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Question 4 kelly hunt

  1. 1. Question 4- How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
  2. 2. Blogger is one of the most important pieces of technology that I have used the whole way through the process of making my Video . Every step of the way I have blogged ; what I am doing, how I did it, where, when, who with, what needed to be done, drafts, new ideas etc etc… At the start of my A2 coursework I really disliked Blogger , I couldn’t get my head around the way it worked and dreaded having to use it each lesson . However, after some time and perseverance I managed to figure out the way it worked and in the end I actually got really comfortable working with it and was on it almost everyday blogging changes in the process of my Video and creating new ideas . Over all I have around 83 posts on my Blog. Every single thing that I did or changed in my video I posted. Blogger is a really good way of setting out this type of coursework , as there is so much work to get through, this way you can keep adding to it if you miss something out, you can change things without making it look messy and also you can upload all sorts things from other sites. One really effective thing about Blogger is uploaded images , I have uploaded every image that I have needed too, from photo shoots to just examples of props I am going to use . One example of how effective it is, is the images of my storyboard- I did them by hand so that I could rub it out and make changes, then took a picture and uploaded it to my blog. It was very useful for my to keep a check on my work and make sure I wasn’t missing anything out I am very pleased we used Blogger because as it was so easy to control in the end I could post some of my work so fast and easily . http://
  3. 3. Wordle was a really useful site for us during the process of our coursework. It is a site were you type in a selection of words then it transforms it into a word cloud of all different sizes, colours and angles, as you can see to the right of the page . I used wordle a fair amount throughout making my Video. I first used it when I asked my target audience to describe my Digi Pack and Advert with a word . Then again when I got my feedback from the presentation night and people wrote 3 words to describe my Video . I think it’s a much better way of presenting work as it looks so much more creative and effective . If I just wrote the words out in a list people would become bored and uninterested however with a word cloud it is eye catching . It is also very easy to use , all you have to do is go onto the official site type in the words you want, click ok and then it is ready with a code for you to embed onto your blog so that it shows up on your blog and adds a bit of life to it rather than just streams of text.
  4. 4. During the planning section of making my Music Video , I often looked at professional Music Videos that are in the industry now so that I could get a feel for what people are looking for now a days and what makes a Video good . I looked at Videos form the past and the present so that I could get a feel for Videos throughout generations, this way I would understand changes throughout the years etc. I used Youtube a lot to look at the Videos, as it is fast and reliable . All you have to do is type in the name of the song/artist then it is in front of you straight away ready for you to view. Also you could leave comments on the page to share your ideas and thoughts on the Video. On reason why i found myself doing my work in big amounts and fast rather than just bits and bobs every now and then was because that it was all accessible online . If I looked at a Video as part of my research I could quickly sign onto my blog at the same time and create a post to explain the research I have done and what I found from it. Also as it is on the internet it is accessible anywhere- at home, at a friends etc this way you are not restricted to just doing our work at sixth form. To help get a feel for the Artist’s song that I was recreating I researched some of her other work . I didn’t want to copy so that my Video wasn’t original but I also didn’t want to take away the whole feel of this Artist- http:// /
  5. 5. On site that I wasn’t familiar with before starting this coursework was slideshare it is such a useful way of uploading work to your blog . Like wordle it is very straight forwards to do. All you do is create a PowerPoint on Microsoft and then upload it to slideshare and then embed it on your blog . It looks really well presented and it is useful to share large amounts of information about the same thing . Its clear and to me looks quite professional . I have used it many of times to present some of my work, I created a rough storyboard and uploaded it so that it would show were I was trying to head with my Video and give a tiny insight to what the final text should look like. In my research process I looked at different fonts of other Digi Pack covers of different Genres and compared them all , this way I could see want kind of font I should be using on my Digi Pack , as I had a lot of information on the one subject I created a PowerPoint so that it did not take a large long post and also so it didn’t take ages to upload each image individually. Being able to upload this from slideshare to my blog was really effective as it was presented clearly and made my blog much more lively. http:// / Presentation for presentation night- Presentation of different fonts-
  6. 6. http:// / Scribd is another very useful site for the same reasons as wordle and slideshare is. It is really effective in the way it looks very creative and adds that something extra to your blog . I used this site to upload my Microsoft word document of my narrative version of my Video . It was really useful in the way it was presented , if it was just a normal piece of written text on my blog then it would be quite tedious to read . I think this ups the quality in the way my planning has being presented on my blog . I think the fact that all these resources are on line really helped my work together , as I said before I wasn’t just doing it in dribs and drabs I was creating the Microsoft Word document, uploading it to Scribd and then it was ready straight away to embed onto my blog. In creating my Digi Pack and Advert I used still digital Cameras and edited them on Photoshop . The whole of my Digi Pack and Advert was put together on Photoshop. As I used it for my coursework last year I was already used to the way it worked etc. This helped get my work done fast therefore I had time to keep adjusting it, making new drafts until I was certain I had good texts . Working with Photoshop to create these texts was really useful as you can manipulate an image to suit the way you want it to look and add effects to the original image just to give it that something extra to make it stand out. On my Digi Pack I used Photoshop to my best advantage , I turned the woodland and church images black and white and darkened them to create more of a mysterious dark look . Then on the church on I brightened up the sun so it stands out well and looks as if it will come out the page. Photoshop helped me create two texts to exactly how I wanted them to look , it helped me play around with lots of different effects and ideas till I found one I was happy with.
  7. 7. Adobe Premiere pro is the software we used to edit our Videos together . I had, had some experience working with Adobe last year when me and my group recreated the Robert Palmer Video . The software is very hard to get familiar with, however once you get the hang of it, it seems really quite simple . The more I played around with the software the more I began to enjoy working with it and wanted to hurry with my filming so I could start editing my Video . Using the Movie Cameras to film my Video was hard work as you had to make sure the shot was still when it needed to be and that everything you wanted to include in this shot was in it and in the frame well. I really enjoyed filming as I played round with lots of different shots and equipment . The only problem with our Cameras was that they couldn’t handle poor lighting well, therefore it then showed up on the film- this doesn’t matter to me that must though as my Video should have being quite dark and grunge like . Capturing the footage from the Camera to Adobe was certainly the longest and tedious part of the coursework as it was very tricky to start and end a shot on exactly the point it needed to be without chopping off the end of another important clip . However once all the footage was captured saved and named it was pretty much straight forward form there . All I had to do was follow my detailed storyboard and lay the footage over the song with the correct timing . Laying the footage over the track Where the captured footage is stored and where you find all the special effects, transitions etc… Where the footage plays back on your Video
  8. 8. Getting the timing of the shot to change along side the change of beat in the Music was definitely the hardest as it was so hard and tricky to get it spot on time . It took quite some time of fiddling around, cutting shots shorter maker some slower/longer but in the end I got there and this almost trained me for the next hard task of getting all the lip sinking correct . The miming had to be in exact timing with the lyrics of the song otherwise it would look just ridiculous and totally unprofessional. This again took quite a lot of time as it is very picky and precise , however once I had it done the shape of the Video stated to really come together. I also wanted the lyrics of the song to convey the images on screen , therefore my editing process was quite straight forward as I was just able to pick a clip that matched the lyrics , as an example “when the sun goes down” this images would show. Adobe also had many of its own special effects and transitions etc for me to pick and choose to use in my Video. I only really used the one to make the footage black and white and the ghostly one . I didn’t want to use them you for the sake of it as I think that would make Video look unprofessional and loose its meaning of watching it for the storyline behind the lyrics. This shot was normal, in colour and unblurred . I then changed it on Adobe to make it black and white and added a ghostly effect on it so that it looks mysterious and dark to match the storyline and the Genre of the song . This works really well and it is the type of thing people would want to see in a Music Video rather than just a simple shot of some trees.
  9. 9. Over all I think if I didn’t have all this access to software, hardware and websites then I wouldn’t have done so well in the long run . Having access to all these things gave me a chance to become a Media producer rather than a member of the audience or someone that uses the media . If there wasn’t the access of official sites like Youtube I wouldn’t have being able to go into some much detail with planning and research , therefore I wouldn’t have understood the theory behind music videos so well. Using all the camera equipment and the Adobe premiere software really helped me get the best out of my footage and really helped the Video come together and be something creative rather than just a sequence of footage I filmed . This goes hand in hand with the effects that Photoshop provides us with, it helped me take an standard image to a creative Digi Pack front cover and to one that could look quite professional and realistic . All the creative sites have really helped brighten up my blog and also help me be creative within just writing text.