Carnal innocence by nora roberts the best of roberts


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Carnal innocence by nora roberts the best of roberts

  1. 1. Carnal Innocence by Nora Roberts I Do Love This BookOld favorite. Bestselling author Nora Roberts grabs her readers from pageone. Innocence, Mississippi, isnt innocent for long when a murdererstrikes the sleepy town. Concert violinist Caroline Waverly has returned toher deceased grandparents home to escape high-pressured concert tours.She is soon caught up by the irresistible charm of Southerner TuckerLongstreet. The dark secrets of Innocence soon begin to surface andtogether Caroline and Tucker not only face a murderer but discoversecrets from the past.Having read nearly all of Noras books, I find this one to be the best. Itcombines many aspects that NR readers will instantly recognize. Rascallyhero with a heart of gold, rich and successful heroine on a journey of self -discovery after realizing her life is not what she thought it was, a fewmurders and a whole lot of witty banter.In this book, though, these clichéd elements work beautifully, and blend tomake a story that is memorable and riveting. Tucker Longstreet is easilyNRs best hero, and Im glad that this book seems to have been skippedover when it came time to make cheesy NR Lifetime movies, because veryfew men could play Tucker and make the character work. Cary Grant orClark Gable (although I always picture Gabe in True Betrayals as Gable) intheir respective primes comes to mind, or George Clooney back in his "ER"days. Hes that level of charming and irresistible. It would beheartbreaking to see some half-assed television actor try to bring thisunforgettable hero to life. Plus television movies seem to try to be as PCas possible, and I cant imagine they would let Tucker smoke cigarettes,even though its so very much a part of who the man is, and his constantbattle of trying to quit them reveals a lot about his personality.Caroline is not especially the best NR heroine. I find NRs heroines ingeneral to be not particularly rootable or interesting, since they are reallyall the same female, with some notable exceptions. She works herebecause this is Tuckers story. And even though it seems strange that a
  2. 2. laid back guy like Tucker would fall for a stuck-up tight ass like Caroline,the chemistry between them sizzles and you fall right along with them.And also along for the ride are some expertly drawn and fascinatingsupporting characters. Josie the sister whose restlessness comes off herin waves, Cy the young teenager who proves that biology isnt everythingwhen it comes to defining character, Austin the abusive religious zealot,Darleen the cheating housewife, I could go on and on!Most definitely would, and have, recommend this book to ANYONE whoenjoys modern romance novels, especially those with murder mysteries. For More 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price: Carnal Innocence by Nora Roberts - 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price!