9 frame analysis


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9 frame analysis

  1. 1. The opening long shot of the ‘Warehouse Scene’ shows 6 modern daygangsters talking among themselves in a Warehouse. The location alonescreams film noir, as most noir films are based around abandoned or rurallocations such as warehouses, alleyways, docks etc. .. The mise en sceneshows formal suits, shotguns/handguns and trench coats, all associatedwith typical 1940’s gangsters.
  2. 2. In this medium close up, we see ‘Big Daddy’ , the acclaimed dark superhero, brutallyslash one gangster’s neck with a heavy, sharp knife. The typical mise en scene of thegangster reflects that of the 1940’s style, originated with noir film however, we seeBig Daddy wearing a superhero suit, very similar to that of Batman. This couldsuggest a modern turn on noir, but still obtaining the dark qualities associated withtypical film noir.
  3. 3. Here we see Big Daddy ,centrally framed, pointing a gun at the remaining gangster’s,which we can not yet see. The juxtaposition of a superhero pointing a gun projects thesub-genre of superhero noir, as superhero’s are normally associated with superpowers as oppose to using a weapon used by normal citizens. However, this sceneshows this superhero is just as dark as the ordinary gangster, with his shadowed faceand use of destructive weapons.
  4. 4. This shallow focus centralizes the current action of Big Daddy scuffling with anothergangster. Here, we can see the mise en scene of his the batman inspired superherocostumes, which blends in with the black suit of the gangsters. This could suggest theyare the same person, Big Daddy is just a gangster in disguise. This is furthered by thestruggle, how he’s physically struggling with another individual, and not using superpowers, which again adds to how he is just the same, fitting in with the film noirgenre of gangsters and fighting.
  5. 5. This close up of the shotgun projects a typical weapon associated withthe noir genre. The use of this shotgun alongside modern opponentssuch as the modern style warehouse, the superhero theme and themise en scene shows how film noir is advancing in a more modernismway, but still using typical element to keep the noir theme alive.
  6. 6. This medium close up of these men displays them as ordinary hotelassistants. However, we find out they are the lead gangster’s henchmen.This shows corruptness of organizations and impersonation of roles,something related highly with film noir. The mise en scene of a top hatand trench coats again link in with the theme of noir.
  7. 7. This medium long shot shows a mob of modern day gangsters with guns allaimed at Hit Girl. The mise en scene of handguns, suits and smart coats, allrelate to film noir and are associated with the genre. The fact they are willingto shoot at a young girl as well also links in with the gangster type behavior,showing this to be adapted even in modern day time, advancing the typicalblack and white film noire genre.
  8. 8. This close up shows the head of the mob, the don, in shallow focus to centralizeon him only. This shows his importance and dominance, which is also typical of aleader of a mob. The dark features and dark lightning on the right hand side ofhis face also links into the film noir genre, as this is typically used in noir films toenhance significance or mystery.
  9. 9. This high angle birds eye view shows the lead gangster pointing his gun down atthe young girl. From this, we can see his smart suit and clean cut gun, associatedhighly with noir. The shallow focus highlights Hit Girl under the gun, showing thegangster won’t tolerate anyone and has no remorse. This again are allcharacteristics linked with a typical 1940’s film noir character but with a moderntwist, showing how the noir genre has branched off into sub-divisions, like KickAss.