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site ecology class

site ecology class

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  • 1. Brazilian free-tailed bat Tadarida braziliensis Kelly Matheson LDA 50 - Section 2 April 30, 2010
  • 2. Range Map Species Habitat The Brazilian free-tailed bat can live in 51 different kinds of habitats, thus making it a generalist species. The highest value habitat types include: - barrens - blue oak woodlands - blue oak-foothill pines - coastal oak woodlands - eucalyptus Management Status : none
  • 3. Special Habitat Elements
    • Essential (2)
    • Invertebrates
    • Flying insects
    • Secondary (4)
    • Cave
    • Cliff
    • Rock
    • Buildings
  • 4. Life History - Requirements Feeding : Echolocation to hunt small insects; forages high above ground Cover : Requires caves, mine tunnels, crevices, or buildings for roosting and hibernation. May use separate night roost if foraging far from day roost Reproduction : Maternity colonies of females and young found in caves, crevices, and buildings
  • 5. Life History - Activity Movement/Migration : a local migrator; individuals perform regular seasonal migrations of less than 160 km Daily Activity : nocturnal; active only during darkness Seasonal Activity : hibernates in winter
  • 6. Other facts and pictures for the Brazilian free-tailed bat
    • Colonies vary in size, but colonies comprising of over a million have been found outside of California.
    They are extremely fast for bats, flying at speeds of 25 mph As a species they are abundant, but colonies are easily wiped out from human disruption
  • 7.
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