The enterprise manager command line interface2


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  • Incredibly insightful presentation on the EMCLI. As is typical with all the Oracle EM focused content I've seen from Kellyn Pot'vin, the information is top notch.
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The enterprise manager command line interface2

  1. 1.  Kellyn Pot’Vin, Westminster, Colorado Oracle ACE, Sr. Technical Specialist at Enkitec Finishing up EM12c book and starting EM CLIbook Specialize in performance and managementof large enterprise environments. Board of directors for RMOUG, Director ofTraining Days 2013, KSCOPE DB Track Lead2013 Blog: Twitter: @DBAKevlar
  2. 2.  What to Include? What to Exclude? What are the most important areas ofthe EM CLI? What commands are best covered tocreate the best educational introductionto the topic?
  3. 3.  Enterprise Manager Command LineInterface History How EM12c has changed level ofknowledge requirements for theadministrator The Command Line Interface Basics Enterprise Manager commands EM CLI Procedure Scripting
  4. 4.  Introduced in Oracle 9i with very limiteduse. Access to EM functionality from textbased consoles. Ability to incorporate scripts, includingSQL*Plus, Perl, Shell, Python, etc. Fully integrated as part of the EMenvironment, including same security. Ability to simplify multi-target tasksthrough command line interface.
  5. 5.  Create Jobs, schedule jobs, delete jobs Administer groups, members, targets Administer users and credentials. Upload patches, delete patches-createpatch plans. Execute host and SQL commands. Get information about all targets,monitoring. Over 30 verb “groups” and 250 commandsthat I have documented “so far”.
  6. 6.  EM CLI Login- Online or Offline? “Verbs” grant the administrator initialcommands for the interface. May Require one or more arguments. Can utilize a argument file, akaproperties file. Syntax often changes with version ofEnterprise Manager.emcli help <verb>
  7. 7.  The Command Line must be logged intofor the first time before commands willbe accepted, (login dependent uponEM security time out feature orconnection mode.)emcli login –username=<username> Syncronize the EMCLI with the OMS:emcli sync
  8. 8.  Check connection mode, if complete,then offline the EM CLIemcli get_connection_modeemcli set_connection_mode -mode="offline“emcli get_jobsSet back to online mode if wanting to proceed.
  9. 9. emcli<verb>1st_argument[-name, -procedure, -instance, -guid, -argfile, -input_file, -type, -targets, -action…] = <value>2nd_argument [-xml, -tailLength, -info, -analyze, -grants, -scheduler, -notification] =<value>
  10. 10.  Redirection example of output, (similar toUnix):emcli get_procedure_xml –procedure=“PROC_GUID” >test_proc.xml
  11. 11.  get_resolution_states - IncidentInformation stop/start_agent - Manage Agents create/stop_blackout - Manage Blackouts clone_database_home - Clone home execute_sql - Execute SQL get_jobs - Get a list of jobs clear_stateless_alerts - Clears statelessalerts Argfile: File of verbs to execute from theemcli.
  12. 12.  EM CLI for EM12c support› Checking Incidents› Retrieve Targets Monitored› Retrieve Agent Properties› Agent Deployment› Platform support› Creating/Stopping Blackouts› Executing Host Commands
  13. 13. emcli get_resolution_states
  14. 14.  What database targets are beingmonitored, both single instance and RAC?emcli get_targets -targets="%database%"
  15. 15. emcli get_supported_platforms
  16. 16. emcli get_agentimage -destination=/home/oracle -platform="Microsoft Windows x64(64-bit)" –version=""
  17. 17. emcli get_targetsemcli delete_target –name="<trg_nm>“emcli import_update –file="file_nm" –omslocalemcli deploy_plugin_on_server -plugin=oracle.sysman.db –sys_password=<passwd>emcli deploy_plugin_on_agent –plugin="oracle.sysman.db" –agent_name="<dbname>:<port>"
  18. 18. emcli set_credential -target_type=oracle_database -target_name="<preferred_nm>"-credential_set=DBCredsMonitoring -user=sysman-column="Role:SYSDBA;UserName:sys;password:<passwd>"-monitoring
  19. 19.  Save off Templates Inventory Existing Jobs Create secure credentials for targets Create administrator groups to easeadministration. Reuse templates, post creating first one,easy updates!
  20. 20. emcli create_blackout -name="LinuxPatch 120612" -reason="Needs to beDone" -add_targets="emrep12:oracle_database" -schedule="duration::60“How fast could you blackout entireenvironment for maintenance window withthis scripted?
  21. 21. Simply state the name of the blackout andthe agent will issue a stop to the OMS:emcli stop_blackout-name="Linux Patch 120612“How quickly could you end a blackout ofenvironment post maintenance?
  22. 22. emcli execute_hostcmd –cmd=“ls -ltr/home/oracle”-credential_set_name=“HostCredsPriv”-targets=“<host>.com:host”
  23. 23.  Simplify management of large number oftargets with simple script vs. multiplesteps through EM12c console. This simplicity includes creating,managing, editing and purging of jobsand patching job tasks. Retain EM12c security and single consolemonitoring if required.
  24. 24.  Need to verify job informationemcli get_jobs
  25. 25. emcli get_job_execution_detail -execution=C07388B855B44C38B5953B8C3C7C6A5E -xml
  26. 26.  Assumption is that patches aredownloaded via EM12c. Process:› Verify Patch Available.› Create Patch Plan› Schedule Patches in Patch Plan› Deploy Patch Plan
  27. 27.  list_aru_languages -- List ARU Languageinformation. list_aru_platforms -- List ARU platforminformation. list_aru_products -- List ARU Productinformation. list_aru_releases -- List ARU Releaseinformation. list_patch_plans -- List existing Patch Plans. search_patches -- Search patches fromARU site or Software
  28. 28. emcli search_patches-patch_name="patch number"-platform="platform id“emcli search_patches–patch_name=“5875660” (BIPublisher)–platform=“233” (Windows 64 bit)
  29. 29.  Multi-step, multi-tasked or chainedscripting through the EM CLI. Ability to execute SQL, Perl, OSCommands from one procedure. Ability to use properties file to simplifywork and reuse with other procedures. EM Console access through Job ActivityInterface.
  30. 30. emcli submit_procedure-name=<Procedure Name>-input_file="<data:path to file>"-instance_name="<ProcedureInstance>"-schedule=start_time:yyyy/mm/ddHH:mm;
  31. 31. emcli submit_procedure -input_file=data:data.xml -procedure=3D7F4D139E70453CB56D7621BB56D390-schedule="start_time:2012/12/0321:00; tz:America/Central" -grants="KPOTVIN:VIEW_JOB;SYSMAN:FULL_JOB" -notification="action required,failed"
  32. 32.  Create a template to use for your newproperties file, sourced from a proceduredefinition. Fill in all pertinent information for thetarget lists. Submit the procedure, using theproperties file as part or whole of theentry at the command line. Verify all was successful.
  33. 33. emcli get_procedures –type=DBPROVExample Output:$>BFC71D3485629B93E04014AC08001B7D, DBPROV, DBREPLAYCLIENTDP_NG,Provision Oracle Database Client,6.2, ORACLEBFC71D3485599B93E04014AC08001B7D,DBPROV, SIHA_SIDB_PROC, ProvisionOracle Database, 1.1, ORACLE
  34. 34. Using the GUID, (or the procedure<NAME>, we can then generate aproperties file template:emcli describe_procedure_input –procedure=BFC71D3485629B93E04014AC08001B7D >$> Verifying parameters…$>
  35. 35. Edit the new template properties file andadd the new values for the following:$ vi Source and Reference Host Data Agent Info Oracle Home Credentials
  36. 36. emcli submit_procedure –name=test_dbrpl_job-owner=sys_jobs-procedure= C23E10B1F427B4EEE040578CD74442G4-input_file=/u01/emjobs/emcli/"action required, failed"-grants=“KPOTVIN:VIEW_JOB; SYSMAN:FULL_JOB"-schedule= "start_time:2012/12/06 01:00:00;tz:America/Denver"
  37. 37. emcli get_instance_status -instance=C23E10B1F427B4EEE040578CD74442G4-details -showJobOutputOutput:C23E10B1F427B4EEE040578CD74442G4, test_job, test_job, SUCCESSFUL
  38. 38. Rob Zoeteweij, Patching with EM12c Leturgez, Useful EMCLI Commands Schneider, The EM CLI
  39. 39. http://enkitec.com