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WIT Panel slides for KSCOPE 2013, including FACEBOOK link for Oracle WIT site.

WIT Panel slides for KSCOPE 2013, including FACEBOOK link for Oracle WIT site.



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Wit kscope kpotvin Presentation Transcript

  • 1.  Lean In or Stand Back - Challenging Women in TechnologyWomen in Technology, KSCOPE 2013
  • 2.  “Lean in”● Term familiar to any who have read COO ofFacebook Sheryl Sandberg’s book, “Lean in” onWomen in the Corporate Workplace.Terminology
  • 3.  Kellyn PotVin- Sr. Technical Consultant,Enkitec and ACE Director Maria Colgan- Senior Principal ProductManager at Oracle Corporation Tim Gorman- Owner- Evergreen DatabaseTechnologies and ACE Director Tracey McMullen- InterRel Consulting Natalie Delemar- Ernst & YoungOur Incredible Panel
  • 4.  Contribute, “Lean in” and be part of thediscussion. Think about your own challenges- do share,ask questions or brain storm. Men are appreciated and welcome at thissession. We all learn and all offer valuablecontributions.Participation
  • 5.  Childhood to adulthood, identify why womenare more likely to not push the boundaries andcompete. How can women compete, network, andcontribute more successfully and not be forcedto become "one of the boys.”Gender Roles
  • 6.  Not to get through our slides. To discuss any topic that is posed and follow itthrough until we are satisfied. If you are shy, not one to feel comfortablecontributing- MAKE IT A GOAL TOCONTRIBUTE ONCE in this session! Goal
  • 7.  How do these two influence our decisions andour career every day. What steps can we taketo have more? No, lets admit it here- we cant have it all. It’sabout having enough and having what we needto be satisfied.Family and Culture
  • 8.  Why its not just about analytical skills and whywe need to stop worrying about, “but I don’tplay computer games on the weekend...” Why gender-balanced IT groups are moresuccessful.The “Balanced” IT Team
  • 9.  Sheryl Sandbergs book, "Lean In" has beenincredibly successful. Is it the rally cry for women or does it simplyimply that women need to be more like men inthe workplace? For those that have read it, what is your view,both positive and negative on the book?What’s the Big Deal?
  • 10.  "Managing stereotypes is harder thanmanaging discrimination." -What this means. How much of a real hurdle is it? What is the difference between discriminationand stereotypes and how can we overcome it.Worry about the “S”
  • 11. Open Discussion
  • 12.  Kellyn Pot’Vin- dbakevlar@gmail.com,@DBAKevlar, http://dbakevlar.com Maria Colgan- maria.colgan@oracle.com Tim Gorman- tim@evdbt.com Tracey McMullen- tmcmullen@interrel.com Natalie Delemar- nadelemar@yahoo.comI also have a Oracle WIT Page:https://www.facebook.com/OracleWomenInTechnologyContact Information