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Espresso FINAL

  1. 1. Case Study: The Bluetooth Earmuff: Defy and Unleash the Cold Presented November 24, 2010
  2. 2. What is the Bluetooth Earmuff? It's uniquely Canadian: stylish, classic with a modern use. Available in classic Canadian plaid and classic black.
  3. 3. The marketing design concept... Incorporating the classic Canadian look that is trending now (think: Hudson Bay coats and classic Sorel boots) with a modern use. Boldly show your style and stay connected despite the cold.
  4. 4. The Goal: Establish the Bluetooth Earmuff as Canada’s newest must-have winter necessity for the stylish, tech- saavy, sporty Canadian woman via an integrated launch campaign just in time for the holidays…
  5. 5. Market Research... Bluetooth technology and applications have shown amazing growth in recent years. What do the numbers say? According to tech market research statistics: Bluetooth continues to be the most successful wireless interface technology EVER. One BILLION Classic Bluetooth devices shipped in 2010, led by its over 65% penetration of the mobile phone market.
  6. 6. The Challenge… Distinguish a new addition to the Bluetooth accessory landscape in a very cluttered market. How: Establish the product as the most stylish way to stay connected this winter in a market with big competitors like Apple accessories and tech active wear.
  7. 7. Distinguishable from our competitors? You betcha.... And who are "they"? Stylish tech accessories through Lululemon and Bonfire. Non-tech winter accessories like the Burberry earmuff. Why will we overcome our competition? • Price point • Multiple use • Style AND substance • Active AND fashionable
  8. 8. Who represents our target market?
  9. 9. This woman: Who is she? Style conscious, tech- savvy, urban, cost- conscious active,18-40
  10. 10. Why her? Women are responsible for 83% of all consumer purchases. Bluetooth technology and applications have shown exceptional growth in recent years, however the market has not spoken directly to women to engage them through a smart, stylish device application. Especially Canadian women. The product's low price point and design aesthetic (the classic earmuff) are more strategically competitive with stylish, winter accessories than traditional tech gear. While men may use the product for its value, the look and feel is more reliant on the active, style-conscious winter warrior woman.
  11. 11. The concept... Defy and Unleash the Cold.
  12. 12. To Defy.... Boldly defy winter and stay connected to your friends, your music and your style.
  13. 13. To Unleash... To break ties from the binds of clumsy cords into a wireless world of fashion... To break the mold... To show your style and stay connected despite the cold Canadian winter...
  14. 14. Canada is cold. ...but we like to keep active and look good.
  15. 15. How do we engage this audience? Create an integrated digital, social and experiential strategy to start conversations and generate interest where we know our audience hangs out online: Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, blogs, Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit Youtube... Listen to their conversations. Engage by asking the question: How do you defy and unleash the cold?
  16. 16. Integrated Campaign Strategy... Listen and unite our audience through social and experiential engagement to build interest and drive users toward the Bluetooth Earmuff Nov. 1 launch.
  17. 17. Tactics 1. Engage Audience Digitally - Develop the Defy and Unleash the Cold microsite 2. Social media engagement on Facebook and Twitter to engage in conversations and drive activity to the microsite hub 3. Build momentum towards a themed launch event 4. Track progress with social media monitoring, web analytics and traditional monitoring
  18. 18. um...ok. but how? Listen and contribute to online conversations through a targeted social media strategy with a goal to steer audiences toward the Defy and Unleash the Cold compelling and informative microsite.
  19. 19. Defy and Unleash the Cold Microsite Features: • User-friendly information and features of the Earmuff to demonstrate its value • Act as a hub for social media activity, linking seamlessly with Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc. • Offer product information, easily accessible user guides, technical specs, and where-to-buy info. • Daily style "how I boldy defy winter" blog • Media application with streaming music for playlists to stay active, engaged and fierce as the cold approaches • Countdown to launch event and contest to win Bluetooth Earmuff and get on the guest list
  20. 20. Engage Influencers Early Public Relations.... Start talking to tech, style and living media influencers now in the months and weeks leading up to the launch event to offer exclusivity, build engagement and interest Social and Traditional Media: Offer sample products to influencers to get them talking and interested in coming to the launch event and build in long lead time for holiday gift guides
  21. 21. Start a countdown to drive interest to the launch event... Leading up to the Nov 1 launch of Bluetooth Earmuff, engage social media users and encourage to answer the question, How do you defy and unleash the cold? As part of a contest to win entrance to an exciting, themed exclusive launch party. Through Twitter and Facebook : Facebook page posts and likes and Tweets that answer the above question using the hashtag #defyandunleash will allow us to create a two way conversation and for users to get a get on the guest list for the Defy and Unleash the Cold with the Bluetooth Earmuff launch party AND! chance to win Bluetooth Earmuffs!
  22. 22. What is so great about this launch event? In support of the Defy and Unleash the Cold concept, the launch party will be chilled, fashionable and bold. Microsite visitors, Twitter followers and Facebook fans will be able to check in real time to see photos, videos and clips from the event at...
  23. 23. Launch Toronto's C Lounge Ice Bar
  24. 24. At the event... The Bluetooth Earmuff will be the hero! Worn by everyone from the doorguy, the hostesses, the wait staff, the DJ...Video displays of streetstyle fashion showing the brand's versatility from the fashion forward, to the sporty to the tech-savvy. Guests - an exclusive mix of contest winners, targeted style, tech and living media, and targeted social influencers and bloggers. Engage - reward guests with who sign into the event with the hashtag #defyandunleash via Foursquare with swag and free product.
  25. 25. After the event: keep the momentum up... Build on the microsite features to continue to engage consumers once they have access to the product. Loop back to launch attendees and socially engaged buyers to share their photos as part of the microsite style blog and playlist favorites. Ask, now that you have Bluetooth Earmuff: Tell us how you defy the cold with your Bluetooth Earmuff - share your photos, the music you're listening with the device
  26. 26. And Now...Measure Results... Measure results we've been tracking and capture progress through social, traditional and digital monitoring - Track website hits - Social media mentions and conversation trends - Traditional media mentions This is the return for the campaign - see how much interest, activity and media the campaign can build to lead to sales!
  27. 27. Track Feedback... Ask for it! Part of encouraging an online community to engage with your product is listening to how they will use it and how they would improve it... Post surveys and tech questions on the microsite, Facebook and Twitter.
  28. 28. Logistics...
  29. 29. Timing Develop design concept and microsite: June - Sept, 2011 In market digitally: Sept - Nov, 2011 Product Launch: Nov 1, 2011 Choice of timing: To create conversations and drive sales for the holidays and into the winter.
  30. 30. Integrated Campaign Cost Estimate: Key Component: Cost: Microsite Development $ 80,000 Maintenance $ 10,000 Branding Design concept $ 15,000 Event AV $ 10,000 Venue $ 10,000 F&B $ 75,000 Entertainment $ 5,000 Admin Social Media Monitoring $ 20,000 Account supervision $ 25,000 TOTAL $ 250,000
  31. 31. Metrics - Qualitative ROI Utilize web analytics, social media tracking tools and traditional media tracking tools to capture overall media impressions: Throughout the campaign deliver updates and stats and final audit: Digital Track microsite visits, clickthroughs, total unique views. Social Monitor and track social media mentions and impressions - trending topics, conversations. Traditional Track traditional media mentions using media rating points Microsite analytics measurement - clickthroughs, visits.
  32. 32. Metrics - Qualitative ROI Tracking the social, digital, experiential and traditional media mentions allow us to make a conservative forecast that we may garner: 30,000 microsite hits 1,500 Facebook fans 500 Twitter followers Top 200 trending topic Influencer blogger mentions - Holiday Gift guide mentions - Toronto Star, National Post Combined measurement of all media impressions: 2,500,000 impressions $250,000 investment = an estimated ROI of 10 %
  33. 33. Bluetooth Earmuffs Boldy defy and unleash the cold....