Instructional technology Final project

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Instructional Technologies Final Project …

Instructional Technologies Final Project
Kelly Krueger

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  • 1. Instructional Technology
    Final Project
    Kelly Krueger
  • 2. Summative presentation: This presentation should show case your use of technology in your student teaching experience. Consider the presentation to be something that you would use as part of a portfolio or future job interview that would convince people thinking about hiring you, that you can incorporate technology appropriately and that you understand and use technology for educational enhancement of the lesson. The presentation should demonstrate clearly how the technology was used to enhance student learning. Do not leave it to the viewer to guess at what you are trying to highlight.
    Do not use a tool that you have used previously in other CUW courses. For example, most of you have used Photostory, Wikispaces, and Voicethread before. Branch off and explore a new tool (review the list given in Week one 100 Essential Web tools for teachers.
    Be sure to reference the scoring rubric for this presentation, found at the end of this document.
  • 3. Youtube
    Powerpoint presentations
    BrainPOP Videos
    Photo Story
    Technology in the Classroom
  • 4. I showed clips of Maniac Magee because we are reading the book in Reading class
    Students were able to compare and contrast differences between the two sources
    Students were able to visually represent Maniac and events that went on in the book
  • 5. I was able to play my students Maniac Magee on my Ipod so they could listen to it while they followed along in their books
    This assisted with the students who have trouble reading on their own and trouble reading in general
    They responded well to the Ipod and found it more exciting than playing a CD
  • 6. PowerPoint Presentation
    I used powerpoint to play Jeopardy as a review game!
    The students were engaged and learning at the same time
    I used fun sounds to make it more appealing
  • 7. I found that watching short information videos was a great way to begin and reinforce a lesson.
    I used the Simile BrainPOP when teaching the student Poetry
    After the video there was a short BrainPOP quiz and my students did great and
    retained the information well
    I have used BrainPOP in other
    subjects as well
    BrainPOP Videos
  • 8. NEO’s
    Neo’s are small keyboards with a small screen students can use to type small assignments on.
    They are portable and require very little maintenance.
    I used these for their state writing assessment
    Cheaper than a computer and easier to reserve for classroom than a computer lab
    Easy to type and print in one class period!
  • 9. I use the overhead projector almost everyday in my classroom
    I place rubrics on it while they work on a project or display the answers to a worksheet we are doing in class
    Sometimes it does not display clearly or the words are too small
    Helps visual learners when explaining assignments or lessons
  • 10. Photo Story
    I used photo story to introduce myself to my students in the first week of my placement
    It was a great way to show a different form of technology to the students and tell them about myself
    Students responded well and asked questions about the Web 2.0 tool that was used.
  • 11. I felt that I used technology effectively and efficiently in my classroom at North
    The students were taught in a way that lessons were curbed to their learning styles using technology and AT
    I learned about different ways to use technology in the classroom and utilize it to it’s fullest potential to ensure success in the classroom.
    Technology in the Classroom