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Ipad for dummies
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Ipad for dummies



Published in Technology , Business
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  • 1. By: Wendy Black, Kelly Lupton, Julie Page, Sue Purdy, Pam Smith, and Jill Williams
  • 2. Where do I begin?I’ve opened mybox…now what?Inside you shouldhave:*IPAD*data cable*charging brick*information packet
  • 3. Basics 1. Home button. You press this button when you want to exit an app and return to your home screen. Its also involved in restarting a frozen iPad. 2. Dock connector. This is where you plug in the data cable to sync your iPad and your computer. 3. Speakers. The built-in speakers on the bottom of the iPad play music and audio from movies, games, and apps. 4. Hold button. This button locks the iPads screen and puts the device to sleep. Its also one of the buttons you hold to restart a frozen iPad.
  • 4. Basics Cont’d 5. Antenna cover. This small strip of black plastic is found only on iPads’ that have 3G connectivity built in. The strip covers the 3G antenna and allows the 3G signal to reach the iPad. WiFi-only iPads dont have this; they have solid gray back panels. 6. Mute Button. Toggling this switch will mute the volume of the iPad or restore it. On iPads running versions of the iOS prior to 4.2, this was the screen orientation lock. 7. Volume Controls. Use this button to control the volume of the audio played through the speakers at the bottom of the iPad. 8. Headphone Jack. - Plug in headphones here.
  • 5. The Setup Download the latest version of iTunes to your  When turning iPad on for the 1st computer that you plan to use to set up your iPad (or it will prompt you to do so when you time: plug in your iPad for the first time).  Turn on the iPad.   Plug the iPad into the Sign up for an apple id. computer…this will now unlock the screen.   iTunes should automatically Why an apple id? come up.  Having it is necessary for just about  Follow the “prompting” everything you do with provided by iTunes on the Apple…downloading apps, buying songs iPad screen to help you or movies, etc. register, sync your iPad, and Only one apple id is needed to access all apple choose your settings. services.  You are now ready to begin A credit card or iTunes gift card is needed to using the iPad. create your iTunes account. This will be needed when downloading apps.
  • 6. Preloaded apps  Safari  Mail  Photos  Ipod/music  App store  Video  iTunes  Youtube  Contacts  Calendar  Notes  Google Maps  Settings
  • 7. Touch is the key!  If you want to move an app to another screen, then: Touch the app you want to use (don’t hold it  Touch the app you want to move until the down) icon starts to “shake” and shows a small “x” Starting on the right side of the screen, slide in the corner. (don’t hit the “x”) your finger to the left to utilize the search  You can now move the icon to another page page by dragging it with your finger to the page you want it on. Slide your finger across the screen to move  Another way to move an app is to put it on to another page of apps the menu bar at the bottom. Go to the page As you add apps to your iPad, your display you want the icon/app to be on and slide it will get full and you will need another screen off the menu bar/dock onto that page. to accommodate more apps. It will create a  Create a folder for similar apps! screen for you.  Touch the app you want to move until the Dots at the bottom of the screen…above the icon starts to “shake” and shows a small “x” menu bar…show how many pages there are. in the corner.  Put your finger on it and drop it on top of another similar app and it creates a folder.  It will give it a name, however, you may want to rename it.
  • 8. Resetting an iPad Apples iPad is a computer just like a laptop or a desktop. Just like laptops and desktops, the iPad may freeze and get stuck. To fix this, you need to reset the iPad.  Begin by pressing the hold and home buttons at the same time. The hold button is the one on the top right corner of the iPad. The home button is the round one at the bottom center of the iPads front.  Continue to hold these buttons until one of two things happen: either the screen will flash and go dark, or a red slider will appear at the top of the screen.  If the slider appears, you can slide it to the right to turn off the iPad (or tap the cancel button if you change your mind).  When the iPads screen goes dark, the iPad is off.  Restart the iPad by holding down the Hold button until the Apple icon appears. Let go of the button and the iPad reset will be complete.  Resetting the iPad normally does not cause you to lose and data or settings.
  • 9. Syncing Syncing apps, movies, music, and books to the iPad is easy: plug the cable into the iPad dock connector and into your computers USB port and syncing will happen automatically.  If you want more choices when it comes to what apps are synced to your iPad, you need to use the options for syncing apps.  A management screen appears when you sync your iPad with tabs at the top. One of these tabs is "Applications" - where you can update app sync settings. To sync apps, you must have the "Sync Applications" box at the top of the screen checked. If its not checked, no apps will be synced to your iPad. Whenever you get a new app from the App Store, it is automatically set to sync to your iPad. When youre done, save your changes and add or remove apps by clicking the "Apply" button in the bottom right corner of the iTunes window.
  • 10. Bookmarks The Safari Web browser on your iPad allows you to save your favorite Web pages as Bookmarks, making it easy to access them at a later time. First, open your Safari browser by tapping on the Safari icon. Your Safari browser window should now be displayed on your iPad. Navigate to the Web page that you wish to add as a Bookmark. Once the desired page has finished loading, tap on the Plus button located at the top of your screen. A menu should now be displayed on top of your Safari browser window. Select the choice labeled Add Bookmark. Touch Add Bookmark The Add Bookmark screen should now be displayed. This text is editable and can be changed to whatever you desire. It is important, as this is the title which will be listed in Safaris Bookmarks. Once you are done, select the Save button. You should now be taken back to the main Safari browser window. Select the Bookmarks button, located at the top of the screen. Touch The Bookmarks Menu The Bookmarks Menu should now be displayed on your iPad screen. To access that Web page at a later time, simply select it from this menu.
  • 11. Applications…Apps Click on the App Store app from your iPad home screen or desktop. Look below and youll see options for:  Featured: A list of "New and Noteworthy" apps.  Top Charts: A list of the most popular apps, which is divided into Top Paid Apps, Top Free Apps , and Top Grossing Apps. Tap on "Show More" to see more options.  Categories: A list of Apps divided into categories such as News, Entertainment and Games.  Updates: Checks if any app youve downloaded has an update. For paid apps, use the same account you pay with in iTunes. Once you start downloading, you will be taken back to the iPad desktop and youll see an icon of your chosen app with a progress bar below. Wait for it to finish and thats it!
  • 12. Applications…Apps Cont’d Erasing/deleting Apps:  Touch the app you want to move until the icon starts to “shake” and shows a small “x” in the corner.  To remove an app from your iPad (but without deleting it from your hard drive), uncheck the box next to the app on the management screen.  To permanently delete an app from your computer (if you decide later that you want it back, you can redownload apps for free, even paid apps), you dont use the iPad management screen. Instead, click the Applications icon in the tray at the left-hand side of the iTunes window. Youll see a list of all the apps on your hard drive. Single click the app to highlight it and then either right click and choose "delete" or click the "delete" key on your keyboard. Confirm the deletion and it will be gone.
  • 13. Miscellaneous Apps: App shopper…This app lets you know when apps are free or discounted. Tips and tricks of iPad Stopwatch Show Me
  • 14. Math Apps Number munchers  Math Evolve Monkey preschool  PopMath Basic Math Cake doodle  Numbers League 123 coloring  Bugs and Buttons Pottery HD  Math Board Rocket math  Math Racing Motion Math  Math Bingo Splash Math 2nd grade  Counting Coins Splash Math 3rd grade  Speed Games (SME) Math Hunt  Everyday Math Games Math Ninja
  • 15. Reading Apps Story Chimes  WH questions Toy Story  Phonics Monster 1 Little Speller Sight Words  PocketPond, cause & effect Timed Reading  Slide2Unlock, cause & Monkey Preschool effect Lunchbox  Vocab Catcher 1, 2, and 3 Dr. Seuss’s ABC  3rd Grade Vocabulary Prep Bookworm  4th Grade Vocabulary Prep SUPER WHY!
  • 16. Writing Apps Toontastic  Opposite Ocean - Story Buddy antonyms Story patch  Sentence Builder Comic life  StoryLines - choose a Comixer phrase, have another Story Board builder student illustrate Grammar Jammers phrases, another student adds title to Same Meaning Magic - synonyms picture, fourth illustrates SillySentences2 title iWriteWords  Sentence Magic
  • 17. Science Apps Star Walk NASA Elements Quiz Discover Dinosaurs Discover Your Body I Learn with Poko: Seasons and Weather! Ultimate Dinopedia
  • 18. Notes of interest: Apps are ENDLESS!! Follow Dr. Brovey  iPad User Guide  Click Safari  Click book at the top of the screen  Scroll down and click on iPad user guide