration. In the White Houseand Congress today, findings are reported in a politicized manner; spun ordistorted to fit the speakers agenda; or, when theyre too inconvenient,ignored entirely. On a broad array of issues-stem cell research, climatechange, missile defense, abstinence education, product safety,environmental regulation, and many others-the Bush administrationspositions fly in the face of overwhelming scientific consensus. Federalscience agencies, once fiercely independent under both Republican andDemocratic presidents, are increasingly staffed by political appointees andfringe theorists who know industry lobbyists and evangelical activists farbetter than they know the science. This is not unique to the Bush
  • 2. administration, but it is largely a Republican phe nomenon, born of aconservative dislike of environmental, health, and safety regulation, and atthe extremes, of evolution and legalized abortion. In The Republican Waron Science, Chris Mooney ties together the disparate strands of the attackon science into a compelling and frightening account of our governmentsincreasing unwillingness to distinguish between legitimate research andideologically driven pseudoscience.Personal Review: The Republican War on Science by ChrisMooneyChris Mooney has provided a superb overview of the problem in the UnitedStates today. The key problem is the application Stephen Colberts"truthiness" to modern science in an effort to undermine scientificconclusions which do not fit ideological precepts. The approach is similarto that laid out in Farhad Manjoos excellent book, "True Enough: Learningto Live in a Post-Factual Society." The result is a truly Orwellian society. Once a society decides to or allows others within it to base scientificdiscussions on viscerally or ideologically determined "facts" rather thanobjectively observed or inferred facts, that society is headed downward.The Soviet Union, of course, is one of the more recent examples of this. In listening to the efforts of some to "bend" or "spin" science (oreconomics, or anything else) to meet preconceived ideological notions,one question kept coming to mind: Would one of those bent on "spinning"the science to fit Creationist ideas really want to fly in an airpla ne designedusing his or her approach to science? Chris Mooneys book should be a wake-up call to all Americans honestlyconcerned about the future of this country. For More 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price:The Republican War on Science by Chris Mooney 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price!