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This portfolio contains a range of work samples from throughout my career, covering a range of disciplin

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KAS Folio-2012-latest

  1. 1. Kelly-Laila Al-Saleh | Senior Graphic Designer SAMPLE PORTFOLIO Print Design
  2. 2. OGILVY: HEALTHWORLD Advertising. BOOKLET Design, Poster design, INfographics & multi-media (iphone, web) “ gilvy Healthworld O (part of Ogilvy and Mather) provides design and advertising to the pharmaceutical industry. The studio was fast-paced and varied with each job followed by a different one (in both brand and media). Job specs were varied too, from amends and edits to conceptualising and designing a new job or campaign.”KELLY-LAILA AL-SALEH | SENIOR DESIGNER
  3. 3. WEXAS TRAVEL Brochure Design, Marketing collateral REbrand/redesign “ e original Wexas Th brand was based on a defined view of the world. This was translated visually with the use of close cropping and the graphical device of framing as shown in these 2 brochures that I worked on based on existing templates.”KELLY-LAILA AL-SALEH | SENIOR DESIGNER
  4. 4. WEXAS TRAVEL Brochure Design, Marketing collateral REbrand/redesign “ The redesign and rebrand of Wexas into Wexas Travel, involved a new visual approach starting with the longer shelf life brochures. These brochures took longer to produce with the emphasis on craftsmanship (cut out pictures, symbols designed and allocated to each country and the use of full bleed pictures). The idea was to create more of a coffee-table book than a travel brochure. This reflected the luxury aspect of the brand more effectively, giving the members a sense of value in the products.”KELLY-LAILA AL-SALEH | SENIOR DESIGNER
  5. 5. WEXAS TRAVEL Brochure Design, Marketing collateral REbrand/redesign “ was asked to design I pop-up banners to represent; Africa, The Far East and Cruise. Apart from using full- bleed pictures, the only guide I had for photographic direction was the cover of the large format brochure. I realised there was another element in the brand. Before it was about focusing and defining the viewer. Now it was about expanse, a sense of perspective and space. This is ultimately what I sought when sourcing these pictures.”KELLY-LAILA AL-SALEH | SENIOR DESIGNER
  6. 6. MITIE Property Services Ltd ART DIRECTION, DESIGN, PRINT Production “ y main role at MITIE M Hfi brand whilst keeping the property services Ltd was Mitie brand intact. I used the design, layout and the photos for the folder production of folders of cover and dividers. To add their tender documents for interest to the dividers, I pitches for new work and monotoned the picture on tenders with local social the opposite side to also housing schemes, in this allow for a quote to be laid on case for Homes for Islington. top. I kept the inside simple No graphics as such were to accommodate numerous provided apart from some types of data including photography taken on a diagrams, testimonials, digital snapshot camera. The CVs  and tables.” brief only stated to echo theKELLY-LAILA AL-SALEH | SENIOR DESIGNER
  7. 7. MITIE Property Services Ltd ART DIRECTION, DESIGN, PRINT Production “ ITIE were hosting M glasses; one white and an event at the Tate one red (apart from Modern and I was asked being typically offered a to design the invites. No choice of these at such graphics were provided events, it would add so I made up my own more visual interest if artwork and illustration they were contrasting and produced several rather than the same.” designs with a fine art theme. The chosen result featured a simple ink drawing of two wineKELLY-LAILA AL-SALEH | SENIOR DESIGNER
  8. 8. Art Sensus Typography, DESIGN PRINT “ s its curator led A exhibition focusing on number of artists, design had to show no bias to one over the other (art being a visual medium as well). Here I used very pared down typography with some adjustments (dot above the ‘i’ only on first line of text). I also kept the colours neutral. The  book cover also served as the poster in a larger format.”KELLY-LAILA AL-SALEH | SENIOR DESIGNER
  9. 9. Paul Gough: Artist Brand, Typography, DESIGN PRINT “ Paul Gough is an at the same time, give artist specialising in a sense of identity that World War I art, with a didnt compete with the permanent collection at artwork. This brand was the Imperial War Museum. later to be applied to Loci Memoriae was an subsequent catalogues exhibition, I was asked to and the website.” design catalogue for and,KELLY-LAILA AL-SALEH | SENIOR DESIGNER
  10. 10. SCOUT: TRENDS Intelligence BRANDING TYPEFACE DESIGN, logo /masthead design stationary “ have included this I piece because it is an example of typographic design (typography is a passion of mine and essential to my practice across media of both print and web). The client was a trend- forecasting company. As their name; ‘Scout’ implied finding something, I based the visual approach on a ‘maze’. I couldnt find the typeface I was after at the time so I designed one myself based on a grid of square blocks.”KELLY-LAILA AL-SALEH | SENIOR DESIGNER
  11. 11. PLANT ART DIRECTION concept, ART WORKING PRINT DESIGN “ lant was an organic, P vegetarian restaurant based in Soho. The reason Ive included this project is that although I firmly believe the brief is crucial, sometimes, if you have a better idea, you should speak up. I was originally given a library of pictures of fruit and vegetables and asked to design them into heart shapes for a series of posters advertising their Valentines Day promotion. I came up with the idea to use the pictures separately and take a title from a love song to represent each fruit or vegetable: Baby Love = Baby Sweetcorn How Sweet it is to be Loved By You = Strawberry Close To You = Peas in a pod It would have been even better if we made such a compilation on cd to give to customers that day!”KELLY-LAILA AL-SALEH | SENIOR DESIGNER
  12. 12. Kelly-Laila Al-Saleh | Senior Graphic Designer SAMPLE PORTFOLIO Editorial Design
  13. 13. Traveller editorial design, layout, picture research, artworking, pdf for print “ raveller is a picture-led T magazine with a flexible but defined grid. The challenge for each issue is to offset written copy against inspirational images. I have worked on this magazine at every stage throughout my contracts at Wexas.”KELLY-LAILA AL-SALEH | SENIOR DESIGNER
  14. 14. The Strad ART DIRECTION, EDITORIAL DESIGN TYPOGRAPHY “ e Strad was one of Th five classical music magazines I was in charge of as Senior Art Editor. During this time, I redesigned and rebranded this magazine successfully. The old design (bottom left, cover and feature) lacked a distinctive look and feel. My aim was to design a magazine that was visually identifiable as The Strad. I did this by creating an idea from which to guide the visual direction. This idea was based on the player/ teacher/instrument as icon (particularly for the cover and cover feature,BEFORE The Cover and cover feature before my redesigned hence the emphasis on the name). I also brought in a craft element with the drop cap to reflect the craftsmanship in violin making/ playing/teaching.” TYPE DESIGN I designed a typeface (Virtuoso) for drop caps, the formula above shows how it was created from a combination of 2 typefaces; Sloop and CaslonKELLY-LAILA AL-SALEH | SENIOR DESIGNER
  15. 15. The Strad ART DIRECTION, EDITORIAL DESIGN TYPOGRAPHY “ e Strad was also Th focussed on practical and theoretical content as well as inspirational. For these pages, I kept the design very clean and simple and used tabs on the top of the outer pages to mark, identify and find them. The drop cap was restricted to features only to prevent overuse and also to identify the content as feature.”KELLY-LAILA AL-SALEH | SENIOR DESIGNER
  16. 16. SCOUT: TRENDS Intelligence BRANDING EDITORIAL DESIGN “ cout was a new launch S publication aimed at the trends forecasting industry. The final design was unique. Working in partnership with another Art Director, we realised that the standard format was a ring bound folder with various things stuck in, much like a scrapbook. Industry professionals were still expected to pay £200 (for the value of the content rather than its presentation). We decided to up the ante and create a professionally designed, hard bound book with fold out flaps and samples on posters. This would not only be better value for money but also create something to be archived and give Scout a sense of leadership and value in the industry.”KELLY-LAILA AL-SALEH | SENIOR DESIGNER
  17. 17. Blueprint ART DIRECTION, illustration, DESIGN  PRINT “ was invited to be guest I Art Editor on Blueprint in the absence of the Art Director. This was a great privilege not just for the prestige of the publication but also because it was for their special Athens Olympic issue. It was both a highly creative and challenging role with a strict deadline. Shortly after, I was commissioned to design a booklet of forward thinking academic essays on architecture called Homes 2016.”KELLY-LAILA AL-SALEH | SENIOR DESIGNER
  18. 18. YMCA Editorial design, picture research, artworking pdfs to print “ e YMCA Focus magazine Th followed a definite grid so the challenge here was to ensure it didnt fall into the trap of being too prescriptive by understanding the nature of the grid and how to use it dynamically.”KELLY-LAILA AL-SALEH | SENIOR DESIGNER
  19. 19. Kelly-Laila Al-Saleh | Senior Graphic Designer SAMPLE PORTFOLIO Web Design
  20. 20. IXXUS website banners, carousel graphics, icons and an iphone app“ joined Ixxus (a data management I company) as a freelance designer (3 week contract) to design carousel advertising (this page). This was followed by icon designs and pitch designs for a iphone app (see overleaf).” KELLY-LAILA AL-SALEH | SENIOR DESIGNER
  21. 21. IXXUS Logo/icon design “ was asked to design icons I for 2 new products; Digital Asset Management and Digital Media Annotator. Both were designed in a simple graphic style. With a longer contract, I would Digital Asset rather have redesigned the Management whole set with a unified visual approach that kept them under the same brand umbrella whilst at the same time differentiating them with a graphic device (e.g. colour). Adobe is a good Digital Media Annotator example of one brand with many products that are still identifiable as Adobe.”KELLY-LAILA AL-SALEH | SENIOR DESIGNER
  22. 22. IXXUS website banner carousel graphics “ xxus was extending I its products to the publishing sector (particularly with the increased use of the ipad/tablet). I designed both the graphics for the ‘Future of Publishing’ conference and the ‘Ixxus in Publishing’ information page.”KELLY-LAILA AL-SALEH | SENIOR DESIGNER
  23. 23. IXXUS iphone app for OECD ‘Better Life Index’ “ xxus was pitching the I development of an iphone app to the OECD for their ‘Better Life Index’ tool. The OECD wanted the app to mimic their website (see left) with the use of the ‘flower petals’ (where each petal represents an area; Housing, Education, Health etc).”KELLY-LAILA AL-SALEH | SENIOR DESIGNER
  24. 24. IXXUS iphone app for OECD ‘Better Life Index’“ e OECD wanted the flower Th petal feature to carry through to the iphone app. Whilst designing the screen I noticed the petal device to be quite cumbersome for such a small screen. It sacrificed the information (content) which is the main purpose of this app. Also, the petal came from the logo, Im not keen on re appropriating a logo design problems whilst doing None are better than the others “ coined a phrase whilst I as a tool especially when it is to so. I used the designed screens but they do demand a different working on this project as represent factual information. to indicate these problems and approach to the content; one that regards to re appropriating It not only dilutes the logo recommended that a different embraces both the capabilities, the petal function: If it’s to and makes the information solution be sought that not only function and audience.” quirky, it won’t worky.” seem frivolous. Nonetheless, worked with a smaller screen I presented the possibility, but also took advantage of the indicating you could only display mobility of the media. A book 3 items at time and would have presents different qualities and to scroll for the rest. I presented capabilities to a website and what was asked but came across a website to a mobile phone. KELLY-LAILA AL-SALEH | SENIOR DESIGNER
  25. 25. WEXAS website rebrand redesign User interface design “ fter spending months A designing brochures and partaking in the rebrand of Wexas (luxury travel company) I was asked to redesign the company website and implement the new brand. The home page features a rotating carousel of inspiring images in a widescreen format with a clickable map in the top right. As the website is content rich, I designed the information below in bitesize pieces with a newspaper-like grid. Overall, I needed to keep the site very clean and white; a huge challenge with so much content and an overall aim to increase memberships and book holidays.”KELLY-LAILA AL-SALEH | SENIOR DESIGNER
  26. 26. WEXAS website rebrand redesign User interface design“ e clickable map on the Th “ scrolling tab stayed on the A top right hand side (see left hand screen (scrolling previous page) opens up to down with the user). This reveal a world map to offer device is constant without customers a more visual taking up valuable screen way of navigating to their space. The tab opened up an chosen destination. It’s enquiry form.” designed to accommodate both customers that know where they want to go and ones that want to browse and explore.” KELLY-LAILA AL-SALEH | SENIOR DESIGNER
  27. 27. WEXAS website rebrand redesign User interface design “ e top navigation (above Th the blue bar) opened out to a full menu to reduce the number of clicks whilst bringing products to the forefront.”KELLY-LAILA AL-SALEH | SENIOR DESIGNER
  28. 28. WEXAS website rebrand redesign User interface design “ e Region and Country Th pages had to accommodate a lot of information. To keep things clean and clear, I greyed the inactive items on the left hand side and used the right hand side for maps, graphics and articles relating to the central content. The central information included an introduction. This was followed by further navigation. I used an accordion design for this to save space, reduce clicks and allow the user to read some blurb before clicking so that they would go exactly where they want and always be in control.”KELLY-LAILA AL-SALEH | SENIOR DESIGNER
  29. 29. WEXAS website rebrand redesign User interface design “ e product pages dispensed with Th the widescreen carousel to fit content-specific imagery and active navigation (print page, tell a friend, add to favourites etc).”KELLY-LAILA AL-SALEH | SENIOR DESIGNER
  30. 30. BRITARt web design, navigation Branding “ e britart website Th to indicate the work has was conceived as an been sold. When used for online gallery where navigation in different people could buy art. colours, it resembles a The website was kept paint colour palette.” simple so that the focus would be the art (much like white walls in a gallery). The logo has a red/orange dot. This was inspired by the circular orange sticker used in galleriesKELLY-LAILA AL-SALEH | SENIOR DESIGNER
  31. 31. THE BRITISH FILM INSTITUTE ART DIRECTION, PACKAGING DESIGN, WEB DESIGN, PRINT DESIGN ANIMATION “ e Bfi asked for an Th interactive cd-rom to be designed for use live in the classroom. The project was called ‘Screening Shorts’ and was based around a series of short animations and films. I decided to use the ‘colour bar’ as shown on tv as a theme to unite all the different genres. This was a multi-media project that involved web design, print design of work sheets to be downloads and printed for the classroom and animation and film.”KELLY-LAILA AL-SALEH | SENIOR DESIGNER
  32. 32. CIPD online branding, sub-websites, banner designs Content Architecture “ e CIPD was one of my first Th website clients at cScape. I designed individual graphic elements as well as sub brands; The Irish Branch and the National Conference. Working with a client with such a vast website was invaluable experience in navigation, sub-brands and online identity.”KELLY-LAILA AL-SALEH | SENIOR DESIGNER
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