Basic couponing


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Basic couponing

  2. 2. Where to Find Coupons Sunday Papers Online-from trusted sites, eCoupons On Facebook (product pages) In the stores/gas stations (peelies, blinkies,catalina, CVS coupon machine) Magazines (All You) Company email lists/websites Clipping Services Coupons are EVERYWHERE!
  3. 3. Creating A Binder Baseball card sheets Scissors Calculator Pencil Holder Notepad Pen Binder Store Policies (found at
  4. 4. Building a Coupon Wallet Coupon Wallet or Envelope (Dollar Tree) Scissors Pen Notepad Calculator Store Policies (found at
  5. 5. The File MethodSome prefer to file inserts by date. In my opinion, this is a great thing to do with “misc. coupons”. In other words, file (by date) the coupons that you know your family wouldn’t normally use. In the event that a sale pops up before they expire, you have the potential to get freebies or possibly even a money maker. Just don’t forget to date them! This is important for Coupon Database usage.*Coupon clipping and organization shouldn’t cost tonsof time to be worthwhile. Find what works foryou and go with it!
  6. 6. Coupon Database You can use the coupon database at This database will allow you to search for ANY coupon at anytime. This tool is 100% free to use! Enter the item and click search, it will show you all coupons available. For example, $1/1 Crest (1/1/12 RP). This means there is a $1 off any 1 Crest product coupon in the 1/1/12 Red Plum insert. *This date is important if you use the “file method”.
  7. 7. Store Ads, and Match Ups You will want to look at your local store ads every week. This will help you memorize “good deal prices” or “stock up prices”. Compare your coupons to store ads to see if you can spot a good deal! *coupon database is very handy here! Use our store match ups each week to “aid” your own. You may find deals we missed!
  8. 8. Say What? Basic Coupon LingoRP-Red PlumSS-Smart SourcePG-P&G Product SaverPM-Pepsi MomentsGM-General MillsECB: ExtraCare BucksEXP: Expiration DateIVC: Instant Value Coupon, Walgreens store coupons found in ads and monthly bookletMIR: Mail-in rebateOYNO: On your next orderOOP: Out of pocketRR: Register Rewards, Walgreens Catalina couponsStacking: Using both a manufacturers coupon and a store coupon on one itemUPC: Universal product code, bar codeTearpad: Pad of coupons attached to a display, shelf, or refrigerator door.+UP Reward: Rite Aid reward programWYB: When you buyYMMV: Your mileage (or manager) may vary, meaning some stores might give you a deal but others might not
  9. 9. Deal Example #1Gain Dish Liquid $0.99Use: $0.50/1 Gain Dish Liquid Coupon (1/1/12 SS)$0.49Translation:Gain is on sale for $0.99. There is a $0.50 off 1 coupon in the 1/1/12 Smart Source insert. If you use it, you will only have to pay $0.49
  10. 10. Deal Example #2Quilted Northern Bathroom Tissue $6.99Use: $3/1 (2/4/12 RP)Get $1.00 ECB$2.99Translation:Tissue is on sale for $6.99, CVS will give you $1 Extra Credit Bucks if you buy it. You have a $3 off 1 coupon from the 2/4/12 Rep Plum insert. You will pay $3.99 OOP (Out of Pocket), and you will get $1 ECB back on your receipt.
  11. 11. Deal Example #3Pepsi $5.00Use: $1.50/1 ( printable)Use: $0.75/1 (3/5/12 PM)$2.75Translation:This is a “stack”. You can use a store coupon with a manu. coupon at some stores, in this case: Target.This is a GREAT way to maximize savings!
  12. 12. Coupon Tips Wait until your item is on sale unless you must have the item now. Patience pays off Use a BOGO coupon with a BOGO sale. Stack Store Coupons with Manufactures Coupon (Target, CVS, Dollar General, etc) Go by the text description, not the picture on your coupon. Follow Store Policies, bring it with you!
  13. 13. Shopping List After you have prepared your own match up (or used ours) make a shopping list to take to the store. List the store first, then the items that you want to buy. List the coupons under each item. Pull your coupons as you prepare your list-this saves time in the store. I keep mine in the pencil holder of my binder, but a simple envelope will do! Some label multiple envelopes with the store name, and put the coupons in the correct envelope. (example: CVS, Kmart, Kroger). These can be used over and over.
  14. 14. Check Out Time Watch every item price as it rings up, be sure you are getting the right price. Watch every coupon as it is scanned, be sure you are receiving the correct discount (If your store doubles, ensure that it did). If there is a discrepancy, be polite and respectful. Always adhere to the store policies, and expect the same in return. Expect a delay, it happens from time to time. Cashiers are more cautious than ever about coupons. Understand their point of view as well.
  15. 15. Stockpiles Learn the sales cycle for your area (usually 6-8 weeks) and begin to plan for it…this takes time. Learn “stock up prices” so you know when to buy extras, keep track of your purchases, so it’s more clear to you, if needed. Keep your items in rotation, so nothing goes bad. Always check expiration dates (preferably in the store) and organize your “stockpile” at home accordingly.
  16. 16. Closing Notes Remember that couponing is suppose to help you save…not cost you time and money. It takes a little to get started, but in the end, you will LOVE the benefits! If you are able to make donations, please do! There are so many people that could benefit from your abilities as a couponer! Confused? Just ask!